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Brendan and Bryan's wild day at Black House

Bryan Callen accompanies Brendan Schaub to a sparring session at legendary MMA facility, Black House, and gets more than he bargained for.

GLORY 18 - Weigh Ins

Watch GLORY 18 live on Spike TV TONIGHT at 9/8c: All fighters showed up and made weight for GLORY ...

Rapper Big Paybacc Dead -- Shot and Killed Inside a McDonald's

Wanderlei Silva - Round 2 - For the Warriors. Pelos Guerreiros.

Wanderlei Silva brings up the truth and stands up for fighters. Wanderlei Silva abre o jogo em defesa dos lutadores.

In the Kitchen with The Dolce Diet: The Purple People Cleaner

Mike Dolce Makes The Purple People Cleaner, a sweet, tasty and clean juice blended with tons of energy packed nutrients! Try it out and let us know what you ...

Peleadores: Irene Aldana y Alexa Grasso

Dentro del movimiento mundial de artes marciales mixtas, las mujeres van marcando su paso, y México no ha quedado atrás. En este cuarto y último episodio de ...

Wanderlei Silva - Round 2 - For the Warriors. Pelos Guerreiros.

Wanderlei Silva brings up the truth and stands up for fighters. Wanderlei Silva abre o jogo em defesa dos lutadores.

MY UFC FIGHT NIGHT COMBO PICKS!!! Use the promo code "DIRTY30" when making a deposit from now till my combo game and get a 30% bonus on your deposit!!! Today: UFC Fight...

UFC Fight Night 56 Q&A with Glover Teixeira

Watch at noon ET as UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira talks to fans before the weigh-ins for UFC Fight Night 56.

Bellator MMA: 5 Rounds with Stephan Bonnar - Bellator 131 November 15th on Spike TV

Go 5 Rounds with "The American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar as he prepares to face Tito Ortiz at Bellator 131 on Saturday, November 15th live on Spike TV!

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UFC Fight Night Results: ‘Rockhold vs. Bisping’ Play-by-Play & Updates

Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping Round 1 Referee Herb Dean will be the third man in the cage for tonight’s main event, with judges Sal D’amato, Anthony Dimitriou, and Chris Lee scoring cageside. Rockhold takes the center of the cage as Bisping throws out a few quick jabs. Bisping staying light on his feet as he circles the cage. Rockhold lands a solid right upstairs and “The Count” answers with a high kick. Rockhold ties Bisping up against the cage and Herb Dean calls a break due to an accidental headbutt. After a short break in the action, the fight is reset against the fence. The middleweights struggle for position against the fence but eventually circle out. Rockhold lands a clean left body kick and Bisping continues to circle. Bisping is doing a good job staying out of the pocket but Rockhold continues to stalk. Rockhold lands a clean left hand over the top and Bisping returns fire with a right of his own. Bisping lands a clean outside low kick and follows with a 1-2 combination. Rockhold slams a body kick into the midsection and has Bisping circling the fence. Bisping moves forward witha combination of his own and Rockhold lands a high kick.

UFC Fight Night 55 Results: Rockhold vs. Bisping

MMA Fighting has the UFC Fight Night 55 results for the Rockhold vs. Bisping event at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia on Friday night In the main event, Luke Rockhold squares off against Michael Bisping in a middleweight contest. Ross Pearson meets Al Iaquinta in the co-main event. Check out the UFC Fight Night 55 results below. Main card (UFC Fight Pass at 10 p.m. ET) Luke Rockhold def. Michael Bisping via submission (guillotine choke) at :57 of R2 Al Iaquinta def. Ross Pearson via TKO (punches) at 1:39 of R2 Robert Whittaker def. Clint Hester via TKO (knee and punches) at 2:43 of R2 Soa Palelei def. Walt Harris via TKO (punches) at 4:49 of R2 Undercard (UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m. ET) Jake Matthews def. Vagner Rocha via technical submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:52 of R2 Anthony Perosh def. Guto Inocente via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:46 of R1 Sam Alvey def.  Dylan Andrews via KO (punches) at 2:16 of R1 Chris Clements def.  Vik Grujic via TKO (strikes) at 3:06 of R1 Louis Smolka def. Richie Vaculik via TKO (sidekick and punches) at :18 of R3 Daniel Kelly def.

How to Watch UFC Fight Night Sydney and UFC Fight Night Uberlandia

UFC Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog series focusing on the days leading up to the epic UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2 fight card, taking place Saturday, October 25, on Pay-Per-View.

Another photo for #flashbackfriday #showtime #Vegas |

Let me preface this blog, and every blog that follows, by saying that there is no “one right answer” when it comes to nutrition and fitness.    There are multiple ways to achieve your ideal body.   The advice from one nutrition and fitness expert can work very well for you.   Does that mean the advice from  every  other nutrition and fitness expert is wrong?  The answer is, of course it doesn’t.   The truth is there are multiple “correct” ways to reach your ideal body and maintain it.  This blog, and the suggestions that are made within it, in no way disqualify other advice as “wrong” or “bad”.   Just as there are “many ways to skin a cat” –there are also many ways to reach your ideal body.   Finding what works for you that you can also HAPPILY MAINTAIN long term – a lifestyle change where you can enjoy your food and workout a reasonable amount – is the key.

Video: Meet Luciana Andrade, the UFC's newest octagon girl

UBERLANDIA, Brazil – The UFC has added a third Brazilian octagon girl to its ranks ahead of Saturday’s “UFC Fight Night 56: Shogun vs. Saint Preux” event.

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Deployed soldier watches daughter's birth on iPad, then gets surprise from his commander

AMES, Iowa – A National Guard Sergeant recently shared a precious moment with his family through the gift of modern technology. Then, he got a chance to surprise them in person.

Make Election Day a National Holiday

In America, we should be celebrating our democracy and doing everything possible to make it easier for people to participate in the political process. Election Day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the time and opportunity to vote. While this would not be a cure-all, it would indicate a national commitment to create a more vibrant democracy.

The Crooklyn Daily

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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Let's do this shit! UFCFN55&56 $5,000 Tourney

Maine Changes Rule for Food Stamps that Every State Should Follow

Another state is making people work for food stamps, and it has some people up in arms without knowing all the details. Typical liberals, who are filled with lots of emotion but low on the facts, are worried that children and disabled people will now go without. If they did a little research, they would know this expired waiver will only affect able-bodied people with no children.

Health Rocks

We expect to collect a minimum of $20,000 which should go 100% to fund two “Health Rocks days” for entertainers.



Four reasons why open carry is not the best idea

I take serious issue with point #1. There is virtually no history or proof that “you will become the first target” if someone planning a robbery sees your firearm. I can prove my opinion with a couple of potential scenarios. #1:) Two guys pull up outside of a convenience store planning to rob it. They see a lone cop standing at the counter. Do they go in and “Target” him first? NO, They wait or move on to another target. The risk isn’t that he will be able to call for backup quickly, the risk is that he might be able to hinder the robbery because he has a gun. He is only ONE guy with a gun. If they want to “target” someone, why not him?. #2) Same two guys pull up and see a guy open carrying. Do they rush in? NO, same scenario as before. They would rather hit an empty store with no one that could hamper their efforts. The best way to win a gunfight is to never get into one. I don’t always open carry but when I do I feel that the chances of me having to use my firearm in an attempted robbery or assault decreases dramatically.

Can Ocean Farming Feed the World?

Ocean farming has the potential to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and create jobs, all while providing food security worldwide. In Long Island Sound, a network of cooperatives called GreenWave has been growing shellfish and seaweed for food, biofuel and fertilizer without use of freshwater or other inputs — making it one of the most sustainable forms of food production on the planet.

Man chooses to be eaten alive by anaconda

Naturalist Paul Rosolie believes "you have to go head first." What he's referring to is shoving his head into the mouth of an anaconda, letting it swallow him, and filming the experience for a Discovery Channel special called Eaten Alive , reports.

VIDEO: Round Two, Wanderlei Silva Blasts UFC Over Pay and Treatment |

One thing he had right though (Incredible, he actually was right about something) is that fighters have to stand up for themselves. Because of lack of voice during negotiations, UFC can dictate the contracts and say “take this or leave”, so fighters can either give up on their dreams or take smaller contracts. WORST – ABSOLUTELY WORST THING – that you can do to UFC or any other fight promotion – is fighter’s union. GSP was talking about it some time ago and he would make pretty good first leader for that. People love him and fans would get behind him, to support it. Then UFC would HAVE to react to it and fighters would get better negotiation position. But as long as fighters themselves won’t do something to have an impact on the negotiations (besides UFC champions and guys like McGregor, that UFC needs), nothing will change. As I said – UFC is business. It has to be profitable, don’t expect UFC to throw away money if they don’t have to. Its same thing as ANYONE running ANY business, no matter if its gym, shop, bank, private school – whatever.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean


Convinced that romance is dead after getting his heart broken, Spencer turns to his best friend who's planned an unorthodox "mantervention" filled with debauchery to convert him from hopeless romantic to forever player, and in the process they discover that being in love is not so bad after all.

Texts from last TUF: Episode 7 Edition

With the assistance of comedian Adam Hunter of MMA Roasted , FOX Sports has obtained the transcript of a private group text message that transpired Wednesday night during The Ultimate Fighter.

Glory 18: Zack Mwekassa is the most interesting man in combat sports

Dos Equis Beer has a very popular ad campaign featuring "The Most Interesting Man In The World." I'm fairly certain they've got the wrong man doing those commercials, because Zack Mwekassa is definitely a shoe-in for that title. From dragging family members away from a volcanic eruption to escaping the Congo after attempts to recruit him into rebel militia made it impossible for him to safely stay in his home land, he has packed more life experience into 30 years than most human beings will ever see in 10 lifetimes. In fact, it would take an entire series of interviews to cover everything he has been through and experienced, but for now, I have an hour of content that he very graciously gave me after we initially agreed on 15 minutes.

Pandora Internet Radio - Listen to Free Music You'll Love

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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Youth Need Your Help

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Wanderlei Silva anunciou aposentadoria em setembro por meio de um vídeo, onde inicou sua briga contra o UFC. Depois, foi banido do esporte no estado de Nevada por ter se recusado a fazer exame de próstata surpresa.

Glory 18: Return to Glory staff picks and predictions

Michael Stets ( MMA Mania ): I expect this fight to be action packed. Both fighters have power and both are technical. Kiria can get a little crazy at times with his Ashihara background and start throwing rolling thunder kicks and spinning back kicks to try and catch his opponent by surprise. van Roosmalen looked excellent in his victory over Marat Grigorian at GLORY 15 and has now won eight fights in GLORY. This fight is unique in that van Roosmalen has two career wins over Kiria, yet Kiria is the lightweight champion. Both fighters are pretty evenly matched, but unlike the previous two fights, this one will be five rounds. We saw Kiria clearly losing to Andy Ristie before turning it on in the final two rounds to win the title at GLORY 14. I think the same thing happens here minus the knockout. van Roosmalen's aggression will start to wane as the fight progresses and Kiria will take advantage and earn the decision victory. Davit Kiria, unanimous decision

UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Saint Preux weigh-in results and live video stream

Bloody Elbow is the place to be on Friday, November 7th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT for coverage of the UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. St. Preux weigh-ins in Uberlandia, Brazil.

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Benjamin Smith Looking to Make His Mark in RFA Showdown with Josh Cavan |

“The last loss I had was in the RFA to Mike Rhodes, and I tried to work my stand-up a little with him, and he’s a great striker – I found that out the hard way,” said Smith. “I’m still trying to develop myself on the feet and am trying to push the pace there, but if I need to push for the win, I can revert back to my takedowns and natural style as a ground-n-pounder.

Michael Bisping Breaks Down UFC Sydney Co-Main Event: Al Iaquinta vs. Ross Pearson |

“That’s a fantastic match-up. I like Iaquinta. He’s the perfect match-up for Ross Pearson to bring out the best in both fighters,” said Bisping. “You’re going to see a lot of boxing, a lot of body shots from both of those guys, and he’s a great fighter from top to bottom as well.”

John Lineker Makes Weight on Final Attempt, but Should UFC Risk Him in a Title Shot? |

Three of his seven fights thus far under the UFC banner have been outside the flyweight division. Saturday’s bout with McCall is supposed to be a pivotal bout in terms of a flyweight title shot, but with Lineker consistently struggling to hit the mark, UFC officials have to question whether or not they want to risk a future title fight on Lineker’s abilities to make weight.

Kenny Garner Replaces Satoshi Ishii, Faces Sergei Kharitonov at M-1 Challenge 53

Kenny Garner will face Sergei Kharitonov on Nov. 25. | John Weible / Kenny Garner has stepped in for the injured Satoshi Ishii and will face Sergei Kharitnov at M-1 Challenge 53 "Battle in the Celestial Empire" on Nov. 25. The card, which was initially scheduled for Nov. 11, takes place at the Mastercard Center in Beijing and also includes a heavyweight title tilt pitting reigning champ Marcin Tybura against Denis Smoldarev . M-1 Global recently inked a 10-year agreement to promote events in China on an annual basis. The card will stream live on www.M1Global.TV . Anchored at American Top Team, the 39-year-old Garner owns a professional mark of 14-7, with eight of those triumphs coming by way of knockout or technical knockout. The former M-1 Global interim heavyweight champion enters the bout on a two-fight winning streak, including a split verdict over Scot Barrett at Titan FC 31 on Oct. 31. The 33-year-old Kharitonov last competed in the MMA realm in March, when he scored a second-round TKO against Tyler East at a Tech-Krep Fighting Championship event in Russia.

Luke Sanders Believes RFA Title Win Would Take Him to the Next Level |

Unfortunately for Mercado, he cannot win the belt. He came in nearly five pounds overweight on Thursday, while Sanders was spot-on. The bout is still five rounds, and Sanders gets the belt if he wins, but it is a non-title effort for Mercado. The best he can do is play spoiler.

HBO Boxing ‘Hopkins vs. Kovalev’ Free Live Stream Schedule

Below is the live stream player for both Thursday’s HBO Boxing "Hopkins vs. Kovalev" final press conference (1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT) and Friday’s (3:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. PT) official weigh-in. Live streaming video by Ustream Reader comments are active below.

Instagram Image |

Let me preface this blog, and every blog that follows, by saying that there is no “one right answer” when it comes to nutrition and fitness.    There are multiple ways to achieve your ideal body.   The advice from one nutrition and fitness expert can work very well for you.   Does that mean the advice from  every  other nutrition and fitness expert is wrong?  The answer is, of course it doesn’t.   The truth is there are multiple “correct” ways to reach your ideal body and maintain it.  This blog, and the suggestions that are made within it, in no way disqualify other advice as “wrong” or “bad”.   Just as there are “many ways to skin a cat” –there are also many ways to reach your ideal body.   Finding what works for you that you can also HAPPILY MAINTAIN long term – a lifestyle change where you can enjoy your food and workout a reasonable amount – is the key.

Gray Manard Seminar

Learn MMA techniques from this UFC Superstar and Championship Fighter at Team Williams/Zenith Academy on Friday, November 14th at 6pm. Please print and bring this receipt because it will be needed for entry. Team Williams/Zenith Academy 2172 N Salem Street - Suite 1 Apex, NC 27523 919-446-1804

Fight Night Sydney: One Round with Michael Bisping

UFC correspondent Caroline Pearce goes five minutes with Fight Night Sydney headliner Michael Bisping. The middleweight contender talks about his excitement fighting in Australia, fighting on the same card as fellow Brit Ross Pearson, and Luke Rockhold.

UFC Fight Night Weigh-in Results: ‘Shogun’ Rua, Ovince St. Preux Official in Brazil

UFC Fight Night Weigh-in Results: ‘Shogun’ Rua, Ovince St. Preux Official in Brazil

Glory 18 Weigh-in Pictures - Staredowns

UFC Fight Night ‘Shogun vs. St. Preux’ Weigh-in Pictures

Zack Mwekassa on giving his Glory 16 money to orphans and his hero's return to Congo

Glory 18 fighter Zack Mwekassa has a fascinating life story. Here it gets even more interesting as he describes the charity work he did after Glory 16 and his hero's welcome back home in Congo.

Warlley Alves learned ‘new tricks’ with Anderson Silva for UFC Fight Night 56

"I don’t see myself as a prospect. Many fighters started as prospects and never become anything, so I work to become a reality," Alves told the media in Brazil. "I’m focused on fighting and doing what I believe, one step at a time. Everything that happened (at TUF Brazil) was great, but it’s in the past. It’s a new challenge in my career now. I’m 23 years old, I’m still young."

#flashbackfriday my good ole showgirl days, Craziness. I was only 20 yrs old in this pic! #showtime #Notastripper #Vegas |

#flashbackfriday my good ole showgirl days, Craziness. I was only 20 yrs old in this pic! #showtime #Notastripper #Vegas

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Manager: John Lineker does not have a weight problem

UBERLANDIA, Brazil – After missing weight three times in his seven UFC fights to date, every time John Lineker  steps on the scale he faces intense scrutiny. And while it took “Hands of Stone” two trips to the scale at today’s UFC Fight Night 56 weigh-ins, his manager insists there is absolutely no reason to be concerned.

44 Bellator MMA on Twitter: "Need your Friday night fight fix? @GLORY_WS is back tonight at 9/8c on @SpikeTV! #GLORY18"

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

UFC Fight Night Sydney: Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold Preview

Luke Rockhold was a young, up-and-coming fighter in Strikeforce Challengers (the "developmental" branch of the Strikeforce promotion) whose talent was immediately obvious to anyone who watched him. However, Strikeforce had something of a dearth of decent middleweights, so he was thrown to the wolves early on, and put in to fight "Jacare" Souza for the belt without ever fighting in Strikeforce proper. That he actually won after such a gargantuan leap in competition was extraordinarily impressive.

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Ross Pearson Accidentally Knocks Out His Sparring Partner

This is what happens when you've got too much dynamite in yer striking - it explodes when you're not careful! Watch Ross Pearson take on Al Iaquinta tonight at UFC Fight Night Sydney!

UFC Fight Night 55: Rockhold vs. Bisping live results, play by play and discussion

Outside low kick for Rockhold. Bisping tries to catch Rockhold's left body kick but can't. Rockhold lands a left cross and drags his head off-center to avoid Bisping's counter. Bisping throwing high and low roundhouse kicks from outside. Bisping again can't catch Rockhold's kick but fires an inside low kick. Bisping pressures Rockhold with punches and Rockhold responds with another left body kick. Left cross for Rockhold and a left high kick that's blocked. Inside low kick for Rockhold. Right cross and outside low kick are there for Bisping, as well as a leaping outside low kick before the horn sounds. 10-10 for no discernible advantage.

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Fight Night Sydney: Rapid Fire with Ross Pearson

UFC correspondent Caroline Pearce sits with Brit Ross Pearson for a round of Rapid Fire. Catch Pearson in the Octagon against Al Iaquinta on Friday at Fight Night Sydney!

51 Hopkins vs Kovalev fight preview: Why Sergey Kovalev needs to win
52 UFC Uberlandia Fighter Thomas Almeida Can Throw One Hell Of An Elbow
53 Francimar Barroso makes weight, ready to replace ‘Shogun’ Rua or Ovince St. Preux at UFC Fight Night 56
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56 Kickboxing: Final comments from the GLORY 18 main card players
57 Female MMA Fighter Betina Baino Arrested Twice for Walking Around Naked in Brazil
58 Dana White says fighters with history of domestic violence aren't eligible for The Ultimate Fighter
59 John Lineker says making weight is tougher than fighting Ian McCall
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62 Hopkins-Kovalev Weigh-In Results: Light Heavyweight Title Unification Bout Official for HBO Boxing
63 'English killer' Claudio Silva ready to 'smash' opponent, enjoy hometown party
64 Igor Svirid Crowned First One Fighting Championship Middleweight King in Stunning Upset
65 These boots are made for walkin... 🏀🏀 #sema2014 #overhaulin @louboutinworld #selfie - Official Website of Arianny Celeste
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67 Watch Three First Round Finishes From Luke Rockhold's Strikeforce Days
68 Last day of #sema2014 ! We are ready to give back a beautiful cat to one very lucky person! #overhaulin 😀😀😀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste
69 Let DJ Michael Bisping Take You On A Musical Journey
70 Chris Weidman: "No one is beating me at 185"