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Zeitgeist Part 1 on Religion

The new Zeitgeist Part 1 Sourcebook, includes transcript and sources: Rebuttal to Dr. Chris For...

Filipino Wrecking Ball | 6th Annual World MMA Awards

UFC fighter Mark Munoz sings his own version of Miley Cyrus' hit song, 'Wrecking Ball'. Watch the 6th annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards on FSN, Sunday Fe...

Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs [Full Album: 1/3]

Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs (1959) / Columbia Records Marty Robbins - Vocals & guitar Grady Martin - Guitar Jack H. Pruett - Guitar Bob L. Moore - Bas...

Vitor Miranda - Essa é minha vida. Ep 02

Sequencia de 5 vídeos que contam a trajetória do atleta de MMA Vitor Miranda, que está na final do The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 3 e que é meu marido! :-) Prod...

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Proof That Every Country Music Song This Year Was Exactly the Same

In the hopes that country music fans "will stop settling for this derivative junk," Smith made a video to illustrate his point. "I'm holding up a mirror to a genre I care a lot about," he tweeted . "Here's to better music in 2014."

Britain’s most dangerous prisoner Charles Bronson 'takes on 12 guards'

Prisoner Charles Bronson, a 61-year-old Tottenham Hotspur fan, admitted covering himself in butter and taking on 12 prison guards after Premier League team Arsenal beat Hull at Wembley in the FA Cup Final on May 17

Renzo Gracie breaks silence on alleged nightclub brawl

"It’s not because you’re a fighter, it’s because they wanted to call the attention of the press," he continued. "They want to make a drama and create problems. Now they know because they watched the tape. They saw that was no coward act. They saw it was just a little scuffle and I took him down and mounted him. I didn’t hit him once. That’s the reality, I don’t need to lie. If I beat the crap out of him, I’d tell you right now, but I didn’t had the chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance. It couldn’t happen because he chickened out. I wish he had put a fight. Why I’m so frustrated, I was expecting a fight when I tackled him."

DSTRYRsg: Destroyer Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: CATCH IS BACK! THE CATCH WRESTLING ALLIANCE INVITATIONAL JUNE 7TH.

Catch Wrestling Alliance Presents Rebirth of the Sport for the First Time in 100 Years in the United States at UCLA's John Wooden Center June 7th in Inaugural Catch Wrestling International Invitational - U.S.A. Vs. The World Catch Wrestling is something I have held close to my heart for many years. Unfortunately, very few people get to experience the true essence of the sport and the art. All to often CACC get generalized into stereotypes of brutal guys with little skill who want to muscle submissions and crank people. While cranks and brutal subs art a part of the art, there is so much more, which includes a scientific approach to fighting and grappling. Typically we go on a rant here and give a brief history lesson, but quite frankly we don't have time for that. What we do have time for is to announce an event that is the first of its kind here in the modern US. Life long martial artist, and avid catch wrestler, Raul Ramirez has established the Inaugural Catch Wrestling Alliance International Invitational that is taking place on June 7th. “There hasn’t been an event like this in the United States in nearly 100 years.

Germaine de Randamie out at UFC 174, promotion seeks replacement for Dudieva

With such a short turnaround time to find a replacement for de Randamie, and with the potential for visa issues, the UFC may be primarily looking for fighters from North America, as well, perhaps, as fighters from the Commonwealth of Nations that includes the United Kingdom and Australia.

Satoshi Ishii announces fight with Mirko Cro Cop on August 23rd

If there's one big "name" heavyweight operating outside the bounds of a major MMA promotion in today's landscape it's Satoshi Ishii . An Olympic gold medal Judoka (no, not Ronda Rousey ) for Japan, Ishii has been tabbed for stardom in MMA since his first bouts. In that way that only Japanese MMA seems able or willing to do, this means that he's been fighting the best available opposition right out of the gate; sink or swim from day one. At times he's sunk, and sunk hard. Lately, however, Ishii has been on something of a tear; beating a host of former UFC vets and establishing an eight fight winstreak over decent competition, without ever setting foot in the octagon. In today's landscape, that's practically unheard of.

CEO explains rationale for Cage Warriors’ new hefty 60 percent weigh-in fines

“Cage Warriors gets none of this money,” Boylan said. “Any deductions go to the opponent of the fighter who missed weight. They get 40 of the 60 percent, and for the remaining 20 percent, his opponent chooses the charity that the money gets sent to. The organization doesn’t benefit from putting these fines in.”


It’s a slow news day, so why not enjoy this batch of sexy MMA ring girl GIFs, which we’ve pulled from the deepest crevices of the Internet? And to sweeten the deal, we won’t even put them in our gallery viewer that you guys can’t stand — just hit the “next page” buttons to advance through all five pages of giffy goodness. Happy Tuesday!

Deep in thought ... @iamstanchen sporting my Tshirt ! 🖀#areUamodel? #asiansloveme 🖀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Deep in thought … @iamstanchen sporting my Tshirt ! 🖀#areUamodel? #asiansloveme 🖀

Comfortable in her perfect imperfection.🗀 @kennysweeney411 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Comfortable in her perfect imperfection.🗀 @kennysweeney411

New UFC background checks ask fighters for criminal history, release of medical records

“Companies ask independent contractors to sign all sorts of documents regarding their backgrounds, waivers of liability, (and) background checks, which is certainly very common for many firms,” said Warren Zola, a professor of sports law at Boston College. “You’re asking an independent contractor who is going to perform a physical task to provide medical information and to waive background checks. It’s certainly more than many employers would ask, but it’s certainly not illegal.

Renzo Gracie on NYC brawl: 'Many times the justice system doesn’t work properly'

"When the cops arrived he made a huge scandal and got us arrested. Many times the justice system doesn't work properly. We were the only ones arrested, there was no gang assault. There were three guys jumping on Igor and luckily nobody hit nobody. The only person that took someone down was me. My altercation was directly with this person that is accusing us."

Head 2 Head: Miocic vs. Maldonado

Head 2 Head: Will Miocic steamroll Maldonado?

Signal to Noise: UFC 173's best and worst

That said, I'm having a hard time understanding the sense in booking a fight opposite Ferguson. It seems deliberate, in retrospect, to produce the outcome it did, as if the UFC matchmakers were thumbing their noses at long dead Japanese promotions and their use of novelty over substance. It's a fine critique, but that argument is settled and over. Kikuno is now in the UFC's stable. Given the UFC's plans to return to Japan in the summer, I fail to see how this serves their interests there except in some narrow, long view way of making an example of Kikuno to let other fighters know what's expected of them (independent of whether they're even capable of that).