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UFC Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

On UFC Embedded episode #2 of 7, Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson both spend personal time with their families before packing their bags and heading out on a...

Renato Laranja Show: Episode 1 with Kenny Florian

Special guest, Kenny Florian. Renato Does Pick-up Lines with Dean Lister. Special Thanks to Bucato Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. Exec Producer...

UFC 173: Renan Barao

How to Be a Loser: Rich Franklin at TEDxUChicago 2014

Post-Production: Hamid Bendaas | Fire Escape Films ( Rich "Ace" Franklin is a professional mixed martial artist and 3-time Ul...

HBO Real Sports: Michael and Bruce Buffer Web Clip

Soledad O'Brien sits down with the enterprising duo to learn more about their inspiring story, and how it led to the birth of the Buffer Partnership. Real Sp...

UFC 173 MMA Roasted

Here is the brand new MMA Roasted Video for UFC 173. There are jokes about TJ Dillashaw, Renan Barao, Daniel Cormier, Dan Henderson, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler...

The Ultimate Fighter 19 Episode 6 with Dana White

It's the most controversial TUF fight of the season! Next Wednesday May 21st at 10pm ET on FOX Sports 1. On Sunday, don't miss the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 on FO...

UFC 173 MMA Roasted

Here is the brand new MMA Roasted Video for UFC 173. There are jokes about TJ Dillashaw, Renan Barao, Daniel Cormier, Dan Henderson, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler...

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With Rani Yahya out, Cody Gibson faces Johny Bedford

Cody Gibson gets another shot at his first UFC win at UFC Fight Night 44. Gibson will face Johny Bedford in a bantamweight contest at the AT&T Center on June 28 in San Antonio, Texas, according to UFC officials Tuesday. Yahya dropped out of the fight for undisclosed reasons. The Yahya-Bedford fight was a rematch of their contest at UFC Fight Night 39. The fight was declared a no-contest after an accidental headbutt. Gibson (11-4) lost his UFC debut via unanimous decision to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 170 . The loss snapped a six-fight win streak. Bedford is 3-1 (with one no-contest) over his past five fights. Cub Swanson will square off against Jeremy Stephens in the main event.

Sexiest Women & Hottest Celebrities | Maxim 2013 Hot 100

You voted, we counted, and the rest is supersexy history. From mind-bogglingly seductive supermodels to Hollywood’s most awe-inspiring actresses (with a bevy of beauties in between), the women of 2014 make up a roster so undeniably breathtaking you may get light-headed just reading it.


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We can do better than 82! #voteceleste #fhm100sexiest #fhmPH - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

We can do better than 82! #voteceleste #fhm100sexiest #fhmPH

Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist

Thank you Pomeroy for your good summary of Gibsons reports. Unfortunately, this unscientific “researcher” used the number one most commonly intolerated food as his placebo: milk protein. Common lactose intolerance is a totally different thing and the guy apparently has this confused with milk protein reactions — that which is super common in babies but found in plenty of adults as well. The “baseline” diets would have milk too, generally. This non-science makes his “nocebo” comments illegitimate here, though I’m sure it exists (which makes it great to use biopsies, inflammatory markers, and various immune cell and cytokine measurements, and comparing to a legitimate placebo, to see when reactions are actually happening). Milk protein reactions often present the same kind of damage, as seen under the microscope, as that typically described for celiac. Celiac is only one kind of immune reaction to foods. It became a medically recognized distinct entity when very early tests were designed to find some very distinct gluten antibodies. Then anyone who didn’t show these antibodies (or else IgE antibodies to certain foods) was just a psycho case.

Former WWE Superstar Chokes Out Thief -

Former WWE Superstar Harry “David Hart” Smith went all bad ass on a purse thief while in Amsterdam.

King Mo: If Rampage wants to stand-and-bang in every fight, go sign with GLORY and get KTFO by Tyrone Spong and Gokhan Saki

"You know how Quinton was saying, 'if you a real man, then stand-and-bang with me.' Which is stupid. This is MMA. If he wants to stand-and-bang, he can go and fight in GLORY. As a matter of fact, if he wants to stand-and-bang, go and fight Tyrone Spong when he gets healthy. He'll get knocked out. Go fight Gokhan Saki, he'll get knocked out. Go box, he'll get knocked out. That's why he does MMA, because if he was good at stand up, he wouldn't be doing MMA, he'd be out there making millions in boxing."

‘King Mo’ Lawal says he wants to be treated with respect, ‘and if Bellator can’t do it, maybe someone else will’

"That is not the way you promote fights. That is the way you show favoritism. Not just in this, in all of this. It's just little things. It all accumulates. If I invite you to my house and I'm rolling out the red carpet for you, and then for no reason you come back and I give you a sandwich, and you say ‘okay, you know what, maybe he just didn't have a chance to cook well.' And then you come back the next time and I give you a candy bar, and you say ‘okay, well that's kind of weird.' And then the next time you come I don't give you s--t, I just offer you a glass of water, at some point you're going to go ‘okay, this is just screwed up.' That's just how it works, it's about relationships. Even if you don't like the guy or you don't believe in the guy, whatever your personal feelings are, you can't just do a 180 on that guy."

FD Spectacular Chest (Athlete)

To build a balanced, muscular body you can’t neglect the chest. Fitness minded men like to have a nice chest. Ladies who experience diminishing breasts due to leaning out, can help create some volume on top by making sure they build pecs too. (Spectacular pecs are not just for men!) How do you focus on the chest? Pauline’s latest ebook, sPECtacular Chest, is all about this.

Joe Rogan and friends

Joe Rogan: “One of the most complex and exciting stand-ups working in America today.  Like an idealistic hippy stuck inside the body of a testosterone-pumped US marine.  He’s been likened to late great US comedians such as Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison, but although he exhibits a similar brand of furious indignation, his observations and revelations are entirely his own.  His angry, insightful act is an absorbing battle between his raw libertarian instincts and his refined liberal sensibilities.”  --William Cook, The Guardian   A standup comedian for more than 20 years, Joe Rogan sells out theaters internationally with his inquisitive and intense comedic style.  His third hour comedy special “Joe Rogan: Live from the Tabernacle” was released in December 2012 via his website.  Rogan previously starred in two hour long specials, “Talking Monkeys in Space” (2009) now available on CD & DVD and “Joe Rogan Live” (2007) now available on DVD, and released the CD’s “Shiny Happy Jihad” (2007) and “I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday” (2000).

June's 'ONE FC 17: Era of Champions' in Indonesia gets four new matchups

Next month’s “ONE FC 17: Era of Champions” event has four new matchups, as company officials today released further details of the still-forming card.

EA Sports scores unanimous decision, not a KO, with its first UFC video game

In terms of just pure gameplay, it could end up being the best combat sports game ever. And the fighters are true to reality. Playing as Chad Mendes, I couldn’t quite catch up to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Aldo was always a step faster, with his footwork, hands and kicks. When I did have success it was because I was able to get Mendes to take Aldo down -- which essentially will be Mendes' game plan when the two meet in the main event of UFC 176 on Aug. 2 in Los Angeles.

Ghita vs. Verhoeven: Kickboxing's top heavyweights go to war on Twitter

The uneasy peace between Daniel Ghita and former training partner turned bitter rival Rico Verhoeven has been shattered. Having recently joined Twitter, Ghita has now discovered that the chief joy of its many uses is to engage in online confrontation. This is no idle chatter though; Ghita and Verhoeven will meet in the ring on June 21 at GLORY: LAST MAN STANDING for what is expected to be a 'Fight of the Year' contender. The world heavyweight title is on the line - and so are the bragging rights.


You see, Pantangco was thoroughly outclassing his opponent that night, battering Rasner on the feet throughout the first round of their flyweight tilt. It got so bad at one point, apparently, that rather than continue teeing off on his game but overmatched opponent, Pantangco opted to tap out and grant Rasner the victory. A bizarre choice to say the least, and one that begs the question:  Is there such a thing as *too much* sportsmanship in MMA?

UFC 173: The SHOOT! with Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson appears on The SHOOT! to talk about his UFC 173 showdown with Daniel Cormier to determine the next No. 1 contender to Jon Jones' UFC light heavyweight crown.

Video: Watch UFC 173's T.J. Dillashaw choke out Vaughan Lee

But no matter now, because Dillashaw (9-2 MMA, 5-2 UFC) this week gets a coveted bantamweight title shot against champion Renan Barao (32-1 MMA, 7-0 UFC). The two headline UFC 173, which takes place Saturday at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Injury scraps Alvarez-Bagherdai, WSOF 10 again set with 12 fights

The promotion on Tuesday announced the card had been finalized for the June 21 show, which takes place at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The main card airs on NBC Sports Network following prelims that will stream at MMAjunkie.

Reminder: HBO 'Real Sports' segment with Bruce Buffer airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET

Michael Buffer is the legendary boxing voice responsible for “Let’s get ready to rumble.” Bruce is his half-brother and the UFC’s “Voice of the Octagon.” The two didn’t discover each other until much later in life, but now they’ve combined to create a thriving business, largely around Michael’s “Let’s get ready to rumble” catchphrase.

Onnit Giveaway - TJ Dillashaw Autographed Merchandise + Onnit Alpha Brain, Onnit Shroom Tech Sport, Onnit Hemp Force Protein |

Onnit is offering readers an exclusive contest to win some autographed TJ Dillashaw memorabilia as well as some of their top products which are a favorite of guys like Joe Rogan, Tim Kennedy, TJ and so many more including Onnit Alpha Brain , Onnit Shroom Tech Sport and Onnit Hemp Force !

USA Wrestling Hires UFC Veteran Matt Lindland as National Greco-Roman Coach

Matt Lindland has a new position in the wrestling field. | Jumana Totongi/ Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran and Olympic silver medalist Matt Lindland has been named USA Wrestling’s national Greco-Roman wrestling coach. In his new role, Lindland will guide the sport’s top American athletes in addition to overseeing the program’s development at all levels. Lindland replaces Steve Fraser, who headed the program for 18 years prior to departing for another position. A standout wrestler at the University of Nebraska, Lindland won gold at the 2000 Summer Olympics, three years after he began his MMA career in 1997. “For me, it is an honor to serve in this capacity. If there was any position I ever wanted, it would be to lead USA Wrestling in the Olympic Games and world championships, and help our team win medals,” said Lindland. “My goal is to win Olympic medals and prepare our athletes to execute at the most important tournaments.” The 44-year-old joined the UFC just months after winning his medal in Sydney, rattling off four consecutive victories prior to coming up short against Murilo Bustamante in a UFC 37 middleweight title bid.

On the Street Video Footage of Renzo Gracie Arrested at NYC Nightclub |

Renzo Gracie , Igor Gracie, and Gregor Gracie, along with four other men, were arrested early Monday morning outside of a Manhattan nightclub, after allegedly beating up a bouncer from the club. The Gracies and the other men were reportedly charged with gang assault .

Renzo, Igor, and Gregor Gracie Arrested for Alleged Gang Assault in New York City |

Renzo Gracie , Igor Gracie, and Gregor Gracie, along with four other men, were arrested early Monday morning outside of a Manhattan nightclub, after allegedly beating up a bouncer from the club.

Mutual coach doesn't want to see 'Rampage' vs. Newton, but does have some other suggestions

“How many fans do you think want to see Emmanuel Newton and Rampage, versus Emmanuel Newton and Tito Ortiz?” McKee said. “No one wants to see Mo Lawal [and Newton] again. I think there should be a rematch, because Rampage really wants to knock Mo Lawal out, and I’d like to see Tito and Emmanuel go at it. Give Tito a shot at that title, and if Tito wins, then the winner of Mo and Rampage gets to go up against Tito for the true championship. I think that’s the better way to go for pay-per-views, I think it’s the better way to go for money, and from a fan standpoint.”

Assault charges for MMA legend reduced to misdemeanor, jail time unlikely

Gracie, part of the sport's famed first family, was arraigned Monday evening on two counts of misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident that occurred early Monday morning in front of a New York City nightclub that left a bouncer with a broken arm, according to court records. Gracie, along with five others, were initially arrested on charges of felony gang assault , according to the NYPD, but those charges were reduced.

#sexee cover shoot dropping May 23. 🖀🏀🏀 @briechilders @alilevinedesign @littleirishcat - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

#sexee cover shoot dropping May 23. 🖀🏀🏀 @briechilders @alilevinedesign @littleirishcat