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Rousey issues proclamation: 'If 2014 was my bitch, then 2015 is gonna look like my bitch's bitch'

Ronda Rousey was not pleased with a reporter's line of questioning on how a women's main event and co-main event might sell as a PPV card, and she had pointed words in return.

What inspired the UFC's new drug testing policy? Was it us?

Kid Nate & Eugene S. Robinson look ahead to Sunday night's UFC Fight Night from Brazil in the infamous and patented Care/Don't Care Preview. Plus! A bonus discussion of the UFC's newly announced drug testing policies.

Phil Davis no longer under contract with UFC ... for now

Longtime light heavyweight contender Phil Davis is no longer under contract with UFC, but "Mr. Wonderful" is currently negotiating with the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion within their exclusive period.

UFC 184 Media Conference Call Audio: Ronda Rousey Rips Reporter |

UFC 184 media call where Ronda Rousey, Cat Zingano, Holly Holm, and Raquel Pennington fielded questions, and Rousey ripped a reporter.

WTF Clip of the Day: UFC star Gunnar Nelson recreates Sia's hit music video 'Chandelier'

Watch Gunnar Nelson and his teammates dance as they recreate the music video to Sia's hit single 'Chandelier'.

This Day in Boxing February 19, 1991 Morrison stops Thomas

Tommy Morrison 224½ lbs beat Pinklon Thomas 226½ lbs. The match was televised live on the USA Tuesday Night Fights. This was Morrison's first scheduled ten-rounder.

Frank Mir, Bigfoot Hunter: 'I Am Very Capable of Beating Anyone in the World' (UFC Video) |

Former UFC champ Frank Mir believes he can beat anyone on any given day, but can he defeat Bigfoot Silva on his home turf?

Ronda Rousey Media Day Scrum: Cat Zingano, Anderson Silva, PEDs, and More |

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey hit on a number of topics -- including Anderson Silva on steroids -- during her UFC 184 scrum.

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UFC 187 gets title fights between Anthony Johnson vs. Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort vs. Chris Weidman

Johnson emerged as the No. 1 contender by upsetting Alexander Gustafsson on Jan. 24 in Stockholm. The 30-year old fighter has been one of the great turnaround stories in MMA, having undergone a beleaguered stint as a welterweight his first time through the UFC. After missing weight on numerous occasions, Johnson restarted his career at 205 pounds in other promotions, most notably the World Series of Fighting. Since losing to Belfort at UFC 142 in 2012, "Rumble" has gone 9-0, including 3-0 in the UFC.

Robbie Lawler on Rory MacDonald rematch: "I want a finish"

Because the two companies still operate as separate entities, Lawler's deal will fall under the standard UFC uniform policy, which means on fight night he will have to sport Reebok like every other fighter on the roster.  It's another reason why the new UFC champion was so excited to work with Adidas because their commitment stretches further than just having a label shown on TV during fight night.

Watch The MMA Beat live today

On this week's episode of The MMA Beat, the panel will discuss the UFC's new drug-testing procedures, the slew of big fights announced this week, Benson Henderson's inspiring win, and much more.

UFC 187: Cerrone vs Khabib, Arlovski vs Browne, others added to card with 2 title bouts

2 title fights, plus several other intriguing match ups have been added to the stacked UFC 187 line up.

6 JacksonWink MMA

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7 BKB - Big Knockout Boxing

BKB—Big Knockout Boxing—is a new, intense, and hard-hitting combat sport that revives the knockout in boxing. Fights take place in the Pit—a small, circular altar of action that encourages big hits and knockouts galore. With no ropes or corners, the Pit forces offense and offers no relief from a fighter's brutal onslaught. Plus, with short rounds there's no time for hugging or dancing. This unique format was designed by a team of industry veterans to deliver maximum action, total aggressions and, of course, big knockouts.

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Welcome 'The Axe Murderer' Wanderlei Silva | MMA Fighter

Among The Living-Anthrax

KICK IT STINKY! presents: Anthrax - Among the Living (Full Album/1987)

Use Social Media To Fight Injustices Worldwide | Erica Greve | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Erica Greve is the founder and CEO of the anti-human trafficking organization Unlikely Heroes. In this passionate talk she describes how Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria kidnapped 270 schoolgirls on April 14, 2014. The social media campaign #bringbackourgirls helped fight the injustice, until people stopped raising their voices. Erica Greve, MSW is the Founder and CEO of the anti-human trafficking organization, Unlikely Heroes. Erica has dedicated her life to see vulnerable children labeled ‘high-risk’ to sex-trafficking, receive protection and restoration across the world. Erica and her team have begun to raise the standards of restorative care in the Philippines, Thailand and around the world. With a master’s degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, Erica has developed effective prevention, rescue, and aftercare programs for the rehabilitation of sexually exploited children. Erica has provided years of crisis counseling therapy to victims of sexual and physical abuse through emergency units, children’s hospitals and managed care programs. Her background in social services includes clinical, practical and psychological training, successfully restoring the lives of victims of sex slavery, reducing the percentage of girls returning back to the industry.

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"I'm going to train so hard that perfect for her still isn't good enough" @RondaRousey #UFC184

UFC headliner Frank Mir accidentally arrived in Brazil with bullets in his suitcase

“The first guy, he kind of panicked a little bit (and said), ‘I’ve got to call the police,'” Mir said. “He walked off. It kind of sucked because the manager of the area, she came over and we were explaining the whole situation, and she basically said, ‘Let’s forget this. It’s an understandable mistake.’ But then the other guy ran off with my passport. Firearms are illegal here in Brazil, so he stressed out a little bit.”

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Report: Carlos Condit vs. Thiago Alves possible for late May, early June UFC showdown

"I spoke to Thiago Alves, who's coming off a very big win over Jordan Mein at UFC 183. I asked him who he wants to fight next, and he says Carlos Condit, around late May, early June. That's a fight a lot of people have been asking for, for a long time. I'm told Carlos Condit is interested in that fight as well, and I'm also told the UFC is interested in that fight. I think that would be a very important fight in the 170-pound division."


Tickets on sale February 1st to GLORY 20 Dubai The vacant Featherweight World Title is on the line at GLORY 20 Dubai, with standout Gabriel Varga taking on Mosab Amrani for the belt. In the evening's Co-headline event, Pat "HD" Barry returns to the GLORY ring to face Mourad "The Silent Power" Bouzidi. Plus, the Middleweight Contender Tournament semifinals pit Wayne Barrett versus Simon Marcus, and Alex Pereira versus Jason Wilnis. Plus, in a special SuperFight event, local boxing hero "The Arabian Warrior" Eisa Al Dah steps into the ring as the 1st professional boxer from the Gulf! Show less

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

InvictaFights on Twitter

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GLORY Presents: Top 20 Knockouts, Part 1 of 4

Get warmed up for GLORY 18 on November 7th with Part 1 of the GLORY Top 20 Knockouts of all time

Jiu-Jitsu Over 40 (5 Rules to Roll Till 95)

This is the most important instructional video ever released by Ryron and Rener Gracie. Regardless of your age, if you adopt the 5 rules outlined in this video, you will have what it takes to roll till the end like Grandmaster Helio...if not, you have no chance. Rule #1: Know Your Boyd Belts Rule #2: Pass the Guard Rule #3: Acknowledge the Ego Rule #4: Respect the Rollercoaster Rule #5: Follow the Leader If you have any friends who've quit jiu-jitsu due to them not following the rules, please pass this video along with hopes of pull them back to the mat. If you know any instructors who are causing students to quit do to their misunderstanding of the rules, please share it with them as well. If you benefited from this video or you have any questions, contact Ryron or Rener on Twitter. - Find a Certified Training Center near you, or learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from anywhere in the world! Registration is free and the first three lessons are unlocked for your instant viewing! http://www.

Rory MacDonald Is Finally Getting a Title Shot! | FIGHTLAND

After expressing that the UFC is indeed a responsible organization, being the only promoter in history to provide comprehensive insurance to everyone on its roster. He also touched upon a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic in an effort to advance brain injury research. Lorenzo Fertitta addressed the issue and said that the UFC understands that it can do a much better job when testing their athletes, and that they understand that the UFC is no more immune to these issues than any other sport. As such, Fertitta pledges that the promotion seeks to be a leader not just in the world of mixed martial arts, but in the world of professional sports as a whole, aiming to lead commissions worldwide in taking out performance-enhancing drugs from the sport, in turn continuing toward integrity and safety. Between 2013-2014, the UFC spent half of a million dollars in drug testing. The UFC will commit a few more million, considering that they will increase testing tenfold. 

A Very Young Robert Downey Jr. with Mike Tyson 1986

The spring of 1986 was a sensational time for me. I was coming off the victories over Reggie Gross and Mitch green at Madison Square Garden.

The Absence - World Divides

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Lyrics: There is an aftertaste to celebrate In the swings of my suicide, or the lines I will draw by myself Within the grasp, fictitious pasts, and all my doubts How can you see through the shadows With the blinding light (Burning in your eyes) So where will all of you be When the killing fields are cleared and the world divides? How can you see through the shadows With the blinding light (Burning in your eyes) So where will you be When the killing fields are cleared and this world divides? The loss of heart becomes unbearable And a vanishing point becomes intact So when a six foot drop is my best I will expect nothing less than a soldier's death How can you see through the shadows With

Muay Thai Street Fight Analysis - Coach Firas Zahabi

In street altercation be sure to always try and avoid the situation all together. Street fights are unpredictable and can escalate fast, not to mention unforeseen 3rd party involvement. Even the most highly trained martial artist must always try to avoid any and all street altercations. If you cannot avoid the situation and must choose to defend yourself be sure to get in a sideways position and keep at a safe distance by using the frame. If you don't know how to frame please find the link to the frame tutorial below. When in frame position move back so as to give your attacker the chance to change his mind and walk away. Staying in a sideways position will not only make you harder to hit it will also allow you to be ready to fire far more quickly. Lastly it is always smart to use your words and try and defuse the situation. Unfortunately this is not always possible. How to Frame

WSOF 19: Gaethje vs Palomino Main Card Complete!

The live, NBCSN-broadcast main card for the star-studded WSOF 19: Gaethje vs. Palomino Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event that takes place at Phoenix, Ariz.’s Comerica Theatre on Saturday, March 28 is now complete with the addition of promising American Top Team light heavyweight Jake “The Honey Bear” Heun (7-3) against hard-hitting knockout artist Teddy Holder (8-1), and Dagestani standout Timur “Lucky” Valiev (8-1) faces gritty bantamweight (135 pounds) veteran Ed “Wild” West (18-9). Additionally, the card has its preliminary bout, as Clifford “Big Cat” Starks (10-2) meets undefeated Bulgarian Krasimir “The Wrestler” Mladenov (12-0) in a key middleweight (185 pounds) affair that could produce a future title challenger. Heun and Holder’s bout serves as a reserve bout for WSOF’s four-man, light heavyweight tournament designed to crown the promotion’s inaugural 205-pound champion. Ronny Markes vs. Thiago Silva at WSOF 19 and Matt Hamill vs. Vinny Magalhaes at WSOF 20 are featured in the official four-man bracket. WSOF 19: Gaethje vs.

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Racing for Valor | Randy Sulcer's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

With America’s military men and women protecting the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day, it is our duty to ensure that we honor their service by helping them meet the unique challenges they face when coming home. America relies on SEALs bravery and courage as they routinely fight on the frontline of some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world. Never before has so much been required of the SEALs, but each time they take on our nation’s toughest military missions with honor and strength. Randy Sulcer comes from a long family tradition of military service which dates all way the back to the American Revolution days. He is a direct descendant of Major General William Smallwood who served with George Washington in the American Revolution and later was the first govenor of the state of Maryland. In addition, Randy's great great grandfather, Dr. Abraham A. Sulcer served as a surgeon for the Union Army with the 125th Regiment from Illinois. Both Randy’s grandfather and uncle served as Captains in the US Army during WWII and the Korean War conflicts in Field Artillery and the Corps of Engineers.

Sherdog’s Top 10: Most Influential Fighters - Top 10

Thousands of fighters have come and gone from the highest levels of mixed martial arts over the last two decades, but only a few have left their marks on it over the long term, forever influencing those who came after them. The latest installment of the Sherdog Top 10 series takes a look at some of the fighters who dictated the future of the sport, whether that was the result of technical developments, advances in training methods, coaching or something more intangible and harder to define. MMA would never be the same after these 10 fighters came and went: Number 10 » Prior to the 1-5 stretch with which he ended his career, he was one of the “baddest” men on the face of the planet. He was a brick-fisted sprawl-and-brawler who made his name by stuffing his opponents’ takedowns and putting hard leather on their faces, crushing them under a relentless but cleverly applied rain of counterstriking terror.

Ronda Rousey on Twitter

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Complete Guide to UFC Fight Night 61

As with other Fight Night cards the undercard is not as pronounced. There may be several fans out there who do not know the fighters stepping inside the Octagon. This is your guide to each and every fight on the card, what division they are in, where to watch and predictions as well.

Carnaval do Diego Brandão (UFC)

Cidade Alerta 17 02 2015 Lutador de MMA Diego Brandão agride equipe de reportagem ao ser flagrado no

Dana White on Twitter

View from my room at the Fairmont BANFF . The hotel is a castle that was built in 1788. Thanks Sheldon!

That Time Listerine Claimed It Was Good For Cleaning the Vagina

Before Listerine found its true commercial calling as a mouthwash, it was a general purpose antiseptic meant to be used on cuts, sore throats, dandruff, and, most horrifying of all, down there. "It possesses great penetrating power," touts the ad!

With his contract up, Phil Davis in negotiations for new deal with Zuffa

As reported on Wednesday night's edition of UFC Tonight , "Mr. Wonderful" is currently a restricted free agent, of sorts, as he is still in the exclusive negotiation period with Zuffa. Sources close to Davis told Ariel Helwani that the light heavyweight can't field any outside offers just yet.

Pedro Cardoso detona a globo

O VÍDEO ESTÁ COMENTADO EM TEMPO REAL, COM BALÕES. PARA DESATIVÁ-LOS, CLIQUE NO ÍCONE COM UM BALÃO DE DIÁLOGO VERMELHO QUE ESTÁ NA BARRA DO MENU DO PRÓPRIO VÍDEO. O programa 'Na Moral' de Pedro Bial desta quinta-feira (12) promoveu, certamente de forma imprevista, mais um dos episódios RAROS, deliciosamente gostosos de se ver nesse mesmo canal (só não superou o Cid Moreira lendo a resposta de Brizola ( ...)). Pedro Cardoso fala de forma aberta o que MUITOS gostariam de falar num meio de comunicação amplo como a globo! Com a ajuda inconsciente da topeira do "fotógrafo" e do Bial, a Globo cai em evidência como o agente efetivo (patrocinador e instigador) do trabalho dos paparazzi. Em um determinado momento, o fotógrafo, mediocremente, resolve tentar colocar o Pedro numa sinuca, dizendo que o seu maior cliente é a rede globo. A topeira achou que isso iria inibir o ator de continuar seu discurso. Uma jogada sagaz da topeira, mas isso não impediu que Pedro continuasse: "...mas quem compra a maior parcela das minhas fotos, o meu maior cliente, é a rede globo!" (em outras palavras: Você está me FODENDO de verdade.

Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva invites a ground fight with Frank Mir: "I've never been submitted"

Silva isn't oblivious to the fact that he's 0-2 with one no-contest in his past three fights, so he knows the pressure is on him to go out and get a win against Mir. Just like the Arlovski fight, Silva will enter the Octagon as a heavy favorite, but this time he's not walking in believing a victory already has been secured.

Michael Johnson calls Edson Barboza's claim of speed advantage 'funniest thing ever'

“That’s the funniest thing ever if he thinks he’s faster than me,” Johnson said. “His kicks might be a little faster, but his hands aren’t faster than mine. His movements aren’t faster than mine. His head movement isn’t faster than mine.

Brendan and Bryan coming straight outta Abbot Kinney

Brendan and Bryan are sick of talking about PED's! This weeks show features Brendan's recent run-in with a pissed off bicyclist, stories about bodybuilders and the intern's spontaneous decision making. How to listen: iTunes: SoundCloud: Stitcher: Full Videos:

Knockout Radio Live: Ryan Bader, More on PEDs, and UFC Bigfoot vs. Mir |

Tune in Thursday, Feb. 19, at 6 p.m. EST, for Knockout Radio LIVE, featuring UFC fighter Ryan Bader, a breakdown on the recent rash of PEDs cases and the UFC’s approach to it, plus UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir predictions.

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Just arrived at the @cultgathering in the Fairmont BANFF Springs just outside Calgary. So amazing #TheGathering2015

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Ronda Rousey: 'Cat Zingano can't be intimidated, so I won't try'

UFC president Dana White recently joked publicly that if bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey manages to beat title challenger Cat Zingano on Feb. 28 in the main event of UFC 184, the dominant queen will need to have to start fighting men. During a media scrum Wednesday, Rousey explained that staying undefeated hasn't been as easy as it may look, and insisted that there is plenty of competition left for her among female 135-pound fighters.

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Official Website of Burt Watson


Each fight card contains a small hole purposedly torn by Mr. Buffer in which he inserts his finger to hold the card firm while moving and announcing in the Octagon... Each card is signed along with his nickname "V.O.T.O." meaning "Voice Of The Octagon"... Many cards can contain original notes by Mr. Buffer.

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MMA History Today on Twitter

Feb19.2010 5 years ago today, UFC Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza made her MMA debut & def. Cassie Trost by TKO

MMA History Today on Twitter

In January of 2013, Esparza won her 1st major title, when she became the Inaugural Invicta FC Strawweight Champion

MMA History Today on Twitter

Esparza made history again in December when she submitted Rose Namajunas to become the 1st UFC Strawweight Champion

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51 Bellator MMA Announcer Jimmy Smith to Provide Analysis for Spike TV’s ‘Premier Boxing Champions’
52 Last look for @ironmanmagazine! Feeling good thanks to my peeps @bodybyjennla @alliecohen @barrysbootcamp @cyclehouseLa - Official Website of Arianny Celeste
53 Ronda Rousey ‘extremely encouraged’ by new UFC drug testing proposal
54 Miesha Tate on Twitter
55 Vitor Belfort on Twitter
56 Roots Of Fight on Twitter
57 Anderson Silva on Twitter
58 Lion Fight 20 Weigh-In Results: Jorina Baars, Chantal Ughi Hit Marks Ahead of Title Fight
60 UFC on Twitter
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62 UFC 185: Pettis vs. dos Anjos fight card finalized
63 Bloody Elbow on Twitter
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66 CBS Sports Agrees To Multi-Year Boxing Venture - Mike Tyson
67 Live Combat Sports Schedule
68 Twitter Mailbag: On the UFC's big drug-testing plans, and the devil in the details
69 Levan Makasvhili on Nik Lentz pulling out of fight: 'I think he's scared'