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Hollywood Undead - Rain (Best Quality)

Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Rain Album : Notes From The Underground Label : Universal Music Group Copyright holder is UMG 'Copyright Disclaimer Under Se...

Rory Macdonald Vs Ken Tran.KOTC-Anarchy

early Rory Macdonald fight.

Pauline's Week

Counterpunch with Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold

As their much anticipated clash nears, Jon Anik hosts a heated exchange in studio between middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold.

The UFC's Brandon Thatch Checks In to the Stanley Hotel

You might know the hotel from "The Shining," UFC Welterweight Brandon Thatch goes inside the creepy hotel on a special Halloween episode of "Inside MMA." AXS...

Mike Tyson - A lesson in intimidation

ONE ON ONE WITH VITOR!!! Today: Today, I talk to the man the myth the Vitor! Not really LOL FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LIKE ME ON FA...

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FLEX Magazine & Fighter Diet

Few know that this feature was shot on “spec” (not an assignment). When shown to the bosses at Weider (FLEX magazine) they decided to feature muscular woman again!, after a 10 year lay off.

Roy Jones, Jr. Says UFC Won't Allow Anderson Silva to Fulfill His Boxing Dream |

And…why would anyone think that UFC would allow it? .-. “Yeah, just take one of the biggest draws ever and MMA’s real GOAT and do whatever you want with him, meanwhile making s**t load of money off of it”…like anyone would allow that… .-. That’s a news? For who? Cryborg’s fans? They are the only one “smart” enough to consider that a “news”


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

'No wonder the guy is so unpopular'

“Take a look at this: gas under $3 a gallon – under $3 a gallon. Unemployment under 6%, whoever thought? Stock market breaking records every day. No wonder the guy is so unpopular.”

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Cheap Seats (3 p.m. ET) (ONLINE)

REFRESH THIS PAGE AT 3 P.M. ET. EveryWhereChat Free Flash Chatrooms U.S. toll-free via the GoDaddy Hotline: 844-SHERDOG The Sherdog Radio Network is powered by Click Here to register a new domain or transfer a .com for just $1.49. Use the promo code: dog149 Click Here to save 30% on new product orders. Use the promo code: dog30 Digging the soundtrack to the Sherdog Radio Network? Check out Odin Smith on Twitter.

At First, I Thought This Was A Top Secret Facility. Then They Opened The Doors And… WHOA.

The zombie apocalypse may never happen, but hey, maybe it’s a good idea to own a house like this just in case. The fortress is virtually indestructible. Thieves, rioters and even an army couldn’t get in once you lock up.

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

9 Incredible, Motivational Fedor Emelianenko Video

Check out this incredibly motivational commercial of a young boy who looks up to one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, MMA legend, Fedor Emelianenko.

'I'm not a thug or a cage fighter'

"You'll never hear me call myself a cage fighter. I detest the term. I'm a mixed martial artist - I'm not a thug. This is a lifetime's work," Bisping, 35, tells BBC Sport.

11 NOTHING BUT PILLS! “Dolce had me use nothing but Diuretics to cut weight. I sweat-out zero water to make 145 pounds” – Exclusive

He didn’t have me sit in a jacuzzi to sweat, like you usually see him do. All he did was give me pills to suck all the weight out of me, but he didn’t have the knowledge, or the expertise to put the water back in, without an I.V.. (Previously a welterweight and lightweight, Penn walked into the cage at just 148lbs.)

Click here to support MMA Mayhem Campaign by Jason Mayhem Miller

If you don't have $400 to go get your dog from the County, sell your shut, downsize and go get your dog. Your fans have already paid for your lifestyle and have been the ones to have supported your lifestyle. When your lifestyle involves hardship, and you live in a mansion, you ought to handle your shit. And the first thing anybody with an ounce of sac would do is go get their damn dog. And the way you're mixing two causes, the poor-me-my-house-got-exploded cause along with the mma-is-underpaid cause, is weird and shady. Its not JUST about you getting your dog back and fixing your exploded house but also this generalized reinvestment in MMA? RIGHT. because it's actually about your exploded house. Because if you gave a rat's ass about the dog you would have already sold something and had $400 in hand to get that family member back. Quit asking the working poor to fund your shit. Handle your business, and then start a legit business for your MMA cause. Or whatever.

Flyweights Beware: Ian McCall Is Back in the Saddle | FIGHTLAND

Yet McCall also assured readers that he was back on track. Though considering his last two performances, most fans already knew it. Following his loss to Benavidez, he bounced back by trouncing Illiarde Santos, who at the time held a solid record of 27-6. From there, McCall put a period on a war of words by beating up Brad Pickett for three rounds in the UK. Yes, it appears that while his competitive fire diminished after his first fight with Johnson, it’s now back to burning bright. Even in light of the tragic passing of his long-time friend and training partner Shane Del Rosario, the resurgent McCall has fought on. The result?

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Morning Report: Chael Sonnen wants grappling match with Wanderlei Silva at Metamoris, not MMA fight in Brazil

No one really talks about anything other than the late stoppage in Weidman's bout with Mark Munoz . They never seem to bring up how dominant Chris was. This fight could be argued as the most dominant win in UFC history. Mark Munoz at the time was on a four fight win streak in the UFC and looked quite intimidating. He had not lost in two years. Chris was still green in MMA with only eight fights at the time. Undefeated, he was, but people thought this was going to be very competitive with a lean on the veteran Munoz. Munoz had only lost Matt Hamil at Light Heavyweight , and Yushin Okami via split decision. Munoz had not made it commonplace for him to lose or look out of a fight. Chris Weidman changed that with one of the most awe-inspiring performances in MMA history. The only offense offered by Munoz in this fight was a wild hook he threw while rising to his feet from being controlled on the ground followed by a blocked head kick in the 2nd round. The entire first round, he offered up zero attacks. Weidman manipulated him like a malleable ball, he moved, rotated and adjusted Munoz as he saw fit.

Charitybuzz | Train with UFC super star Roy “Big Country” Nelson followed by Lunch or Dinner in Las Vegas

Roy Nelson announced his presence in the IFL by winning the IFL Grand Prix Heavyweight Belt and then went on to win UFC's Tuf 10 Heavyweight Championship. Roy is known primarily as a submissions specialist and ground technician, and also has a growing reputation for his “ground and pound” and striking skills, knocking out both Bryan Vetell and Antoine Jaoude en route to becoming the IFL's first Heavyweight Champion. Roy

MetroPCS Move of the Week: Shogun Rua vs Mark Coleman

Shogun Rua finishes off a combination with an uppercut that rocks Mark Coleman in the move of the week.

Konstantin Erokhin Is The Best Heavyweight You've Never Heard Of

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19 Sherdog’s Top 10: Rising Stars - Number 7

7. Marlon Moraes (13-4-1) World Series of Fighting bantamweight champion Moraes is a fascinating example of the late bloomer in MMA. The former Brazilian muay Thai champion always had talent -- there was no question about that -- but the first five years of his professional career included nearly as many head-scratching losses as impressive showings. All of that changed with time and hard work under the capable direction of Ricardo Almeida and the New Jersey crew that revolves around onetime UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar . Moraes got his grappling and wrestling games together, which allowed him to flash his exceptional athleticism and venomous striking skills to their fullest extent. Miguel Torres , fresh off his release from the UFC, was the first victim of this resurgent Moraes, and he has alternated between dominant decisions and devastating finishes in his subsequent five bouts in the WSOF . Moraes has evolved into a crowd-pleasing hybrid of his lifelong friend, UFC lightweight Edson Barboza , and Edgar, showing off a mixture of devastating, high-output striking, quick single-legs and knee taps on the inside and opportunistic submissions.

Leon Edwards Hopes to Lead the Next U.K. Charge

Big moments are described as such for a reason, but the true magnitude of things has to be weighed by the individual themselves. It is an easy thing to paint a fighter’s UFC debut as the most pressure-filled thing they have experienced to date, but the reality of that comes from the athlete’s personal perspective. Leon Edwards isn’t dulling down his entry to the UFC by any imaginable means, but he’s also unwilling to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all. The West Midlands, England product has the utmost confidence in his skill set, as that talent is what made the six-fight winning streak that led to an invite from the biggest promotion in MMA possible - and for good reason. In his eight victories since entering the professional realm back in 2011, all but one of Edwards’ victories has come by way of finish. That type of output and being able to consistently dust his opposition began to garner the caliber of attention that leads to bigger things. Yet, while the call from the big show meant Edwards was about to step up into the big leagues, the UTC Birmingham representative hasn’t allowed it to shake his focus.

UFC Fight Night 56 pre-fight facts: ‘Shogun’ out to set 205-pound wins record

The UFC octagon sets up in Brazil for the third time in a 56-day stretch on Saturday as UFC Fight Night 56 emanates from Ginasio Municipal Tancredo Neves in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais.

Ian McCall: 'This job is killing us -- but I signed up for it'

"It could be worse. I could have an office job and want to kill myself. It could be a lot worse," McCall said. "This job is killing us. Realistically, this job is ruining the one vehicle we have -- our bodies and our brains. It's killing me. It's killing all of us, but I signed up for it. Just like all these football players. They want to make all these cheesy rules -- you can't hit guys, they can't hit each other as hard. You signed up for this.

AXS TV's 'Inside MMA' moves to new Friday-night time slot

“Inside MMA,” the long-running mixed martial arts newsmagazine show on AXS TV, is heading to a later time slot.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Rising Stars - Top 10

Conor McGregor is the real deal. | Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images The Ultimate Fighting Championship is at something of a crossroads. Pay-per-view buys are down across the board, its two most reliable draws -- Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre -- are either nearing or are already at the end of their careers and the combination of international expansion and the demands of the television deal with the Fox family of networks has put substantial pressure on the promotion’s ability to continuously put out a strong product. As goes the UFC, so goes MMA as a whole. Bellator MMA , meanwhile, is attempting to recycle names like Ortiz, Jackson and Bonnar to draw attention to its brand and product. It is far too easy to fall into doom and gloom when examining the big picture. The sport has never boasted a stronger crop of up-and-coming fighters, many of them already under contract to a major promotion, any one of whom could turn into the next big thing with the right promotional push and a little bit of luck along the way.

Injury free, Michael Chandler promises win in Bellator 131 rematch with Brooks

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler said an injury kept him from performing at his best against Will Brooks, but he said he’s been able to train properly for their rematch at Bellator 131.

Rankings Report: Week of 11/03/14

The Rankings Report is a new weekly series that gives you, the fans, a more in-depth look into the official UFC rankings. This week Matt Parrino and Frank Mir look ahead to Fight Night Sydney, Uberlandia, and talk Ronda Rousey-Cat Zingano.

Video: Tito Ortiz on 'joke' and 'embarrassment' of Bonnar fight at Bellator 131

“I take it very personally, and I can’t just let it slide by,” Ortiz told MMAjunkie. “This guy wants to come out of retirement and fight me? He got his wish. He’s a fake. He’s a phony. The guy’s a joke, and he’s an embarrassment to the sport.”

Bisping-Rockhold Feud Stems from Sparring Session, Coffee Shop Confrontation

Michael Bisping had some choice words for Luke Rockhold. | Photo: Dave Mandel/ Another opponent, another high-profile beef for Michael Bisping . The outspoken Brit has long been a target for fighters in the UFC’s middleweight division, thanks in large part to Bisping’s perceived heel persona. If “The Count” is fighting, it’s probably safe to assume people are going to tune in -- if only to root against him. Like many before him, Luke Rockhold enters his UFC Fight Night bout in Sydney with plenty of animosity for Bisping. Whether that stems from actual interaction or is mostly manufactured depends on whom you ask. “He just seems to not be a nice genuine guy to most people. I mean he only like carries himself to, you know, is nice to people... to further himself and people [that] are going to help him. I really heard a lot of things about him not being nice to the average Joe, really,” Rockhold said during a recent UFC conference call. “I mean, you’ve got to treat people the way you want to be treated, and it seems like he’s a prick everywhere in life, so I want to know what he’s not happy about,” Rockhold continued.

Georges St-Pierre has Returned to the Gym, but He's Heavier than Ever |

Back on the sauce possibly??? It seems like people who go out of their way to accuse everyone else of using steroids is probably guilty of using themselves at some point in their career. Back in GSP’s hay day anyone could beat those lousy LOW TECH PED tests. Don’t forget alot of GSP’s biggest fights were in Canada and until last few years there was NO testing in Canada. Also only testing that was being done in the UFC during 90% of GSP’s fights didn’t detect HGH, EPO’s, Victor Conte’s (CLEAR) which helped Barry Bonds hit 80 home runs in the late 90’s. Anyone with GSP’s resources would have had any easy time beating those weaker and weak PED tests. Keep in mind GSP had over 8 months to clean up for his very first “REAL” Olympic caliber steroid testing ie: Carbon isotope “BLOOD” testing so to say GSP has ever been randomly tested is incorrect. What basically made me suspicious of GSP’s previous PED usage is how much different physically eh looked at the Hendricks weigh ins. He had lost a ton of his muscle mass and was nowhere near as ripped as he had been before.

Jarred Mercado Looks to Continue Strong Year with RFA Championship |

Looking back on 2014 to this point, Mercado told, “I was able to move down to 135 pounds and I’ve gotten the results I’ve wanted in my fights, but definitely I feel I can improve upon my performances, but it’s been a good year for getting better.”

Invicta FC 9 Judo Chop: The Safety First Style of Mizuki Inoue

Blue chip prospect Mizuki Inoue dropped a split decision to Invicta newcomer Karolina Kowalkiewicz on last weekend's Invicta FC 9 event. BE's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch analyzes the safety-first mentality that sowed the seeds of Inoue's defeat.

Anderson Silva Sustains Back Injury; Fight with Diaz Still On

As featherweight champion Jose Aldo prepares for his title defense on home soil in Rio, he has harsh words for his opponent Chad Mendes and divisional up-and-comer Conor McGregor. Still stateside, Mendes trains alongside Nate Diaz.

Fans invited to Bellator 131 pre-fight activities next week in San Diego

Bellator 131 takes place Nov. 15 at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. The main card airs on Spike TV following prelims on In the main event, UFC Hall of Famers Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar meet in a heated grudge match, while interim champion Will Brooks and former champ Michael Chandler meet for the undisputed lightweight title in the co-feature.

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Go 4 It: MMA Barb Honchak vs Jay Kidwell - OurQuadCities

In this edition of Go 4 It Jay Kidwell finds out how tough MMA star Barb Honchak from Bettendorf is.

WSOF champ Jessica Aguilar: 'I want to keep dominating'

Aguilar’s next fight is a huge one, and she’s ecstatic to be getting her third one in for the year, after not being as active as she would have liked in the past. However, despite being the number one ranked female 115 pound MMA fighter in the world, all this is happening while a bunch of her peers are getting more attention by fighting in the UFC on a current season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) .

Leandro Ataides Determined to Extend Streak and Win ONE FC Belt |

ONE FC pushed the date back to early November because Ataides had to travel back to Brazil to see his sister, who is seriously ill, but he says he is determined to make up for lost time at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday night.


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UFC fight bookings roundup – 10/28 – 11/04

Since the UFC has decided to produce 50+ events in 2014, there is a remarkable amount of fighter signings and new match-ups being set up throughout any given week. Many of these new signings are for match-ups that take place on the undercard, or on the Fight Pass portion of a PPV, so we are going to continue with a new weekly (or bi-weekly if needed) series of articles where we take a brief look at each and every bout booked by the promotion in one place.

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The Hulk Returns

Soa “The Hulk” Palelei has his homecoming fight in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, November 7 (Nov. 8 in Sydney) as he faces fellow heavyweight Walt “The Big Ticket” Harris at UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Bisping in Allphones Arena. Harris, making his return to the UFC after being cut following two consecutive losses, is a late replacement opponent for Palelei after original opponent Daniel Omielanczuk was forced to pull out after breaking a thumb in training. And while Harris will be feeling the pressure to prove to the UFC that he belongs, Palelei isn’t counting on Octagon jitters to be a factor for his opponent. “The thing is you can’t think that and rely on it,” Palelei says. “Things can always go a different way. I’m sure he will be hungry to be coming back after getting a second chance.  I know what that's like and when I got back in the UFC I was hungry. I wanted to prove I was meant to be in the UFC so I wasn’t going to lose, but then it can also be a lot of pressure to know this is your second chance and sometimes pressure can work against you.

Brower and Saccomanno rematch at PFC Rock “N” Rumble

It will have been nearly four years to the day since Xavier Saccomanno manhandled Tim Brower the first time they faced off in an MMA cage. On November 21, on the stage that Brower helped found, the two will return to face each other at PFC’s Rock “N” Rumble event.

Paulo Filho set for second leg surgery following shooting

The former WEC champ and Pride FC star is facing a second leg surgery after being shot at a Rio de Janeiro party.

UFC announces sponsorship of 2015 British Open Judo Championships

While former Olympic bronze medalist  Ronda Rousey continues her ascent up the combat sports world, the UFC announced this week its intentions to further broaden its relationship with Rousey's home sport of judo, inking a partnership with the British Judo Association to sponsor the 2015 British Open Judo Championships on July 12th in London's Wembley Arena.

CSAC Issues Fines, Suspensions to 4 Fighters Who Failed Bellator 127 Drug Tests

Robert Emerson tested positive for the prescription drug Modafinil. | Photo: Dave Mandel/ The California State Athletic Commission has issued fines and suspensions to the four Bellator MMA fighters who failed drug tests following Bellator 127 on Oct. 3. CSAC Executive Officer Andy Foster revealed the punishments to on Tuesday. Of the 22 fighters tested at the event, Keith Berry , Nick Moghaddam , Robert Emerson , and Fernando Gonzalez were the fighters whose test results came back positive . As a result, Berry’s fight with Joe Pacheco has been changed to a no contest. In addition, Berry has been suspended 300 days for having elevated levels of testosterone and THC in his system. He has also been fined $2,500. Moghaddam was also suspended 300 days for having elevated testosterone/epitestosterone ratios and THC in his system. He was handed a fine of $1,000. Emerson was suspended 270 days due to testing positive for the prescription drug Modafinil and has been fined $2,500. Lastly, Gonzalez was suspended for 30 days in the state of California for failing his test because of THC and was fined $315.

Inge & Fighter Diet

I am following you on Facebook and bought many of your workout and Fighter diet EBooks which is the best thing I have ever done.

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54 GSP offers financial advice to current UFC champs
55 Lunch time! What are you guys eating for lunch to get you through the day? |
56 Geane Herrera talks beef with WSOF one-legged fighter Matt Betzold
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58 Watch trailer for 'The New Masters,' a documentary exploring link between modern MMA and traditional kung fu in China
59 Get Your Daily Dose Of Jitz With This ADCC Euro Trials Highlight
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61 Fight Night Sydney: Luke Rockhold on Training for Bisping
62 Bellator 131's 'King Mo' Lawal on his rival: Isn't 'Rampage' retired?
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64 Ronda Rousey: Fighting at Staples Center 'a dream;' has no problem being co-headliner
65 Cage fighter says Tourette's is no disadvantage