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Ronda Rousey Would Rather Die Than Lose - Jim Rome on Showtime

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey would choose dying over losing a fight. Watch Rousey on Jim Rome on Showtime, Tuesday, October 14th at 10PM ET/Pt, or on Showtime An...

FD Absession

Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi - Pride 33 (English Commentary)

My favourite fight in MMA history. Don't be scared Gomi!

NF - All I Have

“All I Have” is from the new self-titled EP by hip hop artist NF. Get this song now: NF on Twitter:

One Fighter Turns the Tables in 2 vs. 1 in Russia on "Inside MMA"

One fighter gets TWO finishes at Team Cage Fighting in Russia, plus another brilliant KO from New York Fight Exchange on "Viewer Submissions." Send your vide...

Foxcatcher - Trailer #4

B. Dolan - "The Devil is Alive" - The Story of Freeway Rick Ross

This material is a work of Political Parody. Use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws HEA...

Live Chat: Anderson Silva's return, UFC 179 preview, Mike Goldberg and more

Join Luke Thomas at 1 p.m. ET for his Promotional Malpractice Live Chat. Today's topics include Anderson Silva, Mike Goldberg and UFC 179.

Karyn Bryant Podcast #19: Daron Cruickshank Talks UFC, Zombies + Jheri Curls

All podcasts (video+mp3) can be found here: In this edition of the Karyn Bryant Podcast, UFC lightweight Daron Cruickshank joins...

Bellator MMA: 5 Rounds with Holly Lawson - 'Gone Girl' Trainer & Boxer

Go 5 Rounds with Holly Lawson as she prepares for her Bellator MMA debut this Friday, October 17th on Spike TV! See how she transitioned from boxing to MMA, ...

Bellator 128 Uncut: 'It didn't even feel like he was trying to win the fight'

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Joe Warren's title-winning decision over champion Eduardo Dantas, plus Michael Page and more from Bellator 128.

Joe Rogan Experience #562 - Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is an American hard rock guitarist, singer, and painter, best known for being the frontman of the rock band Kiss.

Roxy vs T-shirt

Roxy trying to be intimidating before sparring Liz McCarthy at Syndicate. First, she has to get past her T-shirt....

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UFC: Ronda Rousey wants to keep her financial earnings private

"The money that I make, I'm very, very happy, and I'm very, very satisfied," Rousey told  Bruce Buffer's "It's Time!" podcast (transcript courtesy of  MMA Junkie ). "It's also very, very private. I don't want people to know how much money I'm making. I can just say I'm very comfortable and very well taken care of. So are all these other women, from what I know they're extremely well taken care of. The UFC is special in that they're willing to make themselves look bad so the fighters have to deal with less."

Welcome 'The Axe Murderer' Wanderlei Silva | MMA Fighter

Wanderlei Silva

Korean Zombie Out 2 Years Due to Military Service

> Check out the Korean Zombie's fighter profile Because of Jung’s laundry list of injuries over the years, which include surgeries on both shoulders, his wrist, nose, and orbital bone, it was decided that it would be best to have him serve in an office, and while he will have to fit his training in around his job, he wants to let his fans know that he will be back as soon as he’s given the green light to return. “I hope the fans won't forget about me,” he said. “I also want to assure everyone that this isn't the end of my career. I'll be back, stronger than ever, to get that belt in two years.”


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Official Fabricio 'Vai Cavalo' Werdum | UFC Fighter

Fabricio Vai Cavalo Werdum

Wanderlei Silva Store | Official Store

Wanderlei Silva Store

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Stanford scientist unveils 50-state plan to transform U.S. to renewable energy

In recent years, Jacobson and his colleagues have developed detailed proposals for converting the energy infrastructures of New York, California and Washington states to 100 percent wind, water and solar power by 2050. The new plan includes an online interactive map tailored to maximize the renewable resource potential of each of the 50 states. Hovering a cursor over California, for example, reveals that the Golden State can meet virtually all of its power demands (transportation, electricity, heating, etc.) in 2050 by switching to a clean technology portfolio that is 55 percent solar, 35 percent wind (on- and offshore), 5 percent geothermal and 4 percent hydroelectric. Nuclear power, ethanol and other biofuels are not included in the proposed energy mix for any of the states.

Holly Holm on fighting Ronda Rousey: 'If they throw me in with Ronda, awesome'

"With Alexis Davis ... she hit her clean with that overhand and that's what knocked her out," Holm said. "She was supposed to bring her down and finish her, so I was very impressed with it. She landed a very clean shot, it wasn't lucky, I thought it was a good, clean shot she hit her with, right on the jaw. Then she also had the knee to the ribs of [Sara] McMann, so obviously, she is getting a very well-rounded game, and she has cleaned house. She has cleaned house. Anyone who gets in there with her doesn't give her a hard time. She's definitely great and I think she's very good and I admire her for what she's been able to accomplish. Hopefully I'll be able to step in the cage with her eventually, and have that honor of fighting with her."

Chael Sonnen on drug-test failures: 'I'm not going to apologize because I'm not sorry'

"For me, the litmus test was flawed, but here was my litmus test: Can't be a steroid, and it's got to be legal," Sonnen continued. "I can't take anything, I don't wan't to be in possession of anything that isn't legal. What I'm talking about there, I'm not talking about the commissions and their rules, I'm talking about the law. I'm talking about, am I holding something in my possession and then a police officer sees me, am I allowed to have that. If the answer's yes, then I'm in. That was my test. If I could get this legal, if there's a legal medication, I'm taking it, I'm not cross-referencing it with the commission. I'm not taking the rules or someone else's over that of a doctor. That's what I'd tell myself to sleep well at night."

Morning Report: Ronda Rousey 'would rather die' than tap, contemplates retirement after every fight

However, I think pressure put on fighters to say more on the mic and "state their case" is getting a little out of hand. On a recent episode of the MMA Beat I think Jeff Wagenheim said it best-"Fighters need to be themselves". I believe the constant scrutiny of fighters for not calling people out or trying to be entertaining with the things they say needs to come to an end, we need to get back to accepting that these athletes make their case in the cage and how they fight, not by what they say. Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more when there is a heated rivalry with real trash talk (i.e Jones & Cormier) but on the contrary there is nothing I hate more than disingenuous smack talk with the sole purpose of hyping the fight, not to sound too dramatic, but I feel like it's bad for the sport.

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Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

The Man Who Tricked Chemtrails Conspiracy Theorists | VICE United States

The chemtrails conspiracy theory has been circulating for a while among the same sorts of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job and celebrities are being controlled by the CIA. In brief, chemtrail enthusiasts think that those white trails of vapor you see pouring out of planes are actually nasty chemical or biological agents that governments are using to geo-engineer the weather, create a vast electromagnetic super-weapon, control the population, or—well, you get the idea. There's no science or proof whatsoever behind this, but plenty of people are still willing to entertain this vaguely supervillain-esque notion. 

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Live Life Lean by Fighter Diet

Pauline, born in Sweden, currently resides in Los Angeles. Her career as a trainer caught the attention of the producers for the Nordic version of “Biggest Loser.” She was the trainer, diet coach, and the leader for the Swedish team, leading her team and country to victory in 2006’s Biggest Loser. Pauline moved to America to pursue her dreams. Pauline authored Fighter Diet, an e-book which presented a gutsy FAT loss system that brought her fans and attention in the United States. She has appeared in features and covers of American fitness magazines, which highlights her tough but effective no-nonsense style. Pauline is also the star of “The Butt Bible” by NBC/Universal - a workout video complete with a fitness system that helps beat any backside into shape.

'The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power' Trailer -

The great Scorpion King and a disloyal rival race against time to find a treasure that possesses the power to rule the world in The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, debuting on Digital HD on January 6, 2015 and on DVD and Blu-ray™ Combo Pack including Blu-ray™, DVD, and Digital HD with Ultraviolet™ on January 20, 2015 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The epic next chapter in the billion-dollar The Mummy franchise, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power propels the enormously successful series to new heights with a cast of renowned veterans and icons from the mixed martial arts and professional wrestling worlds as well as the intrigue and pulse-pounding action than fans have come to embrace. Victor Webster (The Scorpion King: The Battle for Redemption) stars as the heroic warrior Mathayus and is joined by Lou Ferrigno (“The Incredible Hulk”), Ellen Holman (“Spartacus”), Barry Bostwick (“Cougar Town”), Michael Biehn (The Terminator) and Rutger Hauer (“True Blood,” Blade Runner). Also featured are “The Ultimate Fighter” Winner Roy “Big Country” Nelson, Cage Rage World Champion Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, 11-time World Kickboxing Champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson, three-time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres and UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie.

Chael Sonnen's 'You're Welcome! with Chael Sonnen' debuts on PodcastOne

You can’t keep a “Bad Guy” down. The self-proclaimed “Gangster from West Linn, Oregon” has resurfaced as the host of a new podcast entitled “You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen .”

The MMA Hour - Audio

I've downloaded up to the 11/16 show and two days ago the show aired and now I go to look for the new show and the last one they have listed on iTunes is the 11/9 show. WTF?! Can we get the shows up in a day? Is it too much to ask? And where'd 11/16 go? Cmon man.

Charles & Fighter Diet Men's Guide

Currently down 117 pounds. Been at it for 5 years now. Just signed up for my first ever ironman triathlon, and still going strong.

We Might See Cagefighting At Hogwarts Before The New Harry Potter Movie Comes Out

But as Dana White is fond of saying, throwing fights ain't easy - even when you've already got a magical castle lined up to host the event. The Duchess of Northumberland's last attempt to pull things together was a show in September headlined by Paul Daley. That obviously didn't happen, so we're left wondering when she's going to do the responsible thing and ask Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for Lorenzo Fertitta's number. I hear his patronus is a centaur that looks like Conor McGregor, which means we're already halfway towards a great main event fight.

My Terrifying Night With Afghanistan's Only Female Warlord

This year, an Australian security consulting firm conducted a survey on inspirational Afghan women, and their research led them to Commander Pigeon. On her public Facebook page, one fan wrote: “She has proven to the world that women of Afghanistan are not victims; she’s more stronger then any women in the world today.” She certainly sounded very different from any of the Afghan women I had met or heard about. I’d been talking to women in shelters, victims of domestic violence, or kidnapped girls working as sex slaves for commanders. One of them, a teenage girl, said Commander Pigeon was a hero. After all, since 2001, Americans have invested in infrastructure allowing women to attend school or gain positions of power. But the month I arrived, Afghans shipped 30-year-old Setara to Turkey to get her lips and nose sewn back on after her husband cut them off with a kitchen knife. A pregnant schoolteacher named Malalai was hanged and her body dumped near a foreign base. No one could save Negar, the top female police officer in Helmand, after she was shot in the neck by men on motorbikes. And yet no one has managed to kill Commander Pigeon.

What's so great about these PRIDE ringside videos, aside from everything?

But it can’t just be this glimpse of the past that’s getting me all misty about two dudes who are about to beat each other up, right? I mean, if I wanted to watch this fight I could cue it up any time on UFC Fight Pass. The walkout might be missing, but the Tekken-esque intro graphic isn’t. Once the fight actually starts, the real version has multiple cameras and the infectious enthusiasm of Bas Rutten on commentary.

USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie rankings, Oct. 7: Warren now eighth 'Baddest Man on the Planet'

Whether or not you believe Warren is actually "The Baddest Man on the Planet," you can't deny the brilliance of his weekend win, which saw him become the first fighter to win Bellator titles in two different weight classes.

Nurse Allegedly Killed 38 Annoying Patients, Took Selfies With Bodies

A nurse working in a northeastern Italian hospital has been arrested as part of an investigation into the deaths of 38 patients who, cops said, she may have injected with potassium chloride because they or their family members were "annoying,"

A Lawyer Makes the Case That Chimpanzees Should Be Legal People | VICE United States

Attorney Steven Wise of the Nonhuman Rights Project  has only met his client once, a year ago. They locked eyes through the bars of a cage inside a dark warehouse in Gloversville, New York. The client, a 26-year-old chimpanzee named Tommy, was conspicuously absent at a New York Supreme Court hearing Wednesday during which Wise argued for his freedom. That hearing was the climax of a crusade Wise started in December 2013, when the lawyer filed a writ of habeas corpus of Tommy's behalf, formally challenging the legality of his imprisonment. In courts throughout the United States, habeas corpus has only ever applied to human beings, but Wise is making the case that an animal sharing 94 percent of our DNA should enjoy the same legal protections that we do, and he's citing more than 400 scientific articles on chimpanzee cognition and self-awareness to bolster his point. With a decision expected in a matter of weeks, I figured now was as good a time as any to speak with him about the merits of his case.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta Says He's Never Seen Anderson Silva This Motivated (Video) |

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta has spent a lot of years alongside former middleweight champion Anderson Silva . And with Silva returning from a severely broken leg at UFC 183 in January, Fertitta says that he has never seen his former champ as motivated as he is.

UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler 2 fight card

A look at the December 6th UFC 181 PPV in Las Vegas, Nevada, which features two title fights, including a welterweight rematch between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler.

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7 Foods That Help Clean Out The Body | The Dolce Diet

Broccoli & Kale Based on recent studies, the cells of these veggies can actually get rid of air pollutants. So what does that mean for our bodies? Well in a clinical trial of over 300 Chinese subjects, who consumed beverages and products with these cruciferous vegetables in them, urine outputs of 2 chemical pollutants, benzene and acrolein, were exhibited. We typically inhale benzene when pumping gas, and acrolein when around smokers. With the increasing rate of pollution on our planet, we need a way to combat those harmful chemicals, which we ingest unintentionally. So have a hearty serving of broccoli or kale, your lungs and body will thank you for it.

Boxing: Gennady Golovkin Taking Marco Antonio Rubio Fight on Oct. 18 ‘Very Seriously’

The unbeaten Gennady Golovkin returns to the ring on Oct. 18 in California. | Photo Courtesy: Will Hart/HBO Boxing fans who only follow Floyd Mayweather Jr. might want to give Gennady Golovkin a shot. At 30-0 with 27 knockouts, Golovkin, who has KO’d his last 17 opponents, faces Marco Antonio Rubio on Oct. 18 (HBO, 10 p.m. ET/PT) at the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif. There, the WBO and IBA middleweight champion will make his first appearance in the boxing-crazed landscape of Southern California, as he takes on one of the sport’s Hispanic icons in Rubio. In an exclusive interview with, Golovkin spoke about what making his debut in California means to him. “Fighting in California is really important for me because I live in Southern California,” Golovkin told “My training camp is great. It’s hard work. I have tons of sparring partners. It’s hard work every day. I am running longer, so it’s not easy by any means.” Golovkin trains at the high altitudes of Big Bear, Calif., under Abel Sanchez at the world-renowned Summit Boxing Training Center.

Team Alpha Male Radio

Live every Tuesday and Thursday 8ish PM PST

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Rodrigo Minotauro palestra para alunos da rede pública no SESC Tijuca - Team Nogueira

Exemplo na vida e no esporte, Rodrigo Minotauro desenvolve há muitos anos o importante papel de difundir as artes marciais entre os jovens de diversos pontos do Brasil. Recuperando-se de uma cirurgia no joelho direito, o peso-pesado, que só deve retornar aos treinamentos em 2015, ministrou, na tarde desta quinta-feira (9), uma palestra motivacional para alunos da rede pública no SESC Tijuca, situado na Zona Norte do Rio de Janeiro (RJ). A conversa, que durou aproximadamente duas horas, teve como principal foco o incentivo ao estudo, mas também foi fundamental para que as crianças pudessem observar como o esporte pode transformar de forma decisiva a vida de muitas pessoas.

Get Ready For Invicta FC 9 With This Intense Promo Video

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

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Spike TV announces shoulder programming for 'Bellator 131: Tito vs. Bonnar'

Bellator’s season-ending event in San Diego will have plenty of buildup for the main event on Spike TV.

KO of the Week: Lucas Martins vs. Alex White

Featherweight contender Lucas Martins delivers a vicious right hand to Alex White to earn himself a knockout victory in the third round. See Martins battle Darren Elkins at UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Chael Sonnen on steroid use: 'If I could get this legal, if there's a legal medication, I'm taking it'

"For me, the litmus test was flawed. Here was my litmus test: can't be a steroid and it's got to be legal. I can't take anything - I don't want to be in possession or consume anything that's not legal. And what I'm talking about there is I'm not talking about the commissions and the rules, I'm talking about the law. I'm talking about if I'm holding something in my possession and a police office sees me, am I allowed to have that or aren't I? If the answer's, ‘Yes,' then I'm in. That was my test. If I can get this legally, if there's a legal medication, I'm taking it. I'm not cross-referencing that with the commission. I'm not going to take the rules or anything over that of a doctor. I told myself to sleep well at night.

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Tom Erikson: Where Is He Now? - Fire Still Burns

Tom Erikson was undefeated through his first eight fights. | Photo: Dave Mandel/ Tom Erikson in his day was not the heavyweight star with a rippling comic-book physique over which promoters pined. He was a massive Midwesterner with a suffocating wrestling game, the kind of badass that does not make it on posters but instead rips apart unsuspecting poster boys. The 50-year-old entered the fighting world through an NCAA All-American wrestling pedigree at Oklahoma State University. Eighteen years ago, mixed martial arts was still a no-holds-barred proposition. On Nov. 22, 1996, Erikson debuted in professional fighting by beating two men in one night and then battling future Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight titleholder Murilo Bustamante to a 40-minute stalemate. He did it all while looking like the imposing, affable uncle with a crushing handshake and painful jesting headlocks. He wore gloves. Bustamante went bare-knuckle. Three fights in one night -- yeah, that was Erikson’s idea of fun. The West Lafayette, Ind.

“Pink is my favorite color…” #model #werkit ️ |

“Pink is my favorite color…” #model #werkit ️

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47 Invicta FC 9: Live on UFC Fight Pass

Invicta FC 9: Live on UFC Fight Pass

Paul Daley to fight at Hogwarts Castle? Maybe, if Duchess has her way

Jane Miller Percy, otherwise known as The Duchess of Northumberland, wants another chance to try her hand at MMA promotion – in the castle where two “Harry Potter” movies were filmed.

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Flyweight Prospects Allan Nascimento, Ruslan Abiltarov Headline XFCI 7 in Sao Paulo

Allan Nascimento (right) is 6-1 in his last seven outings. | Photo: Andy Hemingway/ Brazilian prospect Allan Nascimento and Ukranian up-and-comer Ruslan Abiltarov will square off in the flyweight main event of XFCI 7 on Nov. 1. Michigan-based promotion Xtreme Fighting Championships on Wednesday announced the card for their latest “XFC International” event, which takes place at Sao Paulo Football Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil. XFCI 7 will feature 13 fights, including quarterfinals in the company’s welterweight and women’s strawweight tournaments. Since his debut in November of 2011, Nascimento has won 14 times, 12 of them by submission. “Puro Osso” made his XFC debut in March, finishing Matias Vasquez with an armbar. At XFCI 5 in June, he forced Andre Lourenco to tap out via brabo choke. “I will fight on my backyard. For sure, it’s a great motivation,” Nascimento stated in a press release. “I have already invited all my friends, teammates, family, cousins and uncles who have never seen me fighting.

51 UFC fight bookings roundup – 10/8 – 10/15
52 Damacio Page Aiming for Legacy FC Title, Another UFC Run |
53 Sqor Sports
54 Overeem Grateful for Quick Return against Struve
55 Adrien Broner: ‘F--- the Bulls---, I Want to Fight Pacquiao, Matthysse, Maidana’
56 Dan Hardy would like UFC HOFer Matt Hughes to debate him on sport hunting
57 Badr Hari gets new opponent for GFC 4 on Thursday night as Quarteron axed
58 UFC Full Fight Video: Nate Diaz vs. Gray Maynard |
59 Conor McGregor Seeking Next Opponent, Not Waiting for Title Fight |
60 Report: UFC brass met with Georges St-Pierre in Montreal
61 'Bellator 128 Uncut' video: Behind the scenes of Joe Warren's second title
62 Highlights from Anderson Silva’s first -- and last -- media appearance before return
63 New normal: UFC's Anderson Silva gives fans rare look into his thought process