UFN Fortaleza live results, discussion, play by play Video Description

Round 2 - Yahya with a left. Soto has a huge cut on his head. They're n the middle of a grappling exchange and the referee is stepping in to get the cut checked. It came from an unintentional clash of heads. The doctor checked it out and they're letting him continue. They restart on the feet, which is weird. Soto with a takedown, but they're back up quickly. Yahya shoots in on a takedown but there's nothing there. Jab from Soto. Yahya scoops a single, Soto goes for the guillotine to stop Yahya in his tracks. Head kick and some punches from Yahya. Hard jab and a right from Soto. His blood is all over Yahya's face now. Soto gets him down and looked for a north-south choke. Yahya spun out and returned to his feet. Yahya misses with a spinning backfist and can't get a takedown. They trade rights. Yahya is getting tired. Soto ends up on top. 10-9 Soto.

Videos for 3/12/2017