UFC.TV - NSAC Commission Hearing

The live stream of the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing on UFC Fight Pass covering Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, and UFC 178. For agenda items, see boxing.nv.gov. Live Coverage begins at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET on 07/23/14

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UFC vet Chael Sonnen suspended two years for failed drug tests

Sonnen’s legal rep and co-manger, Jeff Myer, restated a response to the commission’s complaint by saying the fighter did not dispute any of the findings against him. He again asked the commission to consider Sonnen’s cooperation during the drug tests and subsequent fallout.

Vitor Belfort licensed in Nevada, will meet Chris Weidman in December

The licensing comes with three factors: Belfort must comply with random future drug testing, he cannot fight until December and he cannot have his next bout anywhere else but Nevada. Belfort's lawyer said during the hearing that Belfort had a verbal agreement to fight Weidman at UFC 181 on Dec. 6 at Mandalay Bay. The UFC made the bout official moments after Belfort was licensed.

The Fighter & The Kid

This podcast has jumped to the top of my UFC/MMA podcast list - but c'mon, once a week?. I really feel like Brendan and Bryan should be able to do at least 2 eps a week, or maybe 2 hours a pop - I mean, what else do these guys have to do during the day? Brendan habitually mispronouncing every major UFC fighter's name on the roster is a nice touch, too. I also want to hear more about Bryan's mad greco skills. I think he should do each episode shirtless.

Alexander Gustafsson injures knee, Daniel Cormier now fights Jon Jones at UFC 178

An injury to Alexander Gustafsson will prevent the Swede from rematching UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones this September. Taking his place is the undefeated Daniel Cormier.

Vitor Belfort receives conditional license to fight Chris Weidman at UFC 181

Belfort, a former user of testosterone-replacement therapy, underwent an NSAC drug test on Feb. 7 while in Las Vegas for the World MMA Awards. The test results were never released, but Belfort was scratched from a planned UFC 173 title fight with Weidman shortly afterward, citing a need for more time to ween off TRT, which the NSAC banned a few weeks after Belfort’s test.


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8 37: A Final Promise

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Eddie Bravo explains the Rubber Guard to Rickson Gracie

After recording the Joe Rogan Experience #524 podcast, Eddie Bravo explains the Rubber Guard to Rickson Gracie. http://10thplanetjj.com http://jjgf.com

Anthony Pettis meets Gilbert Melendez Dec. 6; admits criticism 'gets under my skin'

"My fighting style is crazy, but at the same time I've been martial arts since I was five years old. I've been fighting the same way since I was five," Pettis said. "The training camps aren't the issue. I used to think it  was the training camps I toned it back in training camps. It was just one kick he threw, an inside kick he was aiming to the shin, I didn't check it right, it was the right amount of impact, and the right angle .. it's weird to me. I'm not going to go in and change anything up, if I change anything up maybe I won't have the right performance."

Mike Tyson and Dana White - Part 1 | VICE United States

On the first episode of The Jim Norton Show , Jim sits down with boxing legend Mike Tyson and UFC President Dana White for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

Speedwolf - Breakin' Down

New song from the Speedwolf/Nekrofilth split.


ABOUT THE PRIZE One winner and one guest will win the opportunity to fly to San Francisco and see Paul McCartney’s show at Candlestick Park on Aug 14th, 2014. The winner and guest will get to attend the soundcheck, meet Paul backstage before the show and then watch the show form VIP seats! The prize includes economy class flights from anywhere in the world for two people and two (2) nights hotel accommodation. The winner will need to cover the cost of transportation to their nearest airport and from the airport for themselves and their guest. Dates are 13 August, 2014 –15 August, 2014. See Official Rules for full details.  TERMS AND CONDITIONSOpening/Closing Date & Time: Contest opens at 12:00pm PST on 28 May 2014. Contest closes at 4:59pm PST on 28 July 2014. Postal entries must be received by 4:59pm PST on 28 July 2014 to be entered. The winner will be announced on the Prizeo website on 30 July 2014 at 12:00pm and the winner will be notified by email. Who is eligible to enter?   The Promotion is only open to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of entry.

Exclusive: How Dwayne Johnson Battled Through an Epic Injury on the Set of ‘Hercules’

Before shooting commenced, Johnson faced the prospect of having tendon-repair surgery to take care of a serious injury he suffered many years earlier (when he wrestled under the nom du guerre The Rock). He chose to delay the procedure, but had to go under the knife to repair a triple-hernia just two weeks before the start of principal photography. (“I’m here for you,” Ratner recalls Johnson reassuring him as they revised the production schedule.) The director finds something a bit god-like about his star: “He rehabilitated himself probably five times faster than anyone else would have been able to.” Watch the entire clip to find out more about Johnson’s high pain threshold — and why he may not be human after all.

Addressing the African Big Game Hunting Controversy - MeatEater

Thought/Opinion # 1) An American girl hunting in Africa will piss off a lot more people than an American guy hunting in Africa. I think the word “sexism” gets thrown around way too much in our culture, but I’d say that this constitutes a type of lightweight sexism or at least gender bias. The anti-hunting response to women hunters reminds me of the outrage that people feel when a child commits a crime; they act as though evil has reached a new low, or that something that was once pure has now turned rotten. That some Americans maintain this idea of females as a gentler sex is excusable, because most human cultures have largely relegated combat and hunting to men for thousands of years. There’s a pragmatic argument for this: we have something called sexual dimorphism, which means there’s significant difference between the bodies of men and women. No doubt those underlying differences have been reinforced by all kinds of cultural baggage, but that doesn’t make the real differences go away. What’s interesting, though, is that there was a lot less sexual dimorphism in Neanderthals, and paleoanthropologists believe that Neanderthal women were out there hunting dangerous game right next to their guys.

Body Bag Mad Marvin Ft Spitta, Racked Up Ready, Chad Cain, Mista Cain, Dnic and ZC Juice

Body Bag Mad Marvin Ft Spitta, Racked Up Ready, Chad Cain, Mista Cain, Dnic and ZC Juice

- Trailer (Cung Le Action Reel) - IMDb

: Trailer (Cung Le Action Reel)

UFC's Noad Lahat to head back to Israel Sunday for the fight beyond the fight

Not that Noad Lahat is looking past Steven Siler , whom he meets at UFC on FOX 12 in San Jose Saturday night…but Lahat is looking past Steven Siler. Not from a place of competitive superiority, but because he feels he has to. Lahat is the UFC’s second Israeli-born fighter. With the recent outbreak of violence in Gaza, with missiles flying over his homeland and his family ducking for cover, Lahat is relegated to his most immediate commitment. That’s his Saturday commitment. That’s the fun and games part, the payoff to a long fight camp spent at AKA getting punched by punching’s elite. Lahat’s Sunday commitment, win or lose, will be rejoining his friends in the Israeli army and taking a stand against the Palestinians who are again butting heads with the Israelis in overlapping conflict zone of Gaza. In the brutal, complicated, generation’s old conflict, Lahat, who spent three-and-a-half years in the army, will put prizefighting on hold. He flies out Sunday for the other fight. "I have to do it morally, I don’t have to do it legally," he says. "The thing is, the whole last month and a half it’s been crazy.


Honda firma parceria com Pirelli e ASW em prol da segurança no trânsito

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean


Alexander Gustafsson Suffers Knee Injury, Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Set for New UFC 178 Main Event

‘The Immortal’ Among Us - On Death’s Doorstep

Matt Brown once survived a potentially fatal heroin overdose. | Photo: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com The abandoned building they parked behind was a hallow brick shell, about as lifeless as the trio that spilled out of the van that muggy August 2001 night. They were looking for a dark place where even shadows went to escape, a desolate safe zone where a simple heroin spike served as a great elixir. Matt Brown was already in a comatose state, stumbling in and out of people’s lives, pushing a brink from which few walk away. There was the time he traipsed 10 miles in a raging blizzard to reach the refuge of a truck stop. Another time, he curled up on a train plank, coming down off a Xanax-alcohol high -- 20 yards away from being crimson on a locomotive. Brown’s chicken game with death included falling asleep in a frozen ditch and somehow escaping hypothermia. Then there was the time his mother rushed to see him in the hospital, driving past his totaled truck unaware it was his. The remnants, though, were enough to make her shudder. “I hope no one died,” she thought, only to later see her son patched together by 80 stitches.

Pinnacle FC, Driller Promotions, and International MMA Federation on Friday Finishes

The best finishes of the week from "Inside MMA" courtesy of Pinnacle FC, Driller Promotions, and International MMA Federation.


In other words, Belfort “admitted” to a one-time lapse of judgement in which he doubled-up on his TRT injections, and wouldn’t you know it, that happened to be the time when he was hit with a random drug test. Just a terrible coincidence, really. But hey, he’s taking responsibility. What a guy! Also, we have a NSAC commissioner suggesting that he doesn’t want to cause embarrassment by bringing up Belfort’s past steroid bust, SO HE DOESN’T BRING IT UP. Jesus Christ, this commission.

UFC boss explains why Chris Cariaso got title shot with champ Demetrious Johnson

Since a majority draw with McCall in 2012, Johnson has picked up six straight wins while winning the inaugural UFC 125-pound title and making four consecutive title defenses. Of the six wins, four have come via decision, one via knockout and one via submission. In 2013, he went 3-0 with three title defenses and three fight-night bonuses and earned Fighter of the Year consideration.

WMMA Jam Live - Episode 29

Join Vanessa and Sabrina as they bring you Episode 29 of WMMA Jam Live, produced by Fresh Start Entertainment! Here at WMMA Jam Live, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news from the WMMA world. Tonight we'll be joined by WSOF's strawweight champ  Jessica Aguilar , Emily Eady and Marq Piocos. We've got all this and more coming up this Wednesday on WMMA Jam Live!

Chael Sonnen receives two-year suspension from Nevada Athletic Commission for failed drug tests

Retired UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen was handed a two-year suspension from mixed martial arts by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) at a Wednesday hearing in Las Vegas. In addition to the suspension, Sonnen will be required to pay any and all doctors' fees for the random drug tests he failed on May 24th and June 5th, as well as be expected to work with the NAC to educate fighters and the commission to improve drug testing measures in the future.

29 http://www.axs.tv/sports/kenny-rice-dominick-cruz-return-needed-for-all/

Cruz perhaps more than anyone in the lighter weight classes provides that spark to fire up fans again. In addition to talent, he also brings a dazzling smile,  intelligence to the microphone, and an overall appeal among a wide range of demographics. So, when he steps into the octagon close to three years after leaving it, to take on 6th ranked Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178 September 27, Cruz will be back at the place he is most comfortable with, facing a foe who, with a win, can put him back where he belongs–in the mix for the title he had to relinquish because of the litany of injuries. After T.J. Dillashaw stunned Renan Barao , who was to fight Cruz before his latest injury this year, to take the title, the bantamweight rankings are ripe for leap-frogging. Cruz is currently 12th but can easily zoom past others. Being on the Jones-Gustaffson card should bring the highest viewing audience since the July 4th weekend blockbuster.

Daniel Cormier Calls Out Jon Jones

Following his thrashing of Dan Henderson at UFC 173, undefeated light heavyweight Daniel Cormier called out champion Jon Jones.

Brian Stann talks Sonnen, Belfort at NSAC hearings: 'Consistency is extremely important'

“I think it’s achievable in that you got to understand: if you’re the ones trying to regulate and catch people, you got to talk to the guys on the inside,” Stann said. “It’s kind of like when investigators hire ex-criminals to help them solve a crime. To understand the ins-and-the-outs and what’s causing guys to go that route. ‘Chael, what made you want to take those substances? What made you feel like you had to take those substances? How do we stop guys from getting to that point? How do we deter them from getting to that point? If we’re handing out two-year suspensions to guys who have been caught before, would you have risked it?’ Maybe he says, ‘No, I wouldn’t have.’”

Joan Jett addresses UFC champ Ronda Rousey's use of 'Bad Reputation'

Rousey, the perhaps most well-known female fighter in MMA, uses the classic rock song to walk out from the tunnel into the cage, a fitting tribute to a fighter who has made her career as a no-holds-barred fighter. She recently posted her fourth UFC title defense and dominated top contender Alexis Davis via a 16-second knockout at UFC 175.


Shot some new videos for @tapoutmusclerecovery website yesterday! Love being associated with an awesome product that I actually use. Stay tuned for more info on the latest tapout products. #goodstuff ✌️🖀 - Latest Photos

Shot some new videos for @tapoutmusclerecovery website yesterday! Love being associated with an awesome product that I actually use. Stay tuned for more info on the latest tapout products. #goodstuff ✌️🖀

ABC committee to propose anti-doping fund to benefit member commissions

Athletic commissions strapped for funds to drug test athletes could receive help from the Association of Boxing Commissions, according to a new proposal drafted for the Association of Boxing Commission’s 2014 conference.

Stipe Miocic still wants to fight Junior dos Santos

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Rory MacDonald-Tarec Saffiedine in the works for Halifax; Jessica Eye wants Holly Holm

C.B. Dollaway, who is now ranked No. 9 among UFC middleweight contenders, is hoping to fight the winner of UFC 178's bout between Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero, per Helwani. Dollaway wants that fight in December on FOX, which is rumored to be taking place near where Dollaway trains in Phoenix. … Helwani reported that the UFC is close to signing top flyweight prospect Henry Cejudo, a former Olympic gold medalist. Cejudo is undefeated (6-0) in MMA, but has struggled to make the flyweight maximum of 125 pounds. He recently pulled out of next month's Legacy main event.

L❤️Ve my new @mucheetmuchette pants! Hello #bahamas 🖀✋ - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

L❤️Ve my new @mucheetmuchette pants! Hello #bahamas 🖀✋


Alexander Gustafsson out at UFC 178, Daniel Cormier now meets Jon Jones

Cormier, a former Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix champion, has long made clear his intentions of facing Jones for the belt. A two-time Olympic wrestler, Cormier made the move to 205 pounds earlier this year with the sole intention of a title showdown. He’s already picked up light-heavyweight victories over Dan Henderson and Patrick Cummins and was hoping to jump ahead of Gustafsson in the line waiting to fight for the title.

One month after release, Bruce Lee, Jon Jones are the most used fighters in EA Sports UFC

It's been a little over a month since EA Sports UFC was first released to the public, and a few days ago EA Sports put out a very interesting Infographic detailing some facts and figures based on how users are playing the game. One of the standout stats is Bruce Lee, who is the game's special unlockable character, is the most popular fighter chosen among gamers. Here's the complete top 10 after more than 65 million bouts:

Report: Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Negotiating Contract with UFC

Henry Cejudo could soon be moving to the Octagon. | Robert Lopez/Sherdog.com One day after withdrawing from the main event of Legacy FC 34 , Olympic wrestling gold medalist Henry Cejudo is reportedly in contract negotiations with the Ultimate Fighting Championship . Fox Sports reported the news during Wednesday’s episode of “UFC Tonight.” Although he was unable to give specifics, Legacy Fighting Championship promoter Mick Maynard on Tuesday told Sherdog.com that Cejudo pulled out of his Aug. 29 bout for “a good reason.” Cejudo is 6-0 since beginning his MMA career in March 2013, including decision wins against Ryan Hollis and Elias Garcia under the Legacy banner. However, the Arizonan failed to make the flyweight limit for both Legacy appearances, and it is likely a move to the UFC would draw even more scrutiny for his prior weight issues.

Team Nogueira - Rogério [Minotouro] Nogueira | Facebook

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Jon Jones 'ninja' message to Daniel Cormier: 'I hope you're ready to come to daddy'

"Let me tell you a little something on Jon Jones," Cormier said. "He's a ninja on a number of levels. I don't follow Jon Jones on Twitter, but somehow he was able to send me a direct message ...  The direct message said ‘I hope you're ready to come to daddy.'"

Gina Carano's talks with UFC 'getting close'

If signed, Carano would be expected to go right into a title fight against the undefeated Rousey late in the year. This potential move has divided the MMA community between those who point out that Carano would leapfrog ranked contenders despite being five years removed from her most recent fight, and those who believe such concerns are overridden by the fact the bout would likely do major business.

UFC talks with Gina Carano progressing, but there's a scheduling issue

Rousey is coming off a 16-second knockout of Alexis Davis at UFC 175 on July 5. She has her own movie commitments, starting with premieres of "The Expendables 3" next month. There are precious few contenders left for the former judo Olympic bronze medalist, which is one of the reasons the UFC is so interested in signing Carano, who was a star for Strikeforce before making the transition over to movies full-time.

47 Twitter / matthughes9x: Hey @Ruthless_RL I had to make ...

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Promotional newcomer Cully Butterfield (13-3) has agreed to step in on short notice and face Ronny Markes (14-3) at WSOF 12.. MMAjunkie today learned from WSOF President Ray Sefo that Roufusport fighter Butterfield has agreed to take the matchup, completing the night’s NBCSN-broadcast five-fight main card, which airs at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT local time).. Featuring a lightweight matchup between top contenders Lewis Gonzalez and Luis Palomino, WSOF 12 takes place Aug. 9 at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Preliminary-card bouts, which stream on MMAjunkie, are expected to be announced shortly.. Butterfield opened his career in 2009 and went just 3-2 in his first five professional fights. However, “The Mason” has since gone 10-1 in his past 11 outings, with the lone loss coming via decision. Meanwhile, 10 of Butterfield’s 13 career wins have come by stoppage, including seven by knockout and three by submission.. Meanwhile, Markes will make his WSOF debut while also moving from middleweight, where he finished a five-fight UFC run, to light heavyweight, the division where he started his career.

Road to the Octagon: Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown

Before the UFC touches down July 26th in San Jose for a thrilling night of fights Road to the Octagon brings you inside the lives and training camps of the six elite fighters. At stake for welterweights Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown is a shot at UFC gold.

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