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Urijah Faber opens up about T.J. Dillashaw departure: 'He walked away from the family'

The head of Team Alpha Male spoke his mind about the departure of their now former teammate, UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw.

The Art of the Knockout: Conor McGregor Europe partners Whoa TV gained insight into the knockout artistry of Ultimate Fighting Championship 145-pound interim champion Conor McGregor by talking with Irish boxer and trainer Paschal Collins.

Aljamain Sterling believes Bryan Caraway 'doesn't want to fight' him

The top-ranked UFC bantamweight is happy to get a fight, but thinks a bout with another contender would've made more sense.

Cris Cyborg accuses Dana White, Ronda Rousey of 'bullying' in Facebook rant

Cris Cyborg took to Facebook to post a lengthy rant over Ronda Rousey's recent article in the New York Times.

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UFC on Twitter

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Viewpoint: The Weight of Fighter Safety

Fedor Emelianenko has slaughtered many mismatched foes. | Photo: Taro Irei/ Editor's note: The views & opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of, its affiliates and sponsors or its parent company, Evolve Media. Without fighter safety, there is no mixed martial arts. Yet the term “fighter safety” has become stagnant; an empty trope in need of reexamination and repair. There are many reasons why, and none can be mended with minor stitching. An entire cultural shift is necessary to ensure fighter safety is practical, meaningful and accessible for fighters, coaches, promoters and regulators. At UFC 192 , flyweight contender Ali Bagautinov returned from a year-long suspension for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). In the week leading up to his Oct. 3 bout with Joseph Benavidez , the Russian revealed that he had not been tested for PEDs. While the Ultimate Fighting Championship ’s partnership with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) could be a great thing, it is hard to see the benefit when PED offenders aren’t held to more stringent standards.

3 Mike Tyson on Periscope: "mike tyson caesars"

Kickboxing: Joe Schilling Stops Jason Wilnis at Glory 24; Adegbuyi Wins Heavyweight Tourney

American kickboxer Joe Schilling was expected to fight rival Artem Levin on Friday night in the main event of Glory 24. When defending middleweight champ Levin had to withdraw several weeks ago due to an elbow injury, Schilling was instead paired with replacement Jason Wilnis. Schilling (20-6, 12 KOs) and Wilnis (25-6-1, 7 KOs) tore into each other from the start, but “Stitch ‘Em Up” was the sharper and quicker of the two. After a dominant opening round, Schilling looked to be on his way to a stoppage when he dropped his foe with a left hook early in the second. Wilnis showed grit and stormed back into the fight, rocking Schilling with a sweeping overhand right. Schilling’s legs buckled, and when Wilnis chased after him, he landed another right to the face. Schilling was ready to go, but the veteran wisely tied up the Dutch fighter. Schilling was able to clear his head enough to survive the round, but not before the two engaged in another wild exchange. Just as the fight seemed ready to kick into overdrive, Wilnis had to have the towel thrown in because of a badly broken toe he suffered in the second.

GLORY Kickboxing on Twitter

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WSOF 24 Promo

short video I made to help promote my fight at WSOF24 and to show off some chuck n uke skills.

Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Official Music Video)

Download or listen here: Listen to The Bearded Man on Spotify: Subscribe to Armada TV: Listen to the Lost Frequencies remix of ''In And Out Of Love'' by Armin van Buuren: Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Download the official music video on iTunes: You might not realize it, but The Bearded Man is surprisingly versatile. He’s equally at home chopping down a house-sized redwood by himself (to build a house-sized house of course) as he is lounging at midnight listening to mariachi bands play while sipping on ice-cold margaritas. Like Lost Frequencies, he is a master of his domain. These fine gentlemen want to know: “Are You With Me?" Music video produced by Soulvizion and Division CM. - Special thanks to Tom Walks for the 3D animations (done in Blender) and Jarred Land from for the launch footage of the STS-135 (Space Shuttle Atlantis). Credit: stock footage from NASA.

Bloody Elbow on Twitter

I assume most of you guys are on Facebook? Well, you know the drill.

She Was Sick for Years with Excruciating Pain. Then Her Sister Asked What She Was Drinking.

As for the woman, after she stopped drinking diet soda she told her sister that although she “she didn’t feel 100%” her health had majorly improved. After she brought the article to her doctor’s attention, she was out of her wheelchair in  32 hours and down to only one prescribed medication by the time she left for Florida. That medicine was for aspartame poisoning.

Ronda Rousey explains how she finishes fights in a matter of seconds

"When I did judo as a kid, my mom told me the most common time to catch somebody is the first second of the match," Rousey said on "Mike and Mike in the Morning." "So when I was a little kid from like 11 on, I would always try a throw right after the bell so I had a lot of matches that were in the first 10 or 20 seconds, because that's when the person is most unprepared."

11 UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) News, Results, Fighting

By: Danny Acosta Without fighter safety, there is no mixed martial arts. Yet the term “fighter safety” has become stagnant, an empty trope in need of reexamination and repair, writes columnist Danny Acosta.

Sleepless nights: Felice Herrig reveals her toughest fight against anxiety and depression

"I had to be very careful on picking my battles on where we're going to argue because she had a lot of traditions and customs that she did that she was kind of superstitious about and didn't want interfered with. We picked our battles over the years and changed certain things, but the one thing we noticed, in fights, she would tend to come out very strong and then fade. Felice is so conditioned that she can go 15 rounds in the gym and not slow down but we noticed she would fade so much faster in her fights."

Mario Maker Speedrun 2 - The Final Trial

It took me a reaaaally long time to create and beat this level, so I hope you enjoy it! Level ID: 09C7-0000-0058-F930 /

UFC 193 Free Fight: Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

Watch Ronda Rousey defeat Cat Zingano at UFC 184. "Rowdy" is back in action at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia and tickets go on sale Sept. 21, 2015.

Brendan Schaub officially steps away from fighting to focus on new endeavors

"Basically, I don't want to say anything was planned," Schaub told FOX Sports on Friday night. "I'd love to fight maybe one more time, but I didn't plan for this 'Fighter and the Kid' stuff to take off like it has ... and I landed a big gig on a major network, which I can't announce yet because we're still going through negotiations, but I did get the gig and with 'The Fighter and the Kid' podcast and now we start shooting in November for 'The Fighter and the Kid' video series and the live shows, we're actually doing a tour now. My first live show was last week at the Brea Improv, which was sold out, and our next one's sold out in Arizona."

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#MIMMA3 Grand Finals, streaming live & FREE Saturday at 7 AM ET, yes AM (7p local)  @MIMMAFC

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10 October Tussles Worth Watching

In an effort to bring more attention to the global stage of mixed martial arts, this list does not focus on major North American-based promotions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bellator MMA and the World Series of Fighting ... Mansour Barnaoui thirsts for two-division glory. The 23-year-old Frenchman will challenge Ivan Buchinger for the M-1 Global featherweight championship in the M-1 Challenge 62 main event on Oct. 10 at the Ice Cube Curling Center in Sochi, Russia. Barnaoui captured the organization’s lightweight championship five months ago with a first-round technical knockout on Maxim Divnich and later vacated the title to pursue gold at 145 pounds. Buchinger has rattled off eight straight wins since his failed encounter with Conor McGregor under the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship banner in 2012. The 29-year-old Slovakian last fought at M-1 Challenge 56 on April 10, when he put away Aliyar Sarkerov with second-round punches at the Aquarium Sports Arena in Moscow. A Team MMA Spirit representative, Buchinger has delivered 24 of his 29 carrier victories by knockout, technical knockout or submission and holds wins against Bellator Season 8 featherweight tournament winner Magomedrasul Khasbulaev and UFC veterans Mairbek Taisumov and Steven Ray .

Sherdog iOS App Giveaway: Win an Unlocked iPhone 6S 64GB

To celebrate the launch of its new (and free) iOS app , is giving away a new unlocked iPhone 6S 64GB. Fret not, Android users; a free Google Play version of the app will soon be available. How soon? Very! Promise! The free Sherdog app is simply the industry’s best. Please give it a try ! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Garrett's Fight - ESPN Video

Despite the fact that he has Down Syndrome, 23-year-old Garrett Holeve has used mixed martial arts to find himself and become an MMA fighter.

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Every cup delicately balances deep, earthy flavors with hints of cacao. Our coffee owes its delicious flavor to the meeting of the northern winds from the Atlantic Ocean with the moist Caribbean Sea, brushing our beans with a uniqueness found only in the Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa's cool high-altitude climate, kissed by the high mountain sun and sheltered by an eternal summer shade give our coffee beans their healthy oils and rich, nutty flavor.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Silent Killers - Top 10

It seems safe to assume that a high percentage of fight fans love loud-mouthed trash talkers. They sell fights better than anyone: Guys like Conor McGregor , Tito Ortiz and Brock Lesnar have driven ratings and pay-per-view buys through the roof with their sharp tongues. Loved by some and hated by others, they draw the attention to MMA. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the fighters who hardly ever have to open their mouths. They are not overly fond of conducting interviews, usually remain stoic during press conferences and hardly -- if ever -- engage in verbal sparring matches with opponents. Such fighters prefer to let their hands, feet, knees and elbows do the talking. The latest installment in the Sherdog Top 10 series series examines the greatest silent killers in mixed martial arts history. *** Honorable Mentions: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira , Mirko Filipovic , Royce Gracie , Randy Couture , Rich Franklin , Sergei Kharitonov *** Number 10 » Catching Dreams

The many lives of Douglas Crosby, the Hollywood stuntman that people love to hate as an MMA judge.

If you don’t know by now, Douglas Crosby is, among other things, an MMA judge. He’s a judge whose official scorecards are sometimes at odds with the scorecards in the realm of public opinion, which makes him a target of constant derision within the MMA community. Like most officials, you usually only hear about him when it’s believed that he’s screwed something up. Whenever a haywire score comes back after a fight people wonder, almost by default, if Crosby was the one with his eyes crossed. The problem is, his is the only vote that counts. People have opinions; he has authority. He can affect livelihoods; everyone else is left retweeting little deposits of bewilderment. He has it within his power to set parlays on fire.

Onetime UFC Fighter Guilherme Vasconcelos Says Chael Sonnen Got Him WSOF Contract

Brazilian welterweight Guilherme Vasconcelos this week signed a contract to compete in the Las Vegas-based World Series of Fighting , and the onetime UFC fighter says it’s all thanks to Chael Sonnen . Vasconcelos told that he received the news over the phone from Sonnen, his former coach on “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil” who now serves as color commentator for WSOF. “‘That’s what friends are for,’” Vasconcelos said. “That’s what Chael Sonnen told me when he called me saying that he got me a contract with WSOF, and I thanked him so much for that.” Vasconcelos’ last fight was a controversial, split-decision loss to Marcio Santos on Sept. 12 in Vitoria, Brazil. The defeat snapped a four-fight winning streak which Vasconcelos had built up after his lone Octagon appear-ance, an upsetting prospect for a fighter looking to get back on the big stage. “It was a tough moment in my life, and Sonnen called me and gave me important words of support,” said Vasconcelos. “He had already helped me in the UFC, and now he did it again.

GLORY Kickboxing on Twitter

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WSOF's Jon Fitch: If the UFC doesn’t change its biz practices, we’ll sue them again

“Ultimately, the end game here is to open up the market,” he added. “We want them to open up their contracts and we want other entities that have big money to come in and put on big shows because they can afford it. Back when Mark Cuban was trying to get into the sport, and he wanted to do Randy Couture and Fedor (Emelianenko), well, that would have been a huge card and made a lot money. But because of the way contracts are, it didn’t happen.

Three Amigos Podcast Daily News

Three Amigos Podcast Daily News, by Three Amigos Podcast: Your premiere destination for combat sports discussion and entertainment

Opinion: What the Hell is a ‘Rizin,’ Anyway?

Editor's note: The views & opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of, its affiliates and sponsors or its parent company, Evolve Media. Thursday in Tokyo, phoenix-esque promoter and aging Ken doll Nobuyuki Sakakibara stood in the Midtown Tokyo Hotel and for the first time in years, got to do what seems to make him happiest: announce a bunch of wild and bizarre trappings for a large-scale Japanese mixed martial arts card. We've known for weeks now that Sakakibara was planning a New Year's Eve card in Japan, but not just a simple series of fights on Dec. 31, an attempted return to form, a potential lightning strike to harken back to the kakutogi boom in Japan, years gone now, a time when, insanely, combat sports programs occupied three of Japan's five major broadcasters on New Year's Eve, the country's premiere TV watching night. We've known Fedor Emelianenko would headline and the ultimately, the string-pullers for the event were Sakakibara's old crew, the Dream Stage Entertainment squad from mid-to-late era Pride Fighting Championships , who ultimately honored Sakakibara by starting Dream , while their leader retired to sleepy Okinawa to dedicate himself to boosting the future of an obscure soccer team.

Jon Bones Jones on Twitter

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Shooto Brazil Champ Suspended 2 Years, Stripped of Title After Positive Steroid Test

Newly crowned Shooto Brazil light heavyweight champion Amilcar Alves has been stripped of his title and suspended for two years following a failed drug test at Shooto Brazil 56 . Alves, 35, tested positive for 19-Norandrosterone, a metabolite of the anabolic steroid nandrolone. was notified of the result and suspension on Friday by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), who noted that Alves has expressed interest in testing of his “B” sample from the Aug. 21 event but has yet to begin the formal request process. The Nova Uniao fighter left Shooto Brazil 56 with the 205-pound title after defeating champion Rafael “Gaucho” Viana in a three-round unanimous decision. As a result of Alves’ failed drug test, CABMMA has changed the result of the bout to a victory for Viana, who also reclaims his lost belt with the reversal. Pending the result of his “B” sample test, Alves could be ineligible to compete in a CABMMA-sanctioned event until Aug. 21, 2017. CABMMA also issued a two-year suspension to co-main event welterweight Fabio Lima Ferreira , who tested positive for stanozolol and the stimulant methylhexaneamine.

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Even More Realistic Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan made his Dark Knight trilogy grounded in reality. But what if he really grounded it in reality? What is Noober Goobers? Noober Goobers is a new and refreshing video game channel offering several distinctive, never- been done gaming video concepts in the realm of YouTube Gamers. Noober Goobers are the original creators of the “Why We Love” and “Logic Fail” series. We are excited for the launch of this and our many other series. We are also looking forward to uploading LP Videos and other daily content so don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and Comment below. You can stalk us electronically at: Noober Goober’s Twitter Feed: Noober Naya’s Twitter Feed: Goober Guy’s Twitter Feed: Like Our Faces: Heart Our Photos: Website: Business Inquiries Only: Want to send us stuff? Awesome! If you’re a viewer/fan/subscriber, send away at the address below. We’d love to hear from our Nooby Goobies! If you’re an advertiser, product or game developer, merchandiser, or have a business inquiry, please see the disclaimer below prior to sending packages.

Pictures: Ronda Rousey on ESPN, ‘SportsCenter’ - ESPN

The warriors of UFC 192 wore the signs of battle on their faces at the post-fight press conference.

Live Combat Sports Schedule’s own Ian Robinson compiles his weekly live combat sports schedule, which includes everything from MMA, grappling, boxing and kickboxing. As always, founder Jeff Sherwood still does a daily television-only schedule on the Cheap Seats Blog . Check Mr. Robinson's Twitter Feed for stream updates throughout the weekend. Friday, Oct. 9 [MMA] Road FC 26 Seoul, South Korea Main Card - iPPV ( - 7:00am ET / 4:00am PT Nam Jin Jo vs. Min Jong Song Mu Bae Choi vs. Siala Siliga Hyun Man Myung vs. Jairo Kusunoki Young Gi Hong vs. Nannan He Shinji Sasaki vs. Jong Chan Choi Yi Moon Han vs. Ye Yuan Doo Je Jung vs. Seung Yeon Kim Preliminary Card - Untelevised Tyrone Henderson vs. Sang Jun Seok Chul Yoon vs. Karim Bouraarassi Mu Song Choi vs. Dae Young Jang Kiyoshi Kuwabara vs. In Jae Ra Jae Woong Yang vs. Toji Ueno In Haeng Cho vs. Kwang Seok Jung Ik Hwan Jang vs. Do Yoon Hwang [MMA] ONE Championship 32: Tigers of Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Main Card - iPPV (ONEPPV.

Originally posted by Conor McGregor on Sqor Sports.

Velasquez reflects on loss to Werdum, plans to be more active in the future

"As far as being more active, yeah, I'd like to be more active. As far as injuries, yeah, I would like to not have any injuries at all - I would love that too," Velasquez laughed. "As far as that stuff and the future, no, I don't (think about it at all). I just take my stuff day-by-day and as far as what my legacy is later, obviously that's for the people to decide. The only thing I can do is give it my all when I go out there and fight and that's pretty much it."

Dana White on Twitter

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Knockout Radio Podcast: Ryan Bader, Jubei Knight, and Michael Jarvi

Join  Knockout Radio  for the podcast of their Oct. 8 broadcast featuring special guests  Ryan Bader , Jubei Knight, and Michael Jarvi, plus Randy’s take on the  Ronda Rousey  blow-up with Justin Bieber, and all the week’s hottest MMA news.

Tyson Boxing '84 Striped Tank

Mike Tyson 1984 before he was 'Kid Dynamite' and 'Iron Mike' in the Empire State Games - the oldest and largest Olympic-style state competition. New super soft hand, vintage look & feel tank with specialty crackle ink and a feature badge on the left chest; contrast binding at the neckline & armhole, contrast side striped panel.

Urijah Faber Closes the Alpha Male Door on TJ Dillashaw

Well said Faber!………T.J. let the influence of the world get into his head, just like I have, and he is making the wrong choice. He just doesn’t know he is making the wrong choice in 2015 but, he will in 2019…….Once that belt become property of someone else. He is probable gonna actually get on his hands and knees and do the unthinkable to Uriah and his old team mates,,,,,Yep, I mean he is gonna SUCK……… ……………………………………..up to them……I got a new nick name for him….T.J. “The Ditcher” Dillashaw

Occult Classic by Kill the Noise on iTunes

Covering the EDM spectrum from electro house to dubstep, Kill the Noise is one of the projects from Rochester, New York-based producer Jake Stanczak. After finding dancefloor success under the name Ewun, Stanczak launched the spacier and more dubstep-oriented Kill the Noise in 2008 with the album Kill Kill Kill. Successful remixes of the hit Estelle and Kanye West track "American Boy" followed, while 2010 found him working with Jon Gooch on the Feed Me's Big Adventure EP, which was released by Deadmau5's...

All Angles: DeAnna Bennett

Relive DeAnna Bennett's TKO victory over Michelle Ould from Invicta FC 8!

Joe Rogan Experience #706 - Brendan Schaub & Fight Companion ? (Part 1)

Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former semi-professional football player. He also hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called "The Fighter & The Kid" available on iTunes. Joe & Brendan also watch fights that take place on October 9, 2015.

By The Numbers: The Biggest and The Best

With UFC 193 looming in the not too distant future and the record for largest UFC attendance primed to be overtaken by a possible 70,000+ at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, here’s a look back at the top 10 most-attended UFC events. 10. UFC 68 - 19,049 They say a fighter is only retired until their next fight and let’s be honest, most fighters’ return to action does not go well. But that was far from the case in Columbus on March 3rd, 2007, as Randy “The Natural” Couture became the oldest fighter to win a UFC belt. There was some interesting action earlier on the card like Martin Kampmann’s Submission of the Night, but UFC 68 will forever be remembered for its main event. With a slim talent pool amongst the big boys, two-time defending UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia needed an opponent for him to exercise his enormous 6’8” build, 80” reach and heavy hands on. At 43 years old, the former UFC light heavyweight champ and former UFC heavyweight champ returned to the Octagon to deliver arguably the most memorable performance of his long and beloved career by earning a unanimous decision to win the belt.

Makwan Amirkhani wants 'a--hole' Mike Wilkinson next, praises Conor McGregor

Just two fights – and less than two minutes – into his UFC career, Makwan Amirkhani has proven capable of bold predictions and bolder performances. For his next trick, he’d like to make Mike Wilkinson “wonder why he ever started in MMA.”

Premier Boxing Champions on NBCSN ‘O’Connor vs. Bracero’ Results & Play-by-Play

Ryan Kielczewski vs. Rafael Vazquez Round 1 Arthur Mercante Jr. is our referee for this featherweight bout. Kielczweski begins the fight with a series of rapid-fire jabs, though they all fall short. Vazquez is very calm before he rips a left hook to the body. Kielczweski continues to paw with his jab, trying to find the right distance. Another short left hook to the body and then head but the head shot is mostly blocked. Lead right to the head by Vazquez before ducking under a lazy left hand, countering with another right. Nice 1-2 by Kielczweski with 35 seconds left, his best shot of the fight thus far. Lunging overhand right by Kielczweski, followed by a left to the body. Kielczweski lands a moderate right to the cheek at the bell to end an extremely close round. 10-9 Kielczweski. Round 2 They trade some nice jabs early Kielczweski fires off a nice right/left to the head but Vazquez takes them well. Vazquez stings him with a stiff jab but his follow-up right just misses. Vazquez is throwing only one punch at a time while Kielczweski continues to paw with his jab. Vazquez digs two uppercuts to the body with a minute left but Kielczweski comes right back with a left and a right to the noggin.

MMA Origins: Revenge of the Striker

The UFC had just been turned on its head - a striker with just over a year of grappling training had defeated a long-time wrestler. Smith was far from a complete fighter, and this would be the peak of his MMA career, but he had demonstrated something very clearly to the MMA world: conditioning mattered. The majority of fighters in the UFC at this time were focused on becoming the biggest, strongest, and meanest fighters they could be. Similar to the training done in the Lion's Den, the goal was to become "tougher" than the other guy. Smith on the other hand took a thoughtful approach to the fight, expanded his skill set, and also endeavored to become the superior athlete.

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Urijah Faber talks TAM vs McGregor near-brawl in TUF, Ludwig's peanut butter

Urijah Faber: So Duane opened this swap market at the front desk, because when he moved here, he was broke as a damn joke. He's trying to do everything in his power to make a dollar. He's jumping over a dollar to pick up a penny all day long. He gets free peanut butter from a peanut butter company -- it must be a friend from Colorado or whatever -- so he's just eating peanut butter all day, and then he starts slangin' 75 cent peanut butter packets at the front desk alongside everything else under the sun. I felt bad for the guy. I was paying him for privates, and I'm like, ‘This guy needs some money,' you know? He's leaving every weekend to do a seminar, charging, but only making a couple hundred bucks here and there. Anyway, he was selling peanut butter that he got for free at the front desk, that's all. Can't blame the man for his hustle.

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67 SQUATS & STEAK: 315 x 20
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70 Stann: Dillashaw made right decision, 'In this sport you’ve got to be selfish'
71 Legacy FC 49 brings two title fights to Louisiana on Dec. 4
72 Urijah Faber talks TAM vs McGregor near-brawl in TUF, Ludwig's peanut butter
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76 Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira on Periscope: "Ação dos dias das Crianças com lutadores UFC na Mangueira"
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