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Filipino Wrecking Ball | 6th Annual World MMA Awards

UFC fighter Mark Munoz sings his own version of Miley Cyrus' hit song, 'Wrecking Ball'. Watch the 6th annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards on FSN, Sunday Fe...

Pay that man his money

Great Rounders clip

Best of The Week - April 13, 2014 - Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience - Best of The Week of April 13, 2014 edited by Mischief Makers Productions ( JRE #485 - Amy ...

GLORY 16 Denver - Errol Zimmerman Pre Fight Interview

Watch GLORY 16 Denver at 9/8c on May 3rd, on SPIKE TV Errol "The Bonecrusher" Zimmerman is a top contender in the GLORY Heavyweight division, with a point to...

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UFC on FOX 11 Fight Highlights Video: Miesha Tate vs. Liz Carmouche |

Watch the highlights from the Miesha Tate vs. Liz Carmouche fight at UFC on FOX 11, which took place on Saturday, April 19, at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla.


Werdum lands a hook while Browne lands a leg kick. Browne throws a really big leg kick but misses bad. Browne grabs Werdum in a Muay Thai clinch and lands some nasty knees to the body. Browne nails Werdum with an overhand right that hurt him. Browne floors him with a right hand and is now landing loads of ground and pound. Werdum regains composure and sweeps Browne. He’s on top of him in half guard now. He briefly passes but Browne just shrugs him off and rises to his feet. The striking has slowed down a bit now, but it’s still plenty powerful. Each guy is just throwing one shot. Werdum lands a nice body kick. He rushes forwards and hits a hook to the body. Then he hits a 1-2 and atwo leg kicks. Browne grabs the second one but doesn’t capitalize on it. Browne hits a crazy back hook kick to the face but Werdum stays tall and lands some counter punches. They reset and Werdum hits a big upper cut that snaps Browne’s head back, then hits a spinning back kick to teh body. Werdum comes forwards and lands some a left, a right, and another left that has Browne stunned as the round ends.

3 Fabricio Werdum Played it Safe in Effort to Secure UFC Heavyweight Title Shot |

“It was part of my game plan to exploit his cardio situation,” Werdum revealed at the post-fight news conference on Saturday evening. “I knew going in it was going to be tough to submit him or anything of the type because he was such a tough opponent going into deeper rounds, and I knew even if I was going to try something, it would be a couple rounds to do it. So I decided cardio was going to be the way to beat him.”

Fabricio Werdum wins with flair, and puts all his doubters on notice

One thing we can say for sure after Saturday night is that he doesn’t lack confidence. After a seesaw first round that saw both big men throw their arsenals open wide in Orlando, Fla.’s network-televised headliner, Werdum took control and never looked back. After the fight, he even demanded to know which UFC on FOX analysts had picked Browne to win. Like it was all some private joke that we weren’t in on.

UFC on FOX 11 results, photos: Donald Cerrone drops, then taps Edson Barboza

“I definitely wish I could’ve gotten that win without taking so much damage from him at first,” Cerrone said. “The shots he hit me with finally woke me up and I kind of snapped out of it. But I was finally able to hit him with some good shots and that last one sent him down. I scrambled to get his back and lock in the rear-naked choke, and he wasn’t getting out of that.”

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a blessed day! - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a blessed day!

Fighter Diet Solutions

The essence of Fighter Diet is to allow you to get lean, build muscle by eating so you're full and content. It's a non negotiable. No reasonable personal would be ok with feeling miserable 24/7! I know I sure would be angry, grumpy and as soon as I had the chance I'd go eat anything off my lean menu.

Source: Yancy Meideiros steps in to fight Jim Miller at UFC 172

Medeiros most recently appeared in the octagon this past November at UFC Fight Night 31: UFC Fight for the Troops 3,” where he delivered a first-round KO of veteran Yves Edwards only to see the win overturned when he tested positive post-fight for marijuana. The setback followed another in which Medeiros dislocated his thumb in the first round of a meeting with Rustam Kabilov at UFC 159.

UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira fight card

A look at next week's UFC 172 fight card in Baltimore, which features two massive light heavyweight fights, including Jon Jones' latest defense of his title.

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You Can Help These Dogs, All You Have To Do Is Watch This Video

"Just by watching these puppies, you're raising money for dogs in need," says the narrator in the video above. "You see, if a video goes viral, YouTube shares the money they made from advertising with whoever made the video, and in this case, every dollar we earn will go toward feeding, treating and finding homes for dogs who haven't been as lucky as us."

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter dies

US former boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, whose wrongful conviction for murder caused an international outcry, has died at the age of 76.

If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats

Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana, it's hard to deny that legal weed would be a bonanza for cash-strapped states, just as tobacco and alcohol already are.

The Police Raided My Friend's House Over a Parody Twitter Account | VICE United States

Yes, the cops raided Daniel’s home because they wanted to find out who was behind @peoriamayor, an account that had been shut down weeks ago by Twitter. When it was active, Daniel used it to portray Jim Ardis, the mayor of Peoria, as a weed-smoking, stripper-loving, Midwestern answer to Rob Ford. The account never had more than 50 followers, and Twitter had killed it because it wasn't clearly marked as a parody. It was a joke, a lark—but it brought the police to Daniel's door. The cops even took Daniel and one of his housemates in for in-depth questioning—they showed up at their jobs, cuffed them, and confiscated their phones—because of a bunch of Twitter jokes .

KO of the Week: Ellenberger vs Marquardt

Jake Ellenberger entered his welterweight showdown with Nate Marquardt having won seven of his previous eight fights. See if Jake 'The Juggernaut' can continue his successful stretch against the former Strikeforce champ at UFC 158.

Family describe escape from Longleat lion enclosure after car caught fire

Helen Clements praises staff for helping her children and her flee car 100 yards away from animals

How a gasoline-drinking accident led Alex White to a promising MMA career

Undefeated as an amateur and professional MMA fighter, White takes on Adam Rider (3-2) on Saturday as the main event at “Rumble at the Chase,” a Rumble Time Promotions show in St. Louis. The 8-0 featherweight not only will try to improve his spotless record, but he hopes to continue a career that has roots in bullying he experienced because of a speech impediment caused by the gasoline drinking incident.

Junior dos Santos: ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira 'still has what it takes to compete'

"When retirement comes through your head, it means you should retire," he said. "I don’t know if that’s an option for him yet. I believe he still has what it takes to compete, but anything can happen. He’s 37, but this is the heavyweight division and one punch can end a fight. He got caught.

Dana White says Phil Davis lacks title spirit; Davis: 'Ha ha. Isn't that funny?'

“Let me tell you one thing about Dana. He’s an extremely busy man. He runs one of the biggest and best fight promotions in the entire world. The fact that he doesn’t know what’s going on in my little interviews doesn’t surprise me. So, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. I’m going to talk to Dana and let him know, ‘Hey Dana, I’m going to break apart anybody you put in front of me until I am the UFC champion.’ Simple as that. We just had a misunderstanding. That’s all. People talk. You ever play telephone when you were a kid? Of course. You start out saying one thing, and next thing you know, the message is all screwed up and everybody’s laughing. Ha-ha. Isn’t that funny? Phil Davis don’t want to be a champion. Ha-ha. That’s funny. OK.”

The Brittney Palmer Collection |

Let me preface this blog, and every blog that follows, by saying that there is no “one right answer” when it comes to nutrition and fitness.    There are multiple ways to achieve your ideal body.   The advice from one nutrition and fitness expert can work very well for you.   Does that mean the advice from  every  other nutrition and fitness expert is wrong?  The answer is, of course it doesn’t.   The truth is there are multiple “correct” ways to reach your ideal body and maintain it.  This blog, and the suggestions that are made within it, in no way disqualify other advice as “wrong” or “bad”.   Just as there are “many ways to skin a cat” –there are also many ways to reach your ideal body.   Finding what works for you that you can also HAPPILY MAINTAIN long term – a lifestyle change where you can enjoy your food and workout a reasonable amount – is the key.

Official Fabricio 'Vai Cavalo' Werdum | UFC Fighter

Fabricio Vai Cavalo Werdum


And about the video? It pretty much speaks for itself. It’s atrocious non-fighting with some Street Fighter music passed off as legitimate martial arts. That kind of crap makes point-fighting look like some of MMA’s most physical brawls.

Ditch the 10,000 hour rule! Why Malcolm Gladwell’s famous advice falls short

Interleaving the practice of two or more subjects or skills is also a more potent alternative to massed practice, and here’s a quick example of that. Two groups of college students were taught how to find the volumes of four obscure geometric solids (wedge, spheroid, spherical cone, and half cone). One group then worked a set of practice problems that were clustered by problem type (practice four problems for computing the volume of a wedge, then four problems for a spheroid, etc.). The other group worked the same practice problems, but the sequence was mixed (interleaved) rather than clustered by type of problem. Given what we’ve already presented, the results may not surprise you. During practice, the students who worked the problems in clusters (that is, massed) averaged 89 percent correct, compared to only 60 percent for those who worked the problems in a mixed sequence. But in the final test a week later, the students who had practiced solving problems clustered by type averaged only 20 percent correct, while the students whose practice was interleaved averaged 63 percent. The mixing of problem types, which boosted final test per for mance by a remarkable 215 percent, actually impeded performance during initial learning.

Blog Video: George St-Pierre, Star Wars Villain? GSP Wants to Make it Happen |

Georges St-Pierre caught up with the paparazzi recently, and TMZ asked a question to which Star Wars fans may (or may not) like the answer. GSP said he wants to be a villain in the upcoming Star Wars films set to release in 2015.

UFC on FOX 11: Eva Marie Celebrity Interview

UFC correspondent Megan Olivi catches up with WWE diva and star of Total Divas Eva Marie to talk UFC on FOX 11.

UFC on FOX 11: Shaquille O'Neal Interview

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal and UFC correspondent Megan Olivi chat it up before UFC on FOX 11. Hear how the big man helped pull off the pre-fight press conference and how he was introduced to mixed martial arts.

Leandro Ataides Looking to Take the Next Step Up the Ladder at ONE FC: Rise of Heroes |

Leandro Ataides has a perfect professional record, which currently stands at 6-0, but extending it further will be no easy task because he is slated to face Tatsuya Mizuno at ONE FC: Rise of Heroes in Manila on May 2.

MMA on Instagram: Dancing, Shopping and Sharp-Dressed Men

Welcome to another week in MMA on Instagram! MMA stalker Katie Winter has collected the best pics that UFC and other MMA fighters and personalities were sharing this week and they're all right here for your viewing pleasure.

Pat Curran vs. Patricio Pitbull Featherweight Championship Kicks Off Bellator Summer Series |

“I’ve been wanting this rematch with Curran for a long time, and it’s finally here,” Pitbull said. “I won that first fight, and I should be Bellator Featherweight Champion right now. This time, I’m not going to let it go to the judges. Curran has started to get cocky and he’s disrespecting me. He has no idea what I’ve been through to get to the title. I’m going to put a brake on his tongue on June 6.”

Check Out These Awesome Miniature Magnetic Swarming Robots - Digg

Check Out These Awesome Miniature Magnetic Swarming Robots

Miesha Tate’s List of Hopeful Next Opponents Include Gina Carano, Holly Holm and Sarah Kaufman |

“I was going through a mental hurdle so to speak, losing two in a row and thinking, man, am I just cursed. Like, can I just not win a UFC fight, or what is it? I’m over that hurdle now,” said the 27-year-old during the UFC Post Fight Show on FOX Sports 2. “I’m over that hurdle now and I’m looking forward to moving forward from there.”

Sunday Submission: Jim Miller Chokes Out Melvin Guillard |

Jim Miller has scored numerous submissions throughout his MMA career, and that’s exactly the game plan he employed to finish Melvin Guillard in their headlining bout on FX in January 2012.

Vagner Rocha vs. Joe Ellenberger being targeted for UFC 172

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Cowboy Cerrone Ready for Quick Turnaround Against Whoever Wants to Make Money |

Cerrone’s a Denver native, but trains out of the Jackson-Winkeljohn gym in Albuquerque. On June 7, New Mexico’s most populous city is hosting UFC Fight Night 42. It would be a quick turnaround, but “Cowboy” is going for six. A fight in June would keep him on pace to possibly do it.

36 Dana White Breaks Down UFC on FOX 11, Reconfirms No Mexico Without Cain Velasquez (Video) |

UFC president Dana White was very happy with not only the turnout, but also the fights at UFC on FOX 11 on Saturday night in Orlando, Fla. After the fight, White broke down the card, praising Fabricio Werdum , reiterating the promotion’s commitment to only doing a major live event in Mexico when UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is ready to go, and questioning the decision in the Miesha Tate vs. Liz Carmouche co-main event.

UFC 172 Free Fight: Jones vs Belfort

Jon Jones shows that he is the true phenom, taking out Vitor Belfort en route to his eighth straight win and fourth successful title defense.


From my very special Bunny ❤️ - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Official Website of Arianny Celeste Arianny Celeste is a model, UFC Octagon Girl and Co-Host of Overhaulin' . She has appeared on the cover of Playboy, Maxim (US, Philippines and Korea), FHM, UFC Magazine and many fitness magazines ... Read more about Arianny

UFC on Fox 11 medical suspensions: No mention of broken hand or rib for Travis Browne

The UFC on Fox 11 medical suspensions have been released, and two fighters are facing indefinite terms. Surprisingly, one of them is not Travis Browne.

Trading Shots: Downes, Fowlkes on Werdum, Rousey and value of fresh contenders

Fowlkes: It’s funny how when the heavyweight title changes hands every other fight, we complain about a lack of stability at the top. Then one dude defends the belt a couple times in a row, and suddenly we’re worried that there’s not enough movement in the division. I get why people worry about parity in team sports, because without some external checks, you end up with a few rich teams in big cities just spending their way into dominance each year. But MMA is all about individuals. It’s about one person in each weight class. If one person is dominating everyone else, it’s up to the rest of the field to figure it out to narrow the gap (though, in the case of Rousey, it’s also up to the UFC to quit playing around and sign the fighters who might present interesting new challenges –  and no, I’m not referring here to a certain B-movie star).


Whenever bad numbers come in, we all like to find excuses for why it did so poorly. MMA being a niche sport is never the answer. It’s the weather that’s to blame, or college football, or the economy, or anything other than the truth. When several events in a row report bad numbers, we call it a rough patch. But this is no rough patch, this is the shape of things to come. MMA needs stars to rekindle the world’s interest, but those at the top are only content to provide three letters—U, F, and C.

43 Twitter / Themaidenslayer: @BrendanSchaub step your Cadbury ...

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White on Franklin's potential ONE FC job: 'I'm happy for him'

"I don't know, it's not like if he takes this job that's it, we'll never have him fight in the UFC again," he said. "If he came back and wanted to fight he's still under contract with us, and he hasn't officially retired. Rich is out there making some moves. He started a business, he's got this business that he's running and he's putting all his time, effort and money into it, but he needs another source of income for more money to come in. So these guys gave him a huge opportunity and he's going to take it."

Joe Silva’s Shoes: What’s next for UFC on FOX 11’s winners?

After every event, fans wonder whom the winners will be matched up with next. And with another night of UFC action in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look forward, put on a pair of Joe Silva’s (and Sean Shelby’s) shoes, and play UFC matchmaker.

46 Twitter / RyronGracie: I think @RenerGracie 's is ...

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The three stars of UFC on FOX 11

It was just under six years ago when Werdum was first released after a UFC contract dispute and quick knockout loss to a then-unknown fighter named Junior Dos Santos. He had some growing since his first UFC stint, but now that he’s back in the organization and on a solid run, the 36-year-old will finally get his shot at UFC gold.

UFC on Fox 11 results: Fights to make for the main carders

I'm watching the NHL playoffs right now and I really want Zdeno Chara to take on four lightweights at the same time, but I'll stick to the script for now. UFC on Fox 11 is in the books and it was, in my opinion, the best card of the year to date. Unfortunately the viewing numbers don't seem to be very good due to the obvious lack of major star power, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about as a fan. That begs the question though - where do these fighters go from here? So without further ado, let's take a look at who the main card fighters should meet in their next bout.

UFC on Fox 11 draws a series low of 1.99 million viewers overnight

Compared to the previous FOX fight card, which scored an overnight of 3.22 million viewers with a headlining bout between Benson Henderson and Josh Thompson, as well as a co-main event between Stipe Miocic and Gabriel Gonzaga, this FOX 11 did nearly half those numbers. The lowest viewership prior to that had been the UFC on FOX 3 and 4 shows, which scored 2.42 and 2.44 million viewers respectively.

UFC on FOX 11 Aftermath: Fabricio Werdum's redemption

Hold: Travis Browne -- When the final horn sounded on Saturday night's main event, Browne seemed a no-brainer "down" pick. This was his chance at a star-making moment on national television, and he looked off for the final, oh, 22 minutes of so of the fight. But then we found out afterwards that Browne broke a hand and likely a rib early in the fight. In that context, the fact he was able to go the distance with someone of Werdum's caliber is a remarkable show of toughness. True, Browne is going to have to work his way back up after such a loss, but given his injuries, we're willing to give him a mulligan here.

51 Miesha Tate interested in fights with Sarah Kaufman, Holly Holm and Gina Carano following UFC on Fox 11
52 Dana White: Rich Franklin taking job with ONE FC doesn't rule out him fighting in UFC
53 UFC on FOX 11 medical suspensions: Liz Carmouche, Jack May out indefinitely
54 Video: Should athletic commissions test MMA fighters for marijuana?
55 UFC on FOX 11 post-fight facts: Nurmagomedov ties Barao for UFC’s longest win streak
56 Twitter / MMAHistoryToday: Apr19.2008 @demianmaia Submits ...
57 Coach Winklejohn says that if Overeem doesn’t become a team player at Jackson’s, he ‘will be ostracized real quick’ and will be gone