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Military Physical Training (Athlete)

Quickest tapout in MMA James Gallagher SBG

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Tate talks first UFC win

Hear from Miesha Tate after her unanimous decision victory over Liz Carmouche.

Jackson Wink Fighter Chuck Pieritz Interview

Jackson | Wink Fighter Chuck Pieritz Interview & Mitt Striking Highlights. Chuck is 3-0 and will be fighting May 2nd, 2014 at the Xplode Fight Fight Series A...

PAT HD BARRY Doing the GRUDGE Gauntlet

Best of The Week - Joe Rogan Experience - April 20, 2014

Joe Rogan Experience - Best of The Week of April 13, 2014 edited by Mischief Makers Productions ( JRE #488 - Iliz...

GLORY 12 New York - Ben Edwards vs. Jamal Ben Saddik (Full Video)

Watch GLORY 16 Denver at 9/8c, Saturday May 3rd Ben Edwards staged a miraculous comeback versus Jamal Ben Saddik at GLORY 12 New York, summoning immense will...

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Fighters React To Jon Jones' UFC 172 Win Over Glover Teixeira Via Twitter |

Following UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones ’ seventh title defense at UFC 172 on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react to his one-sided unanimous decision win over Glover Teixeira .

2 UFC 172 results and photos: Danny Castillo KOs Charlie Brenneman with one punch

Castillo kicked early, which forced Brenneman to work for a trip takedown. He landed it and went to work on top in side control. He looked for an arm triangle, then jumped to mount, where he went after Castillo’s arm. But he couldn’t hold it and Castillo wriggled out and took Brenneman’s back near the fence.

UFC 172: Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch full fight video highlights

UFC 172 is a wrap and with two critical light heavyweight bouts at the top of the card, the 205-pound weight class now has a touch more clarity. Take a look at some matchups the UFC should mkae after the event.

Dana White: UFC 172 was the ‘best performance of Jon Jones' career’

BALTIMORE – With Jon Jones having defended his light heavyweight belt for the seventh time on Saturday night against Glover Teixeira , there was a feeling that he’d broken with the sublime and was now catering more towards the historic. Heading into UFC 172 Jones had already beaten what Dana White refers to as the "murderers row" of the best 205-pounders, a record run that has established him as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game. So in the chain of glorious outings, and with his "prime" still in front of him, where did White see his performance against Teixeira, whom Jones dominated for five rounds on Saturday night en-route to a unanimous decision?  "I think it was the best performance of his career," White said in the post-fight press conference about the 26-year old Jones. "Obviously Las Vegas didn’t give Glover Teixeira the respect that he deserved as a 6-to-1 dog. Jones, I think that if he didn’t prove it in the [Alexander] Gustafsson fight, he definitely proved it in this fight -- Jones has a chin. He evolves every time he fights, he comes out and puts on a clinic and does new things.

UFC 172: Jones Defends Title

Todd Grisham and Brett Okamoto break Jon Jones' impressive decision victory of Glover Teixeira at UFC 172 in Baltimore.

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Lean Legs Pak (Fitness)

"Dear Pauline ,  I feel i must take some time and express my appreciation and say Thanks for creating the Butt Bible ,i have it for a very long time,but was really hard for me to stop heavy leg workouts and trust the Butt bible,out of my despair i did it about 5-6 weeks ago,i only do it ones a week(level 3 ,the next week level 2) and still train my legs 2 times,but i got a extreme new look ...a butt that i never had before . Thanks so much ,here is lil pic that i did for a friend of mine to see where i am . Thanks for this great knowledge !"- Tanja

FD Fighter Diet Pyramid (Athlete)

The FD food pyramid is a comprehensive guide to help you learn what foods to eat and when to eat them to get lean and mean. The Fighter Diet food pyramid consists of seven levels and includes an approved food list for each level as well as detailed instruction on how to break down your caloric intake for regular "A" days and refeed "B" days.

Fighter Diet -growing big

Fighter Diet has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. I have always held myself accessible to my followers and customers via email in order to help and support as many as I can in their fitness and health pursuit. As the founder and president of Fighter Diet nobody knows better what products and programs to choose. That's why I've given all my time to personally support each customer.


UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira quick results, live results and play-by-play on Saturday, April 26. The main event features Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira. .…


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The Ultimate Fighter 19: Cathal Pendred Film Session

Irishman Cathal Pendred and Team Penn coaches go over strategy before his prelim bout against Hector Urbina. Pendred, who received a bye in the elimination round, eagerly wants to prove he belongs in the Ultimate Fighter house.


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Rare Indian Burial Ground Quietly Destroyed for Million Dollar Houses

A 4,500-year-old American Indian burial ground—one of the richest and best preserved found in California in the past century—has been paved over for a multimillion dollar housing development in the Bay Area. And archeologists are pissed.

Fighter Diet Beginner Tips

2. New to exercise? Pace yourself! yes, you are physically capable of doing a good hour every day, but you shouldn't go all out being a beginner. You will run risk of overusing your joints, strain muscles and burn out mentally from increasing stress too fast. training volume must be built up progressively over several weeks/months/years. When doing it too fast your body gets worried and tries to stop you. Yes, it's cool you say "nothing can stop me", but... try that when your knees are sore, your ankles hurt, your elbows too, your lower back is cramping and you are only thinking of food and sleeping! You need to detox yourself from bad habits little by little.

UFC Special Announcement

Watch a special announcement from the UFC, live from Mexico City, Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm/1pm ETPT.

Jon Jones Back on the Wave of Domination, but Doesn't Want to Talk About Gustafsson Just Yet |

Teixeira had won 20 consecutive bouts, including five under the UFC banner, before stepping into the Octagon opposite the UFC light heavyweight champion. But he had never faced the likes of Jones or the laundry list of opponents that Jones has defeated to be considered the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

göt2b: göt2b Screaming Hold Of The Night!


Following spinal fusion surgery, Dan Miller looking to return to the Octagon in late summer or fall

The all clear to get back to training came in February, and since that time Miller has slowly been getting back into the swing of things. He did admit that there is some trepidation that comes along with getting back into training. "I try and put it out of my head," said Miller. "But it's something that is there. I just started rolling a little bit, and it is there - the thought is there, but I think, as I get more comfortable it will go away."

Dana White: Jon Jones is on His Way to Being One of the Greatest of All Time |

“He’s definitely the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and on his way to being one of the greatest fighters of all time,” said White following the event. “He gets better every time. He gets more confident every time.”


@ google - I actually think in a lot of ways it is more impressive to have that win streak spread over 3-4 years. It allows the game to evolve, and makes the fighter continually evolve with it. It also allows opponents to view tape and really study you as a fighter, which means you cannot surprise people with the same style/moves again and again. Royce was dominant because his opponents were unfamiliar with even the basics of BJJ, had no time to learn it, and didn't know how to defend it. Anderson and GSP are dominant simply because they are better than the competition.

By the Numbers: UFC 172

Jon Jones his Glover Teixeira with everything but the kitchen sink at UFC 172. | Patrick Smith/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images At 26 years old, Jon Jones has yet to reach his prime. That should be a scary thought for anyone who witnessed the light heavyweight champion’s five-round domination of Glover Teixeira in the UFC 172 headliner at the Baltimore Arena on Saturday night. “Bones” showcased his usual diverse arsenal in taking a unanimous decision over Teixeira, but he was perhaps most effective in close quarters, where he battered the Brazilian with a barrage of punches and elbows against the fence. While the challenger was resilient enough to make it to the judges, he was unable to put together enough offense to consistently threaten the Jackson-Wink MMA product. Here is a by-the-numbers look at UFC 172 , with statistics courtesy of 138: Significant strikes landed by Jones, which surpasses his previous career best of 134 against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. By comparison, Teixeira landed 53 significant strikes.

Matches to Make After UFC 172

Jon Jones laid a serious beating on Glover Teixeira at UFC 172. | Patrick Smith/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images Jon Jones tightened his grip on the Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight title with some close-quarters savagery. Jones controlled and overwhelmed Glover Teixeira with his diverse standup arsenal, retaining his 205-pound championship with a lopsided unanimous decision in the UFC 172 main event on Saturday at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore. “Bones” pitched a shutout on the scorecards, as he took all five rounds in the eyes of all three cageside judges. Teixeira had no answer for the superior skills and athleticism with which he was faced. Jones was effective at a distance, but he did his best work in the clinch. There, he attacked the John Hackleman protégé with a series of short slashing elbows, one of which opened a gnarly diagonal cut above the Brazilian’s right eye. Teixeira fired back in response, but his heavy hands seemed to have no effect on the relentless Jones. According to preliminary FightMetric figures, the champion out-landed the challenger by a staggering 138 to 53 margin in terms of significant strikes; he also secured the only three takedowns of the match.

What Makes A UFC Fighter Like Uriah Hall Tick? We Found Out

How Uriah Hall Got His Start What Makes A UFC Fighter Like Uriah Hall Tick? We Found Out AskMen Editors Share on Facebook Share on Twitter AskMen caught up with UFC fighter and anti-bullying advocate Uriah Hall, and found out how he got his start in martial arts. We spoke with him about what he hopes his legacy will be, along with his dealings with bullied kids.  Uriah goes into detail on his humble beginnings, and what keeps him motivated to continuously put his body through the grueling workout of a mixed martial artist. From his love of video games to his fitness mentality, we go one-on-one with the professional fighter.

Eric & Fighter Diet Fat Loss By Mind power

My Achilles' heel in staying true to my Fighter diet/working out is "rewarding" myself like having cheat meals (yes, plural) on the weekends and growing impatient with small-but-not-enough results. Having someone such as yourself articulate the detrimental effects of these mindsets was just what I needed.Thank you for your contribution to the site and good luck with all of your endeavors! "-Eric

Jon Jones' NFL brother Arthur nearly gave MMA a shot in 2011

With Arthur’s football career in full swing, he might not ever realize his onetime dream of competing in the cage. But with a Super Bowl title to his name, earned during his time with the Baltimore Ravens, Arthur isn’t hurting in terms of professional sporting accomplishment, even as his brother can claim the title of UFC champion. Jon defended his 205-pound title on Saturday night with a dominant win over Glover Teixeira at UFC 172 in Baltimore, where Arthur played for four years for the Ravens before signing with the Colts in March.

Luke Rockhold Wants to Earn UFC Title Shot and Will Gladly "Shut Up" Michael Bisping Along the Way |

“Bisping’s a guy that opened his mouth and he’s still running it,” Kennedy said at the UFC 172 post-fight press conference. “I don’t think Tim Kennedy closed it yet, so I’d love to shut him up for good.”


MMA had been in a rut the last few months. Some recent fight cards have made fans never want to watch MMA again. This card wasn’t one of them. UFC 172 helped MMA not suck. There’s stuff to look forward to now. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Fighter Diet: Lean by Keep it Simple

It's pretty simple in theory: just stop eating crap! Stop talking yourself into cheat meals benefit you or that those cookies are ok. There is no such thing as comfort eating in my book. Don't be naive, you think you'll be happier with that junk in your trunk? Heck no! Deal with it and stop complaining! Listen, we all know we were conditioned by society and our parents to stick something sweet into our mouth whenever we felt down, but that was then, now is different. be a grown up, be responsible for your actions!

Tito Ortiz accuses UFC of erasing his legacy after UFC 172

Following Jon Jones successful title defense at UFC 172, the UFC showed him as setting the record for most wins in the Light Heavyweight division history. Former champ and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz took issue with the claim.

Emotional Danny Castillo pays tribute to mom following highlight-reel KO

BALTIMORE – Danny Castillo  said he plans to take his mom and sister out for breakfast in Baltimore following his highlight-reel knockout of Charlie Brenneman.

Joe Silva's Shoes: What's next for UFC 172's winners?

The most obvious matchup for “Rumble” going forward is to fight the winner of UFC 173’s co-main event between Daniel Cormier (14-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC) and Dan Henderson (30-11 MMA, 7-5 UFC). UFC officials have said the Cormier vs. Henderson winner could get a title shot, but with a jam atop the weight class, they will need to get past Johnson a solidify a shot at the belt.

The Soundtrack to UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira - The Walkout Songs

Over the course of his last several fights, Jones has started to do a mash-up of walkout tunes usually starting with something from 50 Cent and ending with a Bob Marley track, but for his fight at UFC 172, the champ decided to make a change.  Before walking to the cage Jones opted to play the Nelly track 'Hot in Herre', which was the same song used by Lewis when he entered the playing field in Baltimore.  Jones even did his customary 'dance' as he got ready to walk to the cage.


Jim Miller looking to 'move up the ranks, and start fighting the best' UFC lightweights

After his first round submission win at UFC 172, No. 9 ranked UFC lightweight Jim Miller is looking for a step up in competition, and he's naming names

UFC 172 Aftermath: Jon Jones approaches the Anderson Silva zone

Up: Anthony Johnson. We saw, during his UFC first stint, little glimpses here and there of what "Rumble" could be if he ever put it all together: The frightening head kicks, the crisp striking, the raw power. Now that Johnson is fighting at the weight class he belongs in, well, watch out. Johnson looked like a machine against Phil Davis on Saturday night. Without an excessive weight cut slowing him down, Johnson has a newfound gas tank. He's putting all his tools together. Johnson put up a division-shaking performance at UFC 172 one that should give everyone at 205 pounds not named Jon Jones pause.

Titan FC partners with A HERO Foundation, CEO Jeff Aronson says the promotion wants to ‘do the right thing’

The partnership between Titan FC and A HERO Foundation will begin with Titan FC 28 and will continue indefinitely. Titan FC and A HERO Foundation will bring wounded veterans to Titan FC 28 and offer them a VIP experience that includes all access passes, cage side seating and signed gear.


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How to Watch UFC 172

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones discusses his win of Glover Teixeira, his 11th straight victory. Jones, who defended his title for 7th time, reveals how much of game plan was improv and his strategy coming into the fight.

UFC 172 post-fight facts: Jon Jones sets numerous light heavyweight records

The champion wasn’t the only one to set some records in his respective weight class, though. To see the facts and figures behind everything that went down at UFC 172, here’s 45 post-fight facts to come out of the event.

The Ultimate Fighter 19, episode 2 recap: Cathal Pendred lives up to his reputation

Pendred showed that he was well aware of his reputation as a quality fighter and carried a great amount of confidence because of it. In preparation for fights, Pendred said that he does not worry about his opponents. To him, his opponent does not matter, as they will not show him anything that he hasn’t seen nor anything he hasn’t prepared for. His main focus is to simply get himself ready for the fight.

‘Cyborg’ Santos expects ‘violent’ rematch with Melvin Manhoef in Brazil

"I worked more on my cardio this time, and I’m sure I will be better this time," he said. "I will go for the finish as soon as the fight starts, and I’m sure that the opportunity will eventually come. I’m a striker. Sometimes you plan something but gets too excited during the fight. He’s a fantastic striker. We will start the fight standing, and we’ll go from there."

Dana White laughs at Vitor Belfort’s request to fight at UFC 175, says he’s ‘fooling himself’

UFC President Dana White spoke with members of the media following UFC 172, where he discussed the "hilarious" comments made by Vitor Belfort, and explained that the Brazilian is still a long way from getting licensed in Nevada.

Takanori Gomi targeted for UFC's next show in Japan, says he'll quit drinking for title shot

White did not mention an opponent for Gomi (35-9 MMA, 4-4 UFC), who fought three grueling rounds and earned unanimous 29-28 scores against Strikeforce veteran turned UFC fighter Isaac Vallie-Flagg (14-5-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC). It was Gomi’s fourth UFC win and got him back in the winner’s circle after a controversial split-decision loss to Diego Sanchez in his most recent fight, which took place in Japan.

MMA on Instagram: UFC 172 Fight Night

Happy Day After Fight Night! I enjoyed UFC 172 last night and I hope you did, too. As promised, I have broken out the fight night pics into a separate post from MMA on Instagram and this is how it turned out. There's some good stuff so check it out!

Video: Dana White talks Jones, Johnson, Diaz, Arlovski, Belfort and TRT

Following Saturday night’s UFC 172 event, UFC President Dana White spoke to a small media contingent about the pay-per-view card and other topics.

Jim Miller wants fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov after UFC 172 win

A win over Nurmagomedov would do wonders for Miller’s career in the 155-pound division. “The Eagle” has won five straight since his successful debut at UFC on FX 1 and recently notched a high-profile win over top-10 ranked Rafael dos Anjos. It would help the UFC, too, which has struggled to find opponents willing to tussle with the Sambo and wrestling standout. It might even help Nurmagomedov, who’s called out name opponents such as Nate Diaz to no avail .

UFC 172 results: Benavidez & Gomi win on the preliminary card

Takanori Gomi vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg - In this Lightweight tilt, Gomi and Vallie-Flagg went back and forth over their 15 minute brawl. Gomi got off to an early lead in the first mixing up his striking and takedowns while threatening in dominant position. The second was more even, but saw Vallie-Flagg capitalizing on a slip from Gomi. The third was a firefight that saw Gomie opening up a cut on Isaac and ending the round with him on top.

Jonah From Tonga

GET READY TO GET PUCKED! Jonah From Tonga #JonahFromTonga is a new six-part half-hour comedy by Chris Lilley, coming soon to ABC1.

Video: UFC 172 recap of brutal Jones win, disappointing women's fight

BALTIMORE – MMAjunkie and USA TODAY lead staff reporter John Morgan takes a look back at Saturday’s UFC 172 pay-per-view event, including the co-headliners.

51 UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card
52 After pre-UFC 172 trash talk, Jon Jones gets last laugh at Phil Davis
53 UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira Results - Sunday Perspective
54 UFC 172: Dana White Reaction
55 UFC 172: Domination By Rumble
56 UFC 172: Rockhold Beats Boetsch
57 UFC 172: Miller Wins By Submission Again