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[Video] UFC 185: Extended Preview - Fighters Only

UFC 185 is set to take place on Saturday March 14 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas and will feature a lightweight championship bout between champ Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis and Rafael dos Anjos. In the co-main event, Carla Esparza will put her strawweight title on the line for the first time against the undefeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

WATCH: Why Pacquiao will beat Mayweather, according to Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson believes that Manny Pacquiao will be too much to handle for Floyd Mayweather when the two fighters clash on May 2 in Las Vegas.

Chael Sonnen vs. Renato 'Babalu' Sobral set for Metamoris VI

A rematch of UFC 55 is coming to Metamoris.

Fighter Diet & Fitness RX for WOMEN 12 Week Summer Transformation Challenge - ENTRY OPEN!

This Is What Monkeying Around In Jiu Jitsu Gets You

View the FanShot on SB Nation.

FD Delts 2 Die 4 (Fitness)

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Paige VanZant on Reebok Critics: 'Why Don't I Deserve It?'

Paige VanZant talks about the new Reebok ZPump Fusion, whether everything is happening too fast for her, her critics, dealing with the pressure, and much more. Subscribe: /subscription_center?add_user=mmafightin ­gonsbn Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like MMAF on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Read More:

Rafael dos Anjos: Pettis 'a good fighter, but I just think he's not unbeatable'

Rafael dos Anjos  has flown largely under the radar in his run to a UFC title shot, and he admits that’s probably because he’s a bit on the reserved side when it comes to hyping a fight. But he warns not to let that color your opinion on his chances.

UFC on Twitter

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UFC: Ronda Rousey's sister gives some fun facts about the champ you probably didn't know

Her sister,  Maria Burns Ortiz , is a sports journalist who serves as the social media columnist for and is a contributor to FOX Latino. Ortiz wrote a great feature about Ronda with 5 facts you probably don't know about the transcendent star. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't share this fun piece with our readers, so I have chosen two of those facts for here and will link you to the  ESPN post to read the rest.

Rener Gracie: People give Cyborg more credit than she deserves

Now, you know, what happens when you're going against a man, they put a little more power behind their punches, the knockout power is stronger, and who knows, they can muscle out of submissions a little crazier. But I'll tell you what, once she's latched onto a limb, I don't care who's limb it is, they're going to tap. That's for sure. She finds ways to incorporate her entire body, the leverage of her whole body, against the joint that she's attacking. So, I wouldn't put it past her, but I don't know if I'd go so far as to claim [she'd beat most male UFC bantamweights]. It's just, I know what Ronda's capable of and I know for sure that it's not fair, it's not competitive where she's at right now. Because man, she's just too good. I just don't see any woman in the world beating her.

Anderson Silva reiterates PED denial: 'I don't know what happened'

Yeah. But, I don't think so. I need to check for old supplement I used. Because, I never fought the commission in this sport. I'm very happy because the commission help me, I help commission. I go to work together [with] the commission. Because, I think this is bad for the sport, it's so bad for me in my life, because I never use nothing for change my performance in the fight.

MMAjunkie's 'Knockout of the Month' for February: Shlemenko's spinning, uh, strike

With another action-packed month of MMA in the books, MMAjunkie takes a look at the best knockouts from February. Here are the five nominees, listed in chronological order, and winner of MMAjunkie’s “Knockout of the Month” award for February.

Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano ... Claymation Edition

You know Ronda Rousey fights are short because animators can crank out their own versions of em in under a week. First it was wood engraving and now Ronda comes to the world of claymation. Amazing stuff!

UFC middleweight Josh Samman joins Bloody Elbow as feature writer

Writing, much like fighting, is an art form exposing oneself to criticism or praise, becoming vulnerable and laying it all on the line in the hopes of reaching others. I love this website, I love the personalities within it, and I am honored to be a part of it all. I hope I’ll be held to the same standard and in the same regard as the other talented writers here at Bloody Elbow, and I look forward to growing with the community. Thanks again, and happy reading.

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11 JRE #619 - Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub

JRE #619 - Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Two Bills Just Introduced To Congress Will Federally Legalize Cannabis In The US

I smoked pot from the age of 18 to 55, daily if I had it. I met hundreds of people over that time period, many were friends that also smoked pot daily if they had it. None of these people turned to hard drugs. But a few of them, including my oldest brother became alcoholics. That screwed up there lives. These same people would run out of pot and it was no big deal. My brother was murdered on September 1st, 2014 along with 3 other men by a guy who gave his self up to the police and said he did it for the money, about $1000.00. He said he did it because he was a COKE addict. The point I’m making is know one would do this just to bye pot, or it would be 1 in 100million. The world has been smoking pot in recent times since the 60’s and the world has been cruising along just fine. People are going to smoke it whether it is legal or not, why because you don’t have to make it like COKE,METH and so on, just plant it and stand back. Take the states that have approved it, the people that are smoking it were already smoking it so nothing is going to change. There was a story on TV about 2 years ago were a guy had 3 pot plants that he was growing for his personal use.

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Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious

But behind the appeal of Indian food — what makes it so novel and so delicious — is also a stranger and subtler truth. In a large new analysis of more than 2,000 popular recipes, data scientists have discovered perhaps the key reason why Indian food tastes so unique: It does something radical with flavors, something very different from what we tend to do in the United States and the rest of Western culture. And it does it at the molecular level.

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

This Is The Oldest Video Footage From New York City And It's Absolutely Incredible

The oldest video footage of New York City is really pretty incredible to watch. This version has some graphics added so that viewers can see exactly where these landmarks fall in modern day New York.

Anthony Pettis: I want to be one of the pay-per-view kings of the UFC

"I want to be one of the pay-per-view kings in the UFC," Pettis said. "I think there's a path right now set up for someone to come in and take over, and I can be that guy. I have the fighting style and people like seeing me fight. I don't plan on changing that. I just need to keep doing what I do and everything will happen."

brandon Vera - I have to say Good Job if this is... | Facebook

Facebook © 2015

This May Be The Live-Action He-Man Movie's Badass Battle Cat

I honestly don't know. It seems weird that one of the first details of the movie would come from a random, high-ranking Sony executive on Twitter, but it seems even weirder for that high-ranking Sony executive to randomly share Battle Cat art that isn't in some way involved in the long-in-development movie project. I certainly hope it's real, because it is awesome , and I'm not just saying that as a crazed He-Man fan.

14 SECONDS!!! Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano (UFC 184 - Gracie Breakdown)

Ronda Rousey defends her title by submitting Cat Zingano with a spectacular armbar in a record-breaking 14 seconds! Ronda has never used this variation of the armbar, and the submission was so fast that no one could comprehend what she did. To help you understand, Ryron and Rener break down every second of the fight including the pivotal moment where Cat's decision "keep the head" costed her to give up her arm and lose the fight. Is there anyone left for Ronda? Leave a comment as let us know! This month we're doing the biggest Gracie Giveaway of all time: a free Grand Master Edition Fiik Electric Skateboard valued at over $1,000! To enter to win the Free Fiik Board, simply follow these steps: 1) Go to and like the page! 2) Share the Fiik/Gracie Video at the top of the timeline with your friends. 3) Leave a comment on the Fiik page indicating why you want to win! Order your Grand Master Electric Skateboard here: Register for upcoming Gracie Seminars: Ontario, Canada with Ryron (Saturday, March 7) https://secure.

Curt Schilling Tracks Down Guys Harassing Daughter on Twitter, "There Are Repercussions to Your Actions"

"The Sports Guru? Ya he's a DJ named Adam Nagel (DJ is a bit strong since he's on the air for 1 hour a week) on Brookdale Student Radio at Brookdale Community College,” Schilling blasted. “How do you think that place feels about this stud representing their school? You don't think this isn't going to be a nice compilation that will show up every single time this idiot is googled the rest of his life? What happens when a potential woman he's after googles and reads this?" he wrote on his blog.

Stoned rabbits are the anti-marijuana movement's weakest ploy yet

I like how he lumps the entertainers in with the Negroes, Hispanics and Filipinos. Bing Crosby must have hated that guy. Listen: if jazz and swing music are the product of marijuana use, then marijuana is even more awesome than you think it is. But that’s not even his best line. Try this one : “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” Yeah, well, we certainly can’t have that. We can’t have the “coloreds” getting high. Next thing you know, they’ll be putting on airs or getting uppity, not because all human beings have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but because of marijuana. Better to put them in jail before they get any big ideas about “equality”. Could it be that the laws prohibiting marijuana are founded on racism and fear? Is this the reason why blacks are arrested 3.7 times more often than whites , even though blacks and whites use cannabis at about the same rate? I will let you draw your own conclusions. I deal in facts.

4 Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao Will Beat Floyd Mayweather - Evolve Daily

Because he has better offensive techniques Samuel Ha:  “The subtle feints and the crazy angles will pose a serious problem for Floyd, like it has done all of Pacquiao’s other opponents. The question is, how long will it take Mayweather to adjust to the feints and angles of Pacquiao?  Mayweather needs to be able to read them and not fall for them(easier said than done), or make Pacquiao miss because the more impatient he misses, the less he feints and the more wild he gets.”

The Iron Training of Ivan Salaverry | FIGHTLAND

Salaverry excuses himself to drop off his kids and lets Russell tour me around before later returning. The gym is separated into two areas: striking and grappling, color coordinated by green and red, respectively. Russell first shows me around the Green Room, the gym’s main training area that is sure enough, tiled and floored with green mats. Hanging alongside the windows are a series of slender Muay Thai heavybags that when followed lead to a back room with a raised boxing ring and free weight area. All pads, gloves, and protective gear are neatly stacked facing the same direction, a reflection of the gym’s meticulous attention to detail. Through the parking garage is a new addition: the infamous Red Room that went up only a few months ago. The first thing you notice walking in is the humidity and the musk, something along the lines of unbaked pizza dough. Like the Green Room, it is also tiled with mats color-coordinated with its name, and I walk in on a group of sweat-drenched jiu jitsu fighters wrapping up a session of rolling. Russell makes a comment about the odor and one of the students looks up to me and says with a smile, “It’s the smell of victory.

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Johny Hendricks wants to steal the show from the two main events at UFC 185

"This could be a fight for the fans. I'm trying to steal the show from (Anthony) Pettis," Hendricks said. "He's a very talented fighter, he's a very good fighter but my goal — and I'm sure Matt Brown's goal — is to try and steal the show from the two main events."

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Champs - Movie Trailers - iTunes

Boxing, "the poor man’s sport," has long given kids from America’s roughest neighborhoods an opportunity to escape violence with violence. But with success in the ring comes new fights for which there is no training: champions are made and broken in the blink of an eye, and young men thrust into the spotlight are often ill-equipped for the fame and fortune that accompany a title belt. Built around the stories of heavyweight legends Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins, CHAMPS balances these uncensored recollections with gorgeous reenactments, classic fight footage, and candid interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent. More than just a sports documentary, CHAMPS examines what it means to pursue the American Dream through boxing, painting a picture of a controversial and unregulated sport in a moment of crisis.

Texts from last fight: Rousey vs. Zingano edition

With the assistance of comedian  Adam Hunter  of  MMA Roasted , FOX Sports has obtained the transcript of a private group text message that transpired Saturday night during UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano. The texts were exchanged between Dana White, CM Punk, Joe Rogan and more.

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MetroPCS Move of the Week: Roy Nelson vs Stefan Struve

Roy Nelson knocks down the towering Stefan Struve with a big overhand right in the move of the week.

'Cyborg' Justino: Ronda Rousey has never fought someone like me

Justino went on to say that she recently signed a seven-fight contract with Invicta, to fight at 145 pounds, but that there's a possibility that she could fight lighter. If she has her way, her and Rousey will meet at a catchweight of 140 pounds, where they would each have to compromise a bit.

Chinese Kung Fu vs Boxing

UFC antitrust lawsuit: Inside Bellator’s contracts and the effect on plaintiff fighters

If we try to walk into the UFC's corporate offices to examine the contracts ourselves, we'll get tased bro faster than Ronda Rousey can rip off Cat Zingano's arm. Thanks to Eddie Alvarez, we at least have one real contract from Bellator and the UFC to compare. It would be nice to have numerous contracts from 2006 and earlier as well as from the 2010-2014 class period, but that's not the world we live in. We'll scour through both contracts to see if the UFC was the only MMA promotion using the contractual language to which the fighters object or if competitors employed the same or similar language. It's a good bet this same exercise will be done in the future by both sides.

Ronda Rousey’s Mom Takes Jab at Cris Cyborg on Twitter, Cyborg Returns Fire |

Because it was Rousey, back in strikeforce after her first fight that said “I want you Cyborg.” She issued the challenge, she popped her mouth off, kept popping it off even more, and even now is saying how much she wants this fight…but….If you want the fight, she wants the fight, have the fight. Otherwise, shut up and handle what’s on your plate right now. Both are outstanding fighters, and nearly every professional fighter has used PEDs at some point in their careers, either for strength training or recovery from injury. I had knee surgery and got put on a steroid to help heal, and I’m not an athlete. Cheating is a moot point. This is about Rousey’s controversial attention getting mouth overriding her skills. If she believed, truly believed, she would beat Cyborg, we’d be talking about the results of the fight and not the possibility of it. Rousey knows Cyborg is a tough opponant, and is going to avoid fighting her as long as possible. And if the fight never happens, as good as Rousey is (And she is remarkable. Incredible in the ring.

Chael Sonnen dosen't belive in Travis Browne

Chael Sonnen dosen't belive in Travis Browne

Fighters vent on Twitter over departure of Burt Watson, UFC's 'heart and soul'

"He was that smooth-talking voice. The first time I met Burt was in 2009, before I was set to fight Roy Nelson. I was terrified, man. Roy had 20 more fights than me. I only had four at the time. But Burt made me feel all right. He is the first person you check in with at the hotel, and he takes you through all the steps. He's the guy you talk with before the scariest moments of your life. When you're stressed out, before a fight, he was the guy who made you feel like everything was going to be ok. It was not just a business, Burt really cares."

Video: Check out the new format, bad blood on 'TUF 21: ATT vs. Blackzilians'

If the trailer is a real indication of what’s to come, the UFC may have given “The Ultimate Fighter” series exactly what it needed: a real overhaul.

UFC Super fight? T. J. Dillashaw would drop to flyweight to fight Demetrious Johnson

"Demetrious Johnson is an excellent fighter - in my mind, pound-for-pound one of the best in the world," he said. "His technique is flawless. His footwork is awesome. He's super fast. My goal is to be pound-for-pound the best in the world, and to do that, I want to beat guys like Demetrious Johnson. Do I feel like we should get paid more (to fight)? Yeah. But I just want to create my name to be as big as possible. That's definitely a fight that I would love to have one day."

Invicta FC 11 Salaries: ‘Cyborg’ Takes Home $90K, Rest of Card Earns $44,650

Note: The disclosed purses reported by state athletic commissions do not include any performance-based or discretionary bonuses that may be awarded to a fighter by the promotion. Additionally, the reported figures do not reflect any deductions made by the commission for taxes, insurance, etc., and do not include any sponsorship money that a fighter may acquire for their performance.

Weighing the Options of Cat Zingano | FIGHTLAND

Yes, Zingano is in a bizarre place where no option really makes sense. And because the UFC only has two women’s divisions (the other being strawweight, 20 lbs below Zingano’s bantamweight home), she’s not afforded the same kind of weight-jump options that male fighters are. After losing his lightweight title, Frankie Edgar gave his career new life by moving down to featherweight. Benson Henderson, similarly, recently rejuvenated his career by moving up welterweight to challenge Brandon Thatch. For the moment, the UFC’s women are not afforded the same flexibility. They’re all pretty much stuck where they are.

Ariel Helwani on Twitter

Her robots' movement is so basic. RT “ @arielhelwani : Conor just beat PVZ in rock em sock em. ”

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USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie rankings, March 3: 'El Cucuy' cracks the top 15

With a win over Gleison Tibau this past weekend at UFC 184 – his fifth straight, and his 11th in his past 12 bouts – Ferguson has finally moved out of his honorable-mention slot and earned a place in the division’s top 15 in the USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie MMA rankings.

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. @ufc : ""I train to be the best in the world on my worst day" @RondaRousey #WCW @Reebok ”

Anderson Silva Surprised by Drug Test Failure, Open to Nick Diaz Rematch |

simple as this, prior to ufc 183 the UFC never gave Silva an out of competition drug test. this time he was subjected to random drug testing and tested positive for two steroids. now everyone is trying to make an excuse saying he did them to help recover from Injury. the problem with this is, the side affects of the PEDS he took are weak or brittle bones. I am someone who was/is A silva fan but the excuses need to go away, judging from the fact that they had never administered a random out of competition test to Silva before this event it’s impossible to know how long he was taking PEDS. the only thing we do know is that this is the first time they gave him a random test and he Failed for two different PEDS. even if it was for the injury which isn’t the case, he shouldn’t have been competing because he was taking them.

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