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PBC on ESPN: Martinez Rocks Alexander in Major Upset

It was one of those designed things that wasn’t supposed to happen. Not like this. Not on national TV to a 50-to-1 underdog who hadn’t won a fight in two years.

Ronda Rousey's mother rips 'terrible coach' Edmond Tarverdyan

Ronda Rousey often calls her mother Dr. AnnMaria De Mars the most influential and inspirational person in her life, but now the former judo world champion is sounding off on her daughter's coach Edmond Tarverdyan.

Cris Cyborg Puts Ronda Rousey and Dana White On Blast for Bullying Her

Invicta FC champion Cris Cyborg put UFC champ Ronda Rousey and her boss, Dana White, on blast for bullying her.

Sean Wheelock details abrupt termination from Bellator, looks back on early commentary work with Teddy Atlas

Former Bellator MMA commentator Sean Wheelock spoke with Bloody Elbow's Three Amigos Podcast to talk about the next phase in his commentary career, the 'seismic shift' he sees coming for MMA, and the most shocking ending to any fight he's called.

Watch The MMA Beat live today

On this week's episode of "The MMA Beat," the panel will discuss recent comments by Ronda Rousey's mother, GSP, Nick Diaz, Johny Hendricks and more at 1 p.m. ET.

Reza Madadi to Norman Parke: ‘You Have One Week to Find Another Job’

UFC lightweight Reza Madadi spoke with contributor and founder Ryan O’Leary about returning to the Octagon after serving a 14-month prison term in this exclusive interview at Allstars Training Center in Stockholm.

Daniel Cormier Won’t Be Fighting Jon Jones Anytime Soon

It's been a busy year for UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier... and the champ is tired.

Knockout Radio LIVE: UFC Champ Rafael dos Anjos

Tune in Thursday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m. EST, for Knockout Radio LIVE featuring special guest UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos and all the week's hottest MMA news.

Mom: Ronda's support of Coach Tarverdyan is 'causing harm'

Ronda Rousey's mom is looking to expose her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, for what she see's as his continued disrespect for women fighters.

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Duffy sets sights on Poirier; not McGregor

Joe Duffy sat quietly as his fellow countryman Conor McGregor went on a verbal rampage during the UFC’s “GO BIG” press conference on Sept. 4. That’s because Duffy is the antithesis of McGregor. Whereas the “Notorious” is loud and brash, Duffy is typically mild-mannered and reserved. More from UFC Fight Night Dublin: Bigger is better for Poirier | Kavanagh opens up on rise of SBG and Irish MMA | Bubba Bush bringing Texas spirit to Dublin | Breese is the UK's new breed | Daly not missing the party McGregor exchanged words with several fighters onstage at GO BIG, but when he turned his attention to Duffy, his jabs missed the mark. “I don’t really care what he’s got to say,” Duffy said in an interview with on Wednesday. “A lot of people may get wound up by it, but I feel that’s a waste of energy. He can chat away and say what he wants to say, but it doesn’t change my feelings. It doesn’t change how I’d fight him if I fought him.” Duffy, the last man to beat McGregor, might someday get another fight with the “Notorious,” but right now his focus is on Fight Night Dublin on Oct.

The Savage Truth: Selfishness is Good (in MMA)

T.J. Dillashaw chose to stay with Duane Ludwig. | Photo: Dave Mandel/ Editor's note: The views & opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of, its affiliates and sponsors or its parent company, Evolve Media. Like most of you, my social media feeds have been inundated with people talking about the messy breakup between Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight titleholder T.J. Dillashaw and Team Alpha Male . It has almost become MMA’s version of The Civil War, with brother choosing sides against brother. The surprising thing to me is that it took this long to boil over into the public sphere. This was inevitable, if you ask me anyway, as soon as word broke that Duane Ludwig was leaving Sacramento, Calif., to form his own team. Ludwig had garnered quite a bit of praise after making the move to the Golden State to take over as the head coach at Urijah Faber ’s gym, which housed many of the top lighter weight fighters in the sport. That praise was well-earned after the team clearly responded to his tutelage and delivered win after win at the highest levels of MMA.

Three Amigos Podcast: Leister Bowling, Elias Theodorou, Frontrow Brian, George Lockhart

The Three Amigos are back with their weekly offering of MMA news, entertainment and feature interviews. This week's guests are Team Elevation head coach, Leister Bowling, undefeated UFC middleweight, Elias Theodorou, industry insider, Frontrow Brian and top nutritionist, George Lockhart.

4 Ian McCall on Periscope: "Uncle Creepy First Podcast"

Originally posted by Conor McGregor on Sqor Sports.

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Rousey's mom on coach: 'I would run over him with my car if there wasn't a law against it' …

Joe Rogan Experience #708 - Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast called "Louder With Crowder" -

WSOF 24 Pre-Fight Show with Chael Sonnen and Ray Sefo

The WSOF 24 Pre-Fight Show with WSOF President Ray Sefo and WSOF 24 commentator Chael Sonnen.

Mike Tyson on Twitter

VEGAS: Come meet me on Sat. & get my autograph at @TRISTARVegas & @FODCaesars ! Info:

The strange star that has serious scientists talking about an alien megastructure

But one finding from the program was unlike anything else scientists had ever seen. Volunteers marked it out as unusual in 2011, right after the program started: a star whose light curves seemed to dip tremendously at irregular intervals. At one point, about 800 days into the survey, the star’s brightness dropped by 15 percent. Later, around day 1,500, it dropped by a shocking 22 percent. Whatever was causing the dips, it could not have been a planet — even a Jupiter-sized planet, the biggest in our solar system, would only dim this star by 1 percent as it transited across, Slate reported . (The Kepler telescope was badly damaged in 2013, so the researchers don’t have data from more recent dips, if there were any).

Improve Sleep | Fight Inflammation| Increase Performance | Active Edge

Active Gear Review recently posted a great review of our Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet! If you’re looking to add an extra boost to your workout, then the Survival Strap Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet might do the trick. I tested the... read more

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Kavanagh on the Rise of SBG and Irish MMA

The night of July 19, 2014 will always hold a special significance for John Kavanagh. With the UFC back in town for the first time in five years, the SBG Ireland head coach guided four fighters into the Octagon inside the 3Arena – then known as the O2 – in Dublin, and one after another, they all collected victories. “The Hooligan” Paddy Holohan kicked things off with a first-round submission win over Josh Sampo and then Cathal Pendred roared back from the brink of defeat to submit Mike King . Gunni Nelson made quick, efficient work of American Zak Cummings in the co-main event and the perfect evening was capped by Conor McGregor sending the crowd into hysterics with a first-round technical knockout win over Diego Brandao in the final bout of the night. A couple weeks after the event, Ireland’s first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt called the evening a “dream come true” and to this day, he’s reminded of that special night every time he steps into the gym. Meet Team SBG: Conor McGregor | Cathal Pendred | Paddy Holohan | Aisling Daly | Gunnar Nelson “It was such an emotional night,” Kavanagh reflects in between training sessions.

A Martial Life - Episode 18 - UFC Veteran Michael McDonald

In this video Don visits well known Chiropractor, Peter Goldman, and UFC fighter, Michael McDonald. Dr. Peter Goldman is known throughout the fight world as helping with different conditions affecting the body. He has worked with some of the best including BJ Penn, Bas Rutten, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez. Dr. Goldman teaches the Zone technique and is one of the few Chiropractors to do so in the Bay Area. Next, Don travels to San Leandro to train with UFC fighter and friend, Michael McDonald. Not only is Michael one of the best young fighters in the UFC, he is also one of the best people you'll ever meet. He teaches out of Esteller MMA with longtime Kajukenbo Sifu, Ron Esteller. Dr. Peter Goldman Esteller MMA Ultimate Black Belt Test

Former UFC champ Georges St-Pierre to train with Sage Northcutt, Friday at TriStar gym

Northcutt is visiting Zahabi's TriStar gym in Montreal, this week, and according to the coach, Sage and his fighting hero St-Pierre will train together on Friday.

Fight Night Dublin: On the Fly - Joe Duffy

We join UFC lightweight Joe Duffy in Montreal, Canada as he trains with his team mates at the legendary Tristar gym ahead of his main event show down with Dustin Poirier at UFC Fight Night Dublin. With unparalleled access into the training and lives of the world’s best fighters, On the Fly is the perfect glimpse into the buildup leading to the hotly anticipated UFC Fight Night Dublin.

Anthony Johnson to Ryan Bader: Don't run or hide

Johnson has constructed a nice-sounding argument (fight the top three!) but one of those guys (Jon Jones) is still technically suspended by the UFC, the other is the champion and man he's trying to fight (Daniel Cormier), and the two men up for the third spot, other than Bader himself are Gustafsson (coming off a loss to DC) and Johnson (who is 1-1 in his last two). Bader's point, of course, is that he is in the top three already, by virtue of his record.

Georges St-Pierre getting the itch to come back to the UFC

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre never officially retired after his last fight in 2013 and now the Canadian superstar is pushing the door open again that he might actually return to fighting.

Vale Tudo Relics: The Life and Times of Helio Gracie - Eternal Impact

Considered one of the most influential figures in martial arts history, Helio Gracie, the father of modern jiu-jitsu died at the age of 95 in 2009. He would be 102 years old if he were alive today. Andre Lazaroni, a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro, paid homage to Gracie by naming his birthday, Oct. 1, as Vale Tudo Day in the city. A ceremony was held at Tiradentes Palace, with many fighters in attendance, including Gracie’s top student, Joao Alberto Barreto. MMA, UFC and BJJ: Those acronyms would not exist in their current forms if it were not for the perseverance of Helio and his older brother, Carlos Gracie. Thanks to them, the martial art that was brought to Brazil from Japan by Mitsuyo Maeda Koma was preserved and later transformed into what we now know as vale tudo or mixed martial arts. Martial Arts: Religion, Philosophy or Way of Life? The Gracie brothers became obsessed with the art they had been taught by Koma and created a life philosophy based on nutrition, health and furthering jiu-jitsu. To achieve this, they adopted strict rules for themselves, and they followed them until their last days.

Joe Rogan Experience #709 - Steven Rinella

Honey Honey - "15 Step" (cover) ( taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #299)

Three Amigos Podcast Daily News

Three Amigos Podcast Daily News, by Three Amigos Podcast: Your premiere destination for combat sports discussion and entertainment

World's Most Pathetic Elevator Chime

It resides on the 10th floor of the Novotel Hotel on Collins St, Melbourne VIC. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom


Os nervos esquentaram nos duelos entre os integrantes das duas equipes do Além do Peso . Veja quem se saiu melhor! Assista à íntegra do Hoje em Dia no R7 Play .


On this week’s “IT’S TIME!” show Buffer is joined by ‘Super” Sage Northcutt, the 19 yr. old sensation who has the potential to be a future “UFC Super Star”. The V.O.T.O., TJ and Sage discuss his career goals both in and out of the Octagon along with his healthy positive attitude towards life overall on a variety of topics.

Sophia M.

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Up next is #WSOF24 : Fitch vs Okami Sat Oct 17th in Mashantucket, CT airing live on @NBCSN ! Tix 

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The Takeover Q&A: Powered by Reebok

Want to meet your favourite Irish MMA stars? The Takeover Event 2015 presents Conor McGregor, Gunnar Nelson, Cathal Pendred, Artem Lobov and Coach John Kavanagh for a Q&A session in the Wright Venue.

Opinion: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the UFC Model

The beauty of UFC’s model is easily explainable with Rizin's recent headlines. | Photo: Dave Mandel/ Editor's note: The views & opinions expressed below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of, its affiliates and sponsors or its parent company, Evolve Media. For mixed martial arts fans who were around before “The Ultimate Fighter,” Pride Fighting Championships still holds a special place in the heart. The elaborate sets, loaded tournaments and larger-than-life figures from 10 years ago often resonate in the mind better than last weekend’s Ultimate Fighting Championship card. The natural human inclination towards nostalgia, however, often makes us overlook the flaws and downsides of the past while taking for granted the greatness of the present. That’s not to say Pride wasn’t a tremendous promotion that offered up many of the sport’s most iconic and memorable moments. It’s just that UFC’s approach to matchmaking has become so entrenched that we overlook how much more conducive it is to getting the best possible matchups.

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Sherdog Boxing Giveaway: Win a Golovkin-Lemieux Signed Glove!

Enter for a chance to win a glove signed by Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and David Lemieux. The pair will square off Saturday, Oct. 17 live on HBO pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Boxing: Nathan Cleverly: ‘I'm in this Fight Thing for Challenges’

Nathan Cleverly (right) doesn’t mind fighting in hostile territory. | Przemek Garczarczyk/Premier Boxing Champions There was a point in Nathan Cleverly’s career when he was a world champion. He captured the WBO light heavyweight title by clobbering Aleksy Kuziemski within four rounds in May 2011. It wasn’t until the Welshman defended it a few times before he was considered a legitimate, elite-level pugilist. That was until he ran into a Russian buzz saw named Sergey Kovalev two years later. Kovalev trounced Cleverly and took him out in the fourth after dropping him twice in the third. Just like that, in a matter of 20 or so minutes, the majority of the boxing world changed course and cast him off as just another U.K. fighter who couldn’t handle the upper echelon of his weight class. It didn’t help matters much when he dropped a 12-round split decision to Tony Bellew when he was trying to climb to the zenith of the cruiserweight division. In an odd twist of fate, Cleverly was given another crack at a world title, but as crazy as it sounds -- because every fighter wants to be crowned champion--– he declined the fight and opted to battle an arguably much tougher opponent in a foreign land with no title on the line.

UFC on FOX 17 lineup set with Jury-Oliveira prelim, Kowalkiewicz-Markos on main card

The lineup is set for December’s UFC on FOX 17 event, and with an abundance of notable names, all portions of the card are essentially must-watch TV.

Tyrone Spong meets Jake Heun in return at WSOF 26 in Las Vegas in December

WSOF 26 takes place Dec. 18 at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The main card will air on NBCSN following prelims on MMAjunkie. Tickets for WSOF 26 go on sale Friday through Ticketmaster and the venue box office. In the main event, featherweight champion Lance Palmer (10-1) is expected to defend his title against the winner of Saturday’s WSOF 24 fight between Alexandre Almeida (16-5) and Saul Almeida (18-5).

Nick Diaz petition reaches goal thanks to tons of celebrity support

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz will receive an official response from the White House after a petition reached 100,000 signatures this week after the embattled fighter was suspended for five years for allegedly testing positive for marijuana following his bout at UFC 183 in January.

Tyson BK's Own Melton Jacket

Brooklyn's Own Iron Mike Tyson quickly advanced through the boxing ranks to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion in 1986. A classic collegiate-style bomber jacket crafted in a smooth wool blended melton fabric with a photo printed interior lining. Featuring contrast chainstitching, embroidered appliques, specialty badges, and contrast striped ribbing at the cuffs and hem. The welt pockets frame the snap placket, lending to a classic finish.

This was GLORY 24: Denver

The middleweights and the heavyweights were on display Friday, October 9th at GLORY 24 Denver. Relive every punch, kick, and knee with our signature aftermovie, and check out all of the full fights UNLOCKED at

PBC on Spike Weigh-in Results: Cleverly, Fonfara on Weight

Premier Boxing Champions is set to host another night of boxing on Spike TV Friday night, with a promising light heavyweight main event between the red-hot Andrzej Fonfara and former world champion Nathan Cleverly. Spike will telecast the event, which will be held at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. That action goes live at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Chicago-based Pole Fonfara tipped the scale at 174.6 pounds. Not to be outdone, Welshman Cleverly came in officially at 174.4 pounds. The co-featured bout is a WBA junior bantamweight battle between champion Kohei Kono and Koki Kameda. The challenger was the first to the scale and Kameda nailed it, coming it at 115 pounds. The champ followed suit and clocked in at 114.8 pounds. PBC on Spike Weigh-in Results: Nathan Cleverly (174.4) vs. Andrzej Fonfara (174.6) Kohei Kono (114.8) vs. Koki Kameda (115)

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Albert Tumenov vs Matt Dwyer at Scotiabank Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 4, 2014 #DWCOTD

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Mick Conlan - Im the Conor McGregor of Irish boxing! …

Legacy FC 47 Weigh-in Results: Clay Harvison Misses Weight, Cleared to Scrap

Legacy Fighting Championship returns to AXS TV Friday night with another edition of MMA action with Legacy 47, to be held inside Center Stage Atlanta. Main event fighters Clay Harvison and Jordan Rinaldi are officially cleared to duel in a lightweight encounter, though Harvison was over the 155-pound limit by two pounds. Rinaldi was more on point, though; he came in at a trim 155.7 pounds. The telecast begins live on AXS TV at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. Legacy 47 Weigh-in Results: Clay Harvison (*157) vs. Jordan Rinaldi (155.7) Dave Vitkay (170.8) vs. Wesley Barnes (171) Brantley Furr (133.8) vs. CJ Hamilton (135.4) Nick Sprayberry (146) vs. Josh Blyden (145.8) Chazz Walton (155.4) vs. Josh Millwood (*156.4) Doug Usher (*187.4) vs. Jamie Pickett (184.4) Jared Gooden (180.4) vs. Brad Taylor (181.6) Devorius Tubbs (*187) vs. Pat Mandio (184.8) Eric Wade (138.6) vs. Brandon Webb (140) Austin Childers (136) vs. Zac Cooper (*136.4) Jay Gray (185) vs. Ose Abunaw (185.6) * Missed weight

Glory Champ Rico Verhoeven On His MMA Debut, Training With Mousasi, Upside Of Loss To Semmy Schilt

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant catches up via Skype with Glory Heavyweight Kickboxing Champ Rico Verhoeven and hears what he has to say about making his MMA debut at RXF 20 on October 19th in Sibiu, Romania.  Rico discusses the match-up with Viktor Bugotzki, why he’s decided to try MMA at this point in his career and the challenges of learning the ground game.  In addition, Rico talks about training with UFC Middleweight Gegard Mousasi, why he’s a fan of former UFC HW champ Cain Velasquez and why his loss to Semmy Schilt is remembered as his own personal favorite fight. Please help spread the word about our weekly podcast and remember you can find weekly pro-MMA techniques/instruction here: and all of our MMA coverage here: Nós falamos Português! * Join us on Facebook: * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: * Follow Karyn on Twitter:

Cody Garbrandt to T.J. Dillashaw: 'If you're not with us, you're against us'

"He wants to be in the media saying that he's the victim and he's not allowed at the gym to show his face, it's like Faber said you walked away from your family. If you're not with us, you're against us.  That's kind of how it has to be. I'm looking forward to a fight with him. Faber's looking forward to a possible matchup with him. That's just being real with the guy and the whole situation."

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Erin Andrews -- Demands $75 Million in Marriott Lawsuit Over Peeping Tom Case 

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Hi @Unclecreepymma would you mind sharing my fundraising seminar to help a kiddies hospice with Brad Pickett please?

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We REALLY look forward to Fridays too... Inside MMA is All New Tomorrow on @AXSTV ! @UrijahFaber @NotoriousNewell


Renzo Gracie IBJJF Ranked Rashguard, White, #4550

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Everything you need to know about Gennady Golovkin and why you need to watch him, right here. …

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53 $2 photo bought in Fresno turns out to be $5 million image of Billy the Kid
54 Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre starting to feel desire to return to cage
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57 Top Rank on TruTV Weigh-in Results: Monaghan, George On Point
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62 Anthony Johnson targets Ryan Bader: 'Don't run or hide'
63 Submission of the Week: Piotr Hallmann vs Yves Edwards
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69 Duane Ludwig: T.J. Dillashaw Would ‘100 Percent’ Be UFC Champion Without Me
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