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Wanderlei Silva: We Can't Question Anderson Silva's Talent |

Many have been quick to bury Anderson Silva after he twice tested positive for steroids, but Wanderlei Silva says we should not doubt Anderson's talent.

This Day in Boxing February 22, 1910 Wolgast Stops Nelson

In one of the most savage fights of the 20th century, mortal enemies Ad Wolgast and Battling Nelson tore at each other before 18,000 fans in Point Richmond, California, for the right to be called lightweight champion of the world

Mark Wahlberg Picks Manny Pacquiao Over Floyd Mayweather Exclusive - Mike Tyson

Mark Wahlberg Picks Manny Pacquiao over Floyd Mayweather Exclusive Hear the interview here...

VIDEO: You Wouldn't Believe Ronda Rousey's Greatest Fear! |

Losing? Nope. Freddy Krueger? Nope. You'd be shocked at what Ronda Rousey's greatest fear is.

Welcome to the UFC, Maryna Moroz

Joanne Calderwood has a fight booked. She'll be facing off against UFC newcomer Maryna Moroz in Krakow, Poland at UFC Fight Night: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2 on April 11.

Video: Top featherweight prospect Tom Duquesnoy defends BAMMA title with body shot TKO

Highly touted featherweight prospect Tom Duquesnoy defended his BAMMA title with a TKO finish against Krzysztof Klaczek.

Bigfoot Silva vs. Travis Browne full fight video

Watch Bigfoot Silva vs. Travis Browne full fight video for Bigfoot's big win over Brown at UFC on FX 5.

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For Bigfoot Silva, It's All About Family (UFC Video) |

For UFC heavyweight Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva , it’s all about his family. As he heads into Sunday night’s UFC Fight Night 61 headlining bout with Frank Mir , Silva puts it all into focus, and that focus is on his wife and daughters.

Matt Mitrione: Interim belt doesn't matter because Cain will beat whoever has it anyway

In a recent interview with Bloody Elbow, Matt discussed his quasi-beef with Andrei Arlovski via Twitter, his thoughts on the PED problems the UFC has been plagued with over the last few months, how the Reebok sponsor deal might affect him, how he feels about interim titles, his admiration of the Diaz brothers and more. Here's what he had to say:

UFC's sponsor deal with DraftKings & how it will affect the Kountermove OGs

With the two companies basically going head to head against each other, and DraftKings having raised more than $75 million in funding last year, the question on the minds of many fantasy MMA players is, will there be room for both in the relatively small confines of combat sports? The answer might surprise you. While DraftKings has been pouring money into the advertising of their new games, with some kind of sponsorship deal with the UFC already in place and visible on the mat at UFC 183, they still encounter hiccups in their business affairs, as evidenced by a  class action lawsuit filed against them last month for false advertising .

5 Reasons to Watch UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Mir

Mir took the last year off to allow his body time to recover from a litany of injuries that had accumulated over several fights. When the losing streak mounted, he realized he wasn't doing himself any good going into the fights at well less than 100 percent. Now Mir walks into his bout this weekend with his body feeling better than it's been in years, but a fifth straight defeat would bring about serious questions about whether this former champion still deserves a spot on the UFC roster.

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

I made this as a fan music video for DJ Shadow's Midnight In A Perfect World. My interpretation of the music and an outlet for creative expression. This was shot entirely with a digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) and edited with WMM. Enjoy and comment on what you think. Peace.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Commercial 2015

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Rochester: "The Week in Roc" Episode 26: Capoeira Quarter Guard Killers

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

FD Fighter Diet Pyramid (Athlete)

Hey Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, i've attached some pictures for you...I have, gosh, many of your ebooks...the Fighter Diet cardio, pyramid, butt bible 2, badass vol.2, and Fighter Diet fdx2 build muscle burn fat book..  I have put on few pounds of muscle in such short time with that plan...and of course I freaking lift heavy as hell... i recently entered a powerlifting competition..and got first in my weight class... ohhhh the power of veggies, what can I I get sooo many compliments from all walks of life and the only thing I can thing of is how awesome that makes me feel, how awesome you are for sharing all this with us... ur the best, ur the shit and I'd like to call myself P Jr. If that's ok with Anyways, i cannot stress how great all your stuff are! I

Matt Mitrione: Interim belt doesn't matter because Cain will beat whoever has it anyway

In a recent interview with Bloody Elbow, Matt discussed his quasi-beef with Andrei Arlovski via Twitter, his thoughts on the PED problems the UFC has been plagued with over the last few months, how the Reebok sponsor deal might affect him, how he feels about interim titles, his admiration of the Diaz brothers and more. Here's what he had to say:

Hold on to your skinny jeans! JNCO is back -

(CNN) Folks on social media are wigging out over the return of a brand that was all that and a bag of chips to alternative youth culture of the 1990s: JNCO jeans.

Rashad Evans to Meet Glover Teixeira in UFC Fight Night Headliner on Feb. 22

Rashad Evans hasn’t fought since November 2013. | Dave Mandel/ Rashad Evans will make his return to the Octagon against Glover Teixeira at the UFC Fight Night card in Brazil on Feb. 22. Ultimate Fighting Championship officials announced the light heavyweight bout on Thursday. The event will be held at the Gigantinho Gymnasium in Porto Alegre, Brazil and will also feature a welterweight bout pitting Matt Dwyer against William Macario . Out of action since UFC 167 , Evans will look to re-establish himself with a third consecutive win. “Suga” was supposed to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 170 , but a leg injury forced Evans to withdraw, and he has been on the shelf ever since. A winner of 20 of his last 22 fights, Teixeira has recently been in a bit of a slump. After earning the No. 1 contender spot at 205 pounds, the Brazilian was handily defeated by Jon Jones at UFC 172 and Phil Davis at UFC 179 . The 35-year-old has finished 19 of his 22 professional victories inside the distance.

Waldburger Faints During Weight Cut, UFC Fight Night Bout with Oliveira Canceled

T.J. Waldburger reportedly fainted while cutting weight Saturday. | Dave Mandel/ The UFC has lost yet another fight on the day of weigh-ins. According to a report from the Brazilian outlet Combate , T.J. Waldburger fainted on Saturday while attempting to cut weight, forcing his withdrawal from a scheduled welterweight clash against Wendell de Oliveira Marques . UFC officials later confirmed the bout’s cancellation. Waldburger took to social media to clarify the situation, posting on Sqor the he passed out and hit his face on a mirror in an elevator. According to the fighter, it was a freak incident and "one of his easiest cuts so far." Waldburger wrote that a subsequent CT scan "looked good so I'll be ready ASAP." Both Waldburger and Oliveira will receive their show money for the event. Last week, a featherweight bout between Nik Lentz and Levan Makashvili was scrapped ahead of UFC Fight Night in Broomfield, Colo., when Lentz became sick with the flu before weigh-ins. The 26-year-old Waldburger has lost three of his last four fights in the Octagon, including a third-round technical knockout defeat to Mike Pyle in his most recent outing at UFC 170.

UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Mir staff picks and predictions

Anton Tabuena : How sad is it that the main argument on who wins a UFC headliner centers on ‘who is less shot'? Neither man has looked great recently and there will always be question marks on both, but stylistically I think Bigfoot takes this. Mir will have a tough task taking Bigfoot down, and he will have even more trouble dealing with the size and strength on the clinch. We of course have no idea on how both of their chins are in 2015, but Mir hasn't won in almost four years. FOUR YEARS! His last win? A sub over Nog, where he was knocked down and hurt badly as well. I think the style match up already favors Bigfoot, and while no one can really answer the ‘who is less shot' question, I will not pick a guy who hasn't won since 2011. Antonio Silva by TKO.

Mizuki Inoue Fan Q&A Video Response

Mizuki Inoue (魅津希) answers your questions in this Fan Q&A Video Response! #InvictaFC9: Honchak vs Hashi Saturday, November 1st River Center - Davenport, Iowa Tickets:

MY UFC FIGHT NIGHT 61 KOUNTERMOVE PICKS!!! Use the PROMO CODE: ICECREAM (one word) for a 25% bonus on your deposit!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: T-SHIRTS: VISIT MY FRIENDS FOR THE BEST IN MMA!!! Coalition Fight Music: The MMA Movement: MMA Sentinel: MMA Badass: Spilled Bag of Ice: Fight Chix Apparel: UKMMA Updates: Tap. Nap. Snap: iJudgeFights: Racheal Blaze: MMA Tycoon: Balkowitsch Enterprises: SUBSCRIBE!!! RATE!!!! COMMENT!!! DISCLAIMER: Before you freak out because I made fun of your favorite fighter (or I made fun of you), please note: I LOVE MMA, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who is involved in the sport. Even though I may make fun of a fighter on the show, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all the hard work and dedication that goes into being a fighter, and I would never criticize them or their gyms.

Fight Night Porto Alegre: Frank Mir - Bigfoot Hunter

Frank Mir is a dangerous heavyweight and confident in his abilities, especially his submission skills. Check out what Mir has to say about his athleticism, strength and his opponent, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.

Top 10 Stunts of All Time

Whether they're driving, falling, fighting or setting themselves on fire, movie stunt people have the skills- and the crazy - to make movie danger feel real - because sometimes, it IS real. Here are the Top 10 movie stunts of all time. Subscribe: What did you think of the list? Do you agree with our selections of best stunts of all time? Any chases, fights, jumps, or pyrotechnics or acrobatics you think we overlooked? What other topics would you like to see us cover in future movie lists? Let us know in the comments! THE LIST The Fast and the Furious (2001) Dominic's Charger gets flipped: Mission: Impossible 4 (2011) Tom Cruise climbs the Burj Khalifa. Because it's the tallest building in the world. And it's there: Skyfall (2012) The opening rooftop motorcycle chase District B-13 (2004) Is pretty much one Parkour sequence after another. Dude. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (2011) Not only were there wing suit base jumpers, they were flying in close proximity to skyscrapers.

A beautiful animal living a horrible life

Most people will read your post; feel really angry, emotional and heartbroken for this beautiful baby animal. Then, life goes on. The phone rings, the doorbell goes, the microwave beeps and so we “snap out of it” and continue our daily lives. Some may mention this story to a few friends, colleagues or acquaintances today and passionately discuss their disgust about the topic at hand. Sadly though, whether consciously or unconsciously, life goes on and tomorrow another headline will be the topic of conversation. We forgot about what we have read because the disturbing and brutal reality of it all is not only really hard to comprehend but for a lot of people it is just too much to bear. Feeling helpless and frustrated with all the cruelty going on in the world to not only animals but humans as well can be quite overwhelming. The sad reality is – ignorance really is bliss in a lot of these cases. So when you climb into bed tonight and close your eyes –content that the day is over and a restful sleep is ahead – take a minute to think about this baby elephant, the thousands before it and the thousands still to come.

Exclusive column from UFC fighter Dan Hardy who looks ahead to Frank Mir vs Antonio Silva

A heavyweight main event always garners much fan interest, especially when they are of championship quality. This weekend in Porto Alegre, Brazil, former UFC heavyweight champ, Frank Mir will face Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, the first man to stop the great Fedor Emelianenko with strikes. It’s a clash of two hugely talented and sizable athletes. Mir is well known for his devastating submission skills whilst ‘Bigfoot’, a powerful puncher, has knocked out his opponent in 13 out of 18 victories.

Journey - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Music video by Journey performing Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. (C) 1979 Sony Music Entertainment

Single Dose of Alpha BRAIN Significantly Increases Processing Speed

Fight Night Porto Alegre: Bigfoot Silva vs. Frank Mir - Live Sunday!

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DraftKings - MMA $20K Guillotine [$20,000 Guaranteed]

Earn $ and unlock prizes today!


"To me, it's just another day. It's just another fight. I mean, when you just look at the tale of the tape, I have a longer reach, I'm taller, I'm stronger, and I'm more accurate. I think I seen a major change in Pacquiao...I took my time, I made the right move, and I'm just ready to go out there and be exciting. Be smart and be exciting. I mean, he's a fighter just like I'm a fighter, and he's a guy that's out there to win. The only thing I know is to win, so is losing in the back of his mind? Absolutely! Why? Because he probably lost 3 or 5 times before, so losing is in his mind. Losing is not in my mind because the only thing I know how to do is win," stated undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who gave an in-depth interview about his May 2 showdown with Manny Pacquiao, how the fight came about, and much more. You don't want to miss what else he had to say. Check it out! BT: Floyd, first and foremost, congratulations! I know this is something you've wanted for a long time. FM: I'm happy that the fight is finally taking place.

Home - Adam Hunter

Adam Hunter on the Tonight Show 2014

InvictaFights on Twitter

28 Frank Mir Still has Work Left to Do

“Absolutely not.” The answer hangs in the air and it’s the last question I will pose to Frank Mir for this piece. He faces Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in a UFC Fight Night main event this Sunday in Porto Alegre, Brazil. For Mir, this fight is a test after a year sabbatical from fighting. Ranked 13th in the world, the former UFC heavyweight champion is unlike any other fighter in the UFC. Sure, there are other comeback stories, like Matt Brown, who was once brought back to life after a drug overdose and who fought his way all the way to a title elimination bout against newly-minted welterweight champion Robbie Lawler last year. But not many fighters were stripped of their title after what should have been a career-ending motorcycle accident like the one Mir suffered in 2004. Not many fighters would have to relearn how to walk, never mind have to start all over again as a fighter in a division you were once champion in. Mir’s kind of mental fortitude is rare. He could have disappeared from the MMA scene after tearing all the ligaments in his knee and shattering his femur bone, and nobody would have blamed him.

29 How to Watch UFC Fight Night Porto Alegre: Bigfoot vs. Mir

Check out the highlights from Bigfoot Silva, Frank Mir, and the rest of the fighters from the Fight Night Porto Alegre weigh-ins that went down on Saturday.

Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields’ Shocking Revelation

“I won the Olympics, but that one loss lingered with me,” Shields said. “I was happy as ever after the Olympics and it felt unbelievable, but I just never cried over it. I cried after the world championships because my record is 52 wins and one loss. That one loss just lingered with me and I couldn’t shake it. I wanted that zero, and instead I have the one loss, so for two years, I wanted to fight that tournament and win it.

Pauline's Fat Loss Pak

"what's your body fat?" - a question I get daily. It's funny cause I've never been obsessed with body fat numbers. I've always said "if you look fat in the mirror you are". Two years ago in may 2009 I was weighing 121 lbs, very lean, and it was just a few months before I decided to do a body makeover once again. After several caliper tests done which showed 6% body fat I decided to go for the ultimate gold standard in body fat diagnosis: Dexa Scan. Results: 7% body fat. Why did I do it? Well, I didn't feel comfortable at my size, but I thought it had to be that I had too much fat I "didn't know of" so just to make sure I was not delusional, I got a black and white answer. Now I new, it was "all" muscle and I couldn't really get leaner. I found myself quite at a crossroad, not being content

32 Fight Night Porto Alegre: Official Weigh-In

Watch the official weigh-in for UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Mir live Saturday, February 21 at 1pm/10am ETPT.

Cezar Ferreira details camp for UFN 61: ‘We have a UFC event every Tuesday and Friday at Blackzilians’

"I’ve seen his last fights, his fights on The Ultimate Fighter as well. He has a good boxing, he’s aggressive. That’s it. There’s no easy fight in the UFC," Ferreira said. "Every fighter in the UFC is good and dangerous, so I always prepare myself in all areas because you never know what’s going to happen in the fight. His best weapon is his striking, but I expect everything from him. Everything changes really fast in a fight."

Hatsu Hioki to Meet Daniel Hooker at UFC Fight Night in Australia on May 10

Hatsu Hioki has 37 pro fights under his belt. | Corey Boland/ A featherweight clash between Hatsu Hioki and Daniel Hooker has been added to the UFC’s Fight Night bill in Adelaide, Australia, on May 10. The promotion confirmed the pairing on Sunday following an initial report from The New Zealand Herald . UFC Fight Night “Hunt vs. Miocic” takes place at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and is headlined by a heavyweight showdown between Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic . Hioki, 31, has only been finished once in his career, a loss to Charles Oliveira via anaconda choke at UFC Fight Night “Te Huna vs. Marquardt.” A veteran of 37 fights, Hioki will be making his eighth Octagon appearance in May. Hooker, 25, impressed in his UFC debut when he finished Ian Entwistle last June. “The Hangman” went on to drop his next outing, losing a decision to Maximo Blanco at UFC Fight Night “Hunt vs. Nelson.” Hooker has finished 10 of his 11 professional victories.

LIVE BLOG UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Mir fight

Frank Mir said prior to the fight that he was hindered by injuries in a bad way for his last four trips to the Octagon but he expected a much different performance after taking a year off to allow his body to heal.  It clearly paid off as Mir put Silva down and out with a massive left hook before a barrage of strikes on the mat.  Before Sunday night there was talk about Mir possibly retiring with a loss.  Now with this win he jumps right back into the thick of the heavyweight division with any number of matchups awaiting him when he returns later this year. 

#UFCPOA on Twitter

We are LIVE on @FOXSports1 for #UFCPOA Prelims! Up Next: Douglas Silva de Andrade vs @TheRenegade559

Raison D'être: Charmaine Tweet

Raison D'être. A French phrase meaning 'The claimed reason for the existence of something or someone; the sole or ultimate purpose of something or someone.' (literally "reason to be") Charmaine "Not So Sweet" Tweet shares her motivation and inspiration for pursuing martial arts. Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet February 27, 2015 Shrine Expo Hall 10ET/7PT LIVE on UFC Fight Pass Tickets: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM:

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A Night of Tweets: UFC Fight Night

Mixed martial arts journalism is a serious business. Following the MMA community on Twitter, is not. The following is a light-hearted (and sometimes insightful) look at how the combat sports world viewed UFC Fight Night “Mir vs. Bigfoot” via social media. See a tweet that demands recognition? Send it to Managing Editor Mike Fridley via @mikefridley . This item is updated in real-time, so please press F8 on your keyboard to refresh often in order to see the most recent content available. Related » UFC Fight Night Instant Reaction I'm not saying that there have been some upsets tonight, but Keanu Reeves just won an Oscar. — MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) February 23, 2015 10 of 11 fights at UFC Fight Night 61 were upsets. Whoa. — Bleacher Report MMA (@BR_MMA) February 23, 2015 There has been an Amber Alert issued for BigFoot's chin. #UFC — MMA Roasted (@MMARoasted) February 23, 2015 To all you folks saying Bigfoot doesn't have a chin, just stop. He's like, 90% chin. What are you, blind? — CagePotato.

John Dodson-Zach Makovsky Flyweight Contest Added to UFC 187 in Las Vegas

John Dodson will return to action at UFC 187. | Dave Mandel/ John Dodson will return to the Octagon after nearly a year out of action against Zach Makovsky at UFC 187 “Jones vs. Johnson” on May 23. Ultimate Fighting Championship officials announced the flyweight contest during the UFC Fight Night “Bigfoot vs. Mir” pre-fight show on Fox Sports 1. The pay-per-view card emanates from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and features a 205-pound title bout between reigning champ Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson . Dodson, 30, has been on the shelf recovering from surgery to repair a torn meniscus as well as his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). “The Magician” bounced back from a unanimous decision loss against Demetrious Johnson at UFC on Fox 6 by finishing both Darrell Montague and John Moraga in his last two outings. Makovsky, 32, was most recently in action against Tim Elliott at UFC Fight Night “Henderson vs. Thatch,” earning his third UFC win via unanimous decision. The former Bellator MMA champion has only lost once since joining the Las Vegas-based promotion, dropping a three-round verdict to Jussier da Silva .

Cody Garbrandt on Twitter

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Joe 'Stitch 'Em Up' Schilling Highlights [[2015]]

I do not own any of the video or audio footage, all the copyrights reserved to the Glory World Series, Bellator MMA, Lion Fights and the respective owners. I do not make any money on the film and it is only a highlight video made for fun so I would be thankful to keep this video on my channel. Thank you.

Linton Vassell: ‘No One Knew Who I Was’ Before Bellator Title Bout vs. Emanuel Newton

Linton Vassell gave Emanuel Newton all he could handle. | Keith Mills/ When it was announced last fall that Linton Vassell would be next to challenge reigning Bellator 205-pound king Emanuel Newton , the collective reaction from the MMA community was that of a shrug and a blank stare. By the time Vassell’s bid for light heavyweight gold at Bellator 130 came up just short, a lot more people were probably familiar with the Englishman known as “The Swarm.” Vassell put Newton in constant peril in the bout’s first two frames, moving to full mount repeatedly and threatening with multiple submissions -- include a second-round kimura that appeared to have the champion on the verge of defeat. Vassell would fade down the stretch, however, eventually succumbing to a rear-naked choke from “The Hardcore Kid” 47 seconds into the final stanza. Nonetheless, a message was sent that night: Vassell deserved the opportunity he was given. “I talked to a few reporters [prior to the fight]. No one knew who I was,” Vassell told Sherdog.

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Tommy Toe Hold on Twitter

I liked 50 Shades of Grey back in 2002 when it was called The Secretary.

UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir Full Live Results |

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John Dodson vs. Zach Makovsky added to loaded UFC 187

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48 Bigfoot's Fab Five

If you could whittle a fighter’s career down to just four bouts, what would you choose? Grueling wars, spectacular finishes, or bouts that may not have ended with an official victory, but were wins in the eyes of those watching? Heavyweight contender Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who headlines UFC Fight Night this Sunday against Frank Mir, has been in fights that have run the gamut from explosive to epic. Here are five of them… 2007 Wesley “Cabbage” Correira Fans of the UFC’s early Zuffa era will recognize the name of Hawaii’s Wesley “Cabbage” Correira immediately. For those who don’t, Cabbage didn’t show up on fight night to show off slick techniques of employ a lay and pray strategy to win; he came to throw down, and the fans loved him for it whether he won or lost. In his Elite XC bout against Silva in 2007, he got shut down early by the Brazilian, who was competing in just his ninth pro bout while making his United States debut. With the action stalled against the fence, the referee restarted the bout with under two minutes left.

UFC Fight Night 61 results: Ivan Jorge grinds out win over Josh Shockley

The scores reflected Shockley’s fading as the fight went into deep waters. His cornermen advised him to keep punching as Jorge stood in the pocket. Early on, Jorge showed his dominance on the mat when he threatened to end the fight with an arm-triangle choke. Shockley was able to survive, but the exchange appeared to tire him.

Flyweights John Dodson and Zach Makovsky slated for UFC 187 in Vegas

Dodson had seemingly wrapped up a title shot this past year before a blown ACL sent him to the sidelines. Before the injury, the 30-year-old Team Jackson-Winklejohn fighter and “The Ultimate Fighter 12″ winner had rebounded from a 2013 decision loss to champ Demetrious Johnson with back-to-back knockout wins over Darrell Montague and John Moraga. He’s now 7-1 (with four knockouts) over his past eight fights.

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