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Watch This Video & You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again

Michael Pollan is an author, activist, journalist and professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He mainly focuses on the industrial food chain with regards to his research. He emphasizes how cooking is one of the simplest and most important steps people can take to improve their family’s health, build communities, […]

Henry Rollins - Young Person

All material cited below. Narration: Henry Rollins' Letter to a Young American - Full Transcript: http://bigthink....

FD Build Muscle Burn Fat! (Athlete)

A.J. Bryant vs. Tommy Aaron (University of MMA: Fight Night 7, 6/1/14, Los Angeles, CA)

A.J. Bryant (XFit) fought Tommy 'The Spaniard' Aaron (Elite Training Center) at 'University of MMA: Fight Night 7' on Sunday, June 1, 2014 from Club Nokia at...

Backstage With Scott Coker

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Knuckle Up #412: Coker, Rebney + the Dirty Business of MMA. Plus: a Racism Primer for Racists

Eugene S. Robinson on BELLATOR, the REBNEY outing, the COKER in'ing and a competitive MMA landscape that's shifting shapes sooner than your eyes can see. Aaaannnndddd…a re-primer on the ridiculous failed symbolism of our favorite ism: racism.

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Video: Anderson Silva Back in the Gym at Team Nogueira, Showing Fancy Footwork |

Silva got back in the ring over the weekend, working on his boxing, throwing hard punches and showing agile footwork at the Team Nogueira gym. He did not, however, throw any kicks.

Video: Inside the vintage Urijah Faber-Dominick Cruz rivalry on 'STATIC'

“STATIC” launched earlier this month with a debut episode featuring the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen rivalry. The second edition went inside Diaz’s rivalry with Jason “Mayhem” Miller. And this past week, the Ronda Rousey-Miesha Tate rivalry was investigated. The show is part of JAY Z’s Life + Times, a digital hub covering art, sports, music, fashion and culture.

WSOF 10 salaries: Champs David Branch, Jessica Aguilar earn top paydays

Champions David Branch  ($36,000) and Jessica Aguilar   ($35,000) were the top earners at this past weekend’s WSOF 10 event.

Video: Former UFC champ Anderson Silva is sparring again

Silva (33-6 MMA, 16-2 UFC), who lives in Los Angeles, has been sidelined since late December. In UFC 168′s main event, he suffered a gruesome leg break when Chris Weidman checked a kick and forced a TKO stoppage, which marked his second straight win over the former long-reigning titleholder.


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The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Dad's dance with daughter will leave you speechless

Many dads have special moments to dance with their daughters, especially on their wedding day. But the dance that 12-year-old McKenzie Michelle Carey shared with her father, Mike Carey, at Summer Pageant Fest is the kind that you'll never forget after you see it once. 

Kanye West, Foo Fighters To Headline Las Vegas' Life Is Beautiful Festival

The Life Is Beautiful music festival, returning for its second year to Downtown Las Vegas, has announced the lineup for the 2014 edition.

Comic Comeback | Last Comic Standing | NBC

How to Submit Your Vote via the Website:  You will need a valid Twitter account to vote via the website (if no account exists or you are not signed in a Twitter power modal window will be presented). To vote via the website during any Voting Period, go to, watch the competing comics’ videos, and click the “vote” button for the comic receiving your vote.  You will be prompted to log in to your Twitter account; once you are logged in, you’ll be provided with a prepared tweet that will count as a vote for that comic, or you can create your own text in the space. If you create your own text, it must contain the hashtag #ComicComeback and a keyword consisting of the first name of the comic competing in that round whom you have selected to receive your vote. There must be a space between the hashtag and the keyword for your vote to count. You must then select “[Tweet]” for your vote to be posted to Twitter and to count as a valid vote.  To participate in this vote, you must have your Twitter account set to public.

Elon Musk seeks to hasten shift to solar by building factory

So SolarCity acquired Silevo for $200 million in cash and stock, and incentives worth an additional $150 million. Silevo has developed highly efficient solar cell technology that can be made at traditional prices, Rive said. To scale up the technology, SolarCity is discussing with New York state officials plans to build one of the world's largest solar panel plants in the Buffalo area, in large part to exploit the power of Niagara Falls, he said.

Report: Nick Diaz targeting UFC return 'by New Year' ... pending contract negotiations

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Forrest Griffin talks TRT: 'It's worth shortening your lifespan to be good at something'

"I did it, I think it's great. When it started, I had two problems with steroids. One, they're illegal and I'm doing illegal drugs. And, two, you're telling kids, fans, young people that watch the sport you have to do drugs to do this. Well, that's not true. The best guys don't do drugs. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, (Georges St. Pierre), these guys don't use drugs, they're naturally athletic. The best guys in any sport don't use drugs. It's the guys on the second tier trying to get to the first tier that use drugs. I mean, I knew what I was doing. I knew that what I was doing is bad for my body in the long run, potentially, and I was doing what the doctor gave me, so it wasn't crazy. But I mean, you now, there's a chance (you can) enlarge your heart, enlarge your prostate, lose your prostate, not be able to (perform sexually) after 50. So I took that into advisement in doing that. But to me, being a better fighter was worth it. It was worth even shortening your lifespan to be good at something."

MMA World Series of Fighting WSOF | Official Site

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The New Zealand UFC Card Arrives Just in Time | FIGHTLAND

TUF Nations concluded earlier this year and created some much needed buzz in the Australian MMA scene. Although the Australian fighters didn’t succeed in securing the six figure contracts, they did show the world that they belong; with two of their fighters defeating their Canadian adversaries, and the rest showing the tenacity Aussie sporting teams are known for. The New Zealand card is arriving just in time to keep that momentum going, with many of the show’s contestants getting a second chance in the UFC. After the initial launch of the UFC in Australia in 2010, the dreaded curse of fan apathy has seemed to set in, a mistake they appear to not be making on their re-entry into the market. 

Free Fight Friday: Darren Elkins vs Charles Oliveira UFC Live

Rising Brazilian star Charles Oliveira makes his UFC debut against the powerful wrestler Darren Elkins at UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean

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Last Saturday marked an increasingly rare occasion for the fight fan attempting to have an honest to God social life, with the UFC taking a much needed break  ahead of this weekend’s Fight Night doubleheader . That is not to say there wasn’t plenty of fight action to be witnessed — both the World Series of Fighting and Glory kickboxing held events in California over the weekend — but were any of you honestly on pins and needles to watch the former’s middleweight title fight between David Branch and Jesse Taylor, or the latter’s rematch between Mirko Cro Cop and Jarrell Miller? Thought so.

Is Nick Diaz Going to Answer Anderson Silva's Call? Says He's Planning to Return by New Year |

Is Nick Diaz Going to Answer Anderson Silva’s Call? Says He’s Planning to Return by New Year

UFC Fight Night 43 pre-fight facts: Headliners have back-to-back UFC losses for first time

The UFC rolls into its second single-day doubleheader in the past month on Saturday as UFC Fight Night 43 marks the organization’s debut fight card in New Zealand.

@MattSerraUFC name the pastas! Quick! - via @arielhelwani

<a href="" title="@MattSerraUFC name the pastas! Quick! on Twitpic"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="@MattSerraUFC name the pastas! Quick! on Twitpic"></a>

UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Stephens fight card

A look at this Saturday night's UFC Fight Night in San Antonio, where Cub Swanson and Jeremy Stephens square off in a featherweight main event.

WSOF 10 medical suspensions: Karakhanyan among six issued terms

The Nevada State Athletic Commission today released to MMAjunkie the medical suspensions following the event, which took place June 21 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The event’s main card aired on NBC Sports Network following prelims on MMAjunkie.

As 'brick wall' awaits, Charles Oliveira appreciates UFC's loyalty

Charles Oliveira has never put together the type of winning streak that’s put him in serious title contention, but he appreciates the loyalty that UFC officials have shown him anyway.

Frankie Edgar views not making The Ultimate Fighter as contestant a blessing in disguise

When Frankie Edgar goes back into the cage in less than two weeks, a lot of things will be familiar. The date, July 6, will be exactly 365 days since his last fight, and to the week of the nine-year anniversary of his first MMA experience, in essentially an underground fight in the Bronx. The city, Las Vegas, was the site of his previous two fights and will be his seventh time in Sin City of his 22 career fights. Edgar's opponent, B.J. Penn , is someone he's shared 50 minutes in the cage with in two lightweight championship fights in 2010, both of which he won via decision. The year delay between fights, the longest of Edgar's career, has made him hungry even though he's facing someone he's beaten twice. And while Edgar won both the previous fights, Penn today is considered a legend of the sport as the first true lighter weight superstar in the U.S. Edgar really isn't talked of in the same terms, although one could make a strong case he should be.

#edc with my babe @richellemonae 🏀#twins #sisters love her! 🗀🗀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

#edc with my babe @richellemonae 🏀#twins #sisters love her! 🗀🗀

Ronda Rousey, Urijah Faber and Stefan Struve join the Great MMA Debate podcast

Finally, the debate is all new this week as we ponder what Wanderlei Silva was thinking when he skipped out on a drug test, confessed to the commission that he was taking a banned substance and now believes he's all in the clear.  Plus with the recent numbers from the last two UFC pay-per-views taking a dramatic dip, what does this say about the star power of the bantamweight and flyweight divisions?

Pictures: Glory 17 ‘Cro Cop vs. Miller’ - Cro Cop vs. Miller

The Indonesia Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta played host to One FC 17.

Ben Fowlkes' video response to Wanderlei Silva's video response

But before that happens, our own Ben Fowlkes offers up his own video response to Silva’s most recent video response. Check out the video above.

Lyoto Machida interested in one-fight deal to face GLORY's Artem Levin

Former UFC champion Lyoto Machida revealed to that he would be very interested in a one-off fight with Artem Levin.

Cage Fury Fighting Championships 36 Results: Lyman Good Finishes Matthew Secor |

“I think I was winning the fight. I got hit with a punch, and that’s part of the game, getting hit with punches,” said Secor, 27. “I got hit. I don’t really remember anything after that. He hit me good; he hit me flush. What can you do? This is fighting. If I cared about getting knocked out I would’ve been a bowler, I guess. This is the job we have, and sometimes when you make a mistake in our profession, you get knocked out.”

The road to #edc last night was #unbelievable!! 🏀🗀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

The road to #edc last night was #unbelievable!! 🏀🗀

UFC 174 'Fight Motion': Astounding slo-mo video from Vancouver

We’re five days away from another whole bunch of fights, but there’s still time to look back … in super-duper slow motion.


Sound like something you’d like? Well today’s your lucky day. In the name of journalistic integrity, we scoured YouTube to find the best Ultimate Surrender videos that we can post here without violating our “no actual nudity” policy. Never let it be said that CagePotato won’t go to any heights (or depths , in this case) to get the story. Enjoy…


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SB Nation MMA rankings: Flyweight

The flyweight division has had some big fights of late but the results didn't do much to shake up the top of the division in the eyes of the SB Nation rankings panel. There are a few new entries, but that's only because we haven't covered this division in a while. So, here you go.

Video: Why has Arizona become a hotbed for MMA training?

But over the past few years, a new hotbed has started to climb to the forefront, and it’s not based around one particular team. The state of Arizona has been churning out champions and title challengers. So we asked a few fighters who train there just what’s in the water – or the desert air, perhaps – in Arizona that makes that their ideal place to prep for fights.


Learning how Beerbohm, a former meth addict, discovered his passion for mixed martial arts while watching The Ultimate Fighter from behind bars is a humanizing moment that many fighters (or at least, more than us MMA fans would care to admit to) could likely identify with. The same goes for the moments devoted to Beerbohm’s adorable (and slightly resentful) parents, who after serving as enablers to their son’s addiction for years, have rallied behind his newfound career and the more positive outlook on life it has given him. His mother even offers some insight into how Beerbohm came to be known as “Fancy Pants” thanks to a collection of old fabrics and her crack sewing skills.

After nerve damage suffered in surgery, Amir Sadollah planning fall return

A momentary lapse in reason by Jason High following his loss to Rafael Dos Anjos earlier this month not only cost him his job in the UFC, but now it's landed him a one-year suspension from the New Mexico Athletic Commission.

Ricardo Lamas on Conor McGregor: 'He's just a loud mouth'

UFC featherweight contender and former title challenger Ricardo Lamas tells Bloody Elbow his thoughts on his next matchup with Hacran Dias, his failed attempt to wrest the title from Jose Aldo, and a certain Irishman working his way up the UFC rankings who a few of you might have heard about.

Lyoto Machida: Vitor Belfort is ‘logically’ next in line for a title shot

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida believes Vitor Belfort is next in line for a title shot at middleweight following UFC 175.

Ben Saunders: 'I was visualizing my opponent was Bjorn Rebney'

I feel I was a pretty big figure for their organization, & I had a ton of fighters that had my back in full support, employees too. But no one had any power or weight to do anything about it. I just personally didn't give a f*** and did what I could anyways. He wanted play games I couldn't win, but in the end I feel Victorious!

Pics, videos: Cung Le, Michael Bisping head to Asia for pre-UFC Fight Night 48 tour

In addition to Bisping (24-6 MMA, 14-6 UFC) vs. Le (9-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC), the event, which is expected to stream on UFC Fight Pass, also includes welterweight contenders Hector Lombard (34-4-1 MMA, 3-2 UFC) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (19-2-1 MMA, 10-2 UFC).


Sonnen has no such pedigree to rely on. His effective ground-game earned him submission wins against Mauricio Rua and Brian Stann later in his UFC career, but keep in mind, this is the guy who used to get subbed by Brazilians on a regular basis. Our prediction: Sonnen sells a lot of tickets, then gets styled on. (And I guess Metamoris doesn’t drug test its competitors, huh.)

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare @shannonlaurine @glambynatalie @runwaymagazine - Latest Photos

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” - William Shakespeare @shannonlaurine @glambynatalie @runwaymagazine

RFA 16 set for July 25 with Copeland-Jorgensen heavyweight title main event

“I’m very happy about this opportunity,” Jorgensen stated. “I’ve been following the RFA for a long time now and have seen really tough heavyweights like Justin McCully and Steve Mocco compete for them. It’s an honor to compete for the first RFA heavyweight title. Josh Copeland is a game opponent and I look forward to facing him.”

52 This week's MMAjunkie Radio schedule includes 'Primetime' edition on Tuesday
53 Morning Report: Jon Jones believes first fight with Alexander Gustafsson was his 'strongest showing,' says UFC used 'certain strategies' to book the rematch