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Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

See Music Videos that you CAN'T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. Digital Underground ...

GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENIS! - Epic Australian Man Arrested

►►Subscribe for more hilarious videos every day!◄◄ Brave Hero Saves Suicidal Woman: Send in clips you find online: http://2buckse...

Moonshine Bandits - Shine With Me

Music Video for Shine With Me performed by Moonshine Bandits from the album Whiskey and Women © 2011 Suburban Noize Records Pre-Order Whiskey and Women Now @...

Joe Rogan Experience #508 - TJ Dillashaw & Duane Ludwig

TJ Dillashaw is a mixed martial arts fighter and currently the UFC Bantamweight Champion. Duane Ludwig is a former mixed martial arts fighter and currently i...

GLORY Last Man Standing - Filip Verlinden Pre Fight Interview

Tickets to GLORY 17 and Last Man Standing: Filip "The Belgian Bull" Verlinden is...

Lee Banks Mouth Off G-Mix ft Mista Cain & Lil Earnest

UFC 174 video preview for 'Johnson vs. Bagautinov' on June 14 in Vancouver (Extended)

Extended video preview for UFC 174: "Johnson vs. Bagautinov" pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is set to go down inside Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on June 14, 2014, featuring Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov.

Joe Rogan Experience #509 - Steve Hilton

Steve Hilton is a former director of strategy for David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom. He is currently a...

TJ Dillashaw the Biggest Upset in UFC History? Phil Davis Weighs In

Was TJ Dillashaw's win the biggest upset of all time? Is Daniel Cormier the best wrestler at 205? Phil Davis weighs in on Inside MMA's "Final Bell."

Life of agony- River runs Red

Life of agony- River runs Red

Working a foam roller

Founder of Fighter Diet Pauline Nordin & her assistant Goosegump the shelter cat shows how to use a foam roller for muscle massage

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Tyron Woodley not happy with reneged title stakes, but understands the business

Then Brown had a big performance, and so did Lawler, and they were booked to face one another at UFC on FOX 12 in San Jose in a title eliminator. That news came down just as Woodley was in the midst of his training camp, and it had to be a disappointment, right? Woodley appeared on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour to talk about it. "My initial reaction was obviously not excited, jumping over the fence and looking for rainbows in the sky," he told Ariel Helwani. "For me, I was pretty upset because I was told verbally through Dana White and Lorenzo [Fertitta] that I would fight this kid, and I would fight him in his hometown, and the winner of this bout would get the shot at the world title. So for me, I thought the risk matched the reward. I was prepared to go up to this kid’s hometown and steal a show and upset the party in his hometown, but in my mind it was worth doing that to fight for a world title. "But I’m a man of my word. I’ve trained hard for this fight. I put all my ducks in one basket. I’m going up there and I’m going up there to win, and I think that no fighter in UFC history has ever had [it] in their contract, ‘if you win this bout against this guy, you are guaranteed a world title fight.

UFC: Jon Jones deleted Instagram video addressing fans that say he's ducking Gustafsson

UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones tried to delete yet another Instagram post where he addresses fans that think he's ducking Alexander Gustafsson.

Dana White: Jon Jones wants to fight Daniel Cormier, not Alexander Gustafsson next

UFC president Dana White told on Monday that Jones wants to defend his light heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier next instead of Alexander Gustafsson. The UFC already has a date and venue for a potential Jones-Gustafsson rematch -- Aug. 30 in Las Vegas -- and White said over the weekend before UFC Fight Night in Berlin that he wasn't happy Jones had not signed the bout agreement.

Jose Aldo says that Chad Mendes will pay the price for his team's joke about Renan Barao

Aldo was unhappy with Team Alpha Male's Instagram picture of Barao being registered in a Ludwig Muay Thai seminar, hits back saying that Faber needs to sign up for some Nova Uniao MMA classes.

UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov Extended Video Preview |

Clashing for the UFC flyweight title on June 14, champion Demetrious Johnson and challenger Ali Bagautinov talk about their battle at UFC 174. Also hear from returned heavyweight  Andrei Arlovski , and welterweights  Tyron Woodley and Rory MacDonald .

Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them, study finds - The Washington Post

“Although using human names for hurricanes has been thought by meteorologists to enhance the clarity and recall of storm information, this practice also taps into well-developed and widely held gender stereotypes, with unanticipated and potentially deadly consequences,” the study says. “For policymakers, these findings suggest the value of considering a new system for hurricane naming to reduce the influence of biases on hurricane risk assessments and to motivate optimal preparedness.”

The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Buffer, 'Cheap Seats' (2 p.m. ET) (OFFLINE)

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The Butt Bible Pak

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Diego Brandao responds to Conor McGregor camp: Let’s make it happen

According to a report by's Ariel Helwani on "UFC Tonight" on Tuesday, McGregor hopes to return to the Octagon on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas, and his coach John Kavanagh would like to see him face Brandao. The Brazilian featherweight accepts the challenge.

USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie rankings, June 4: Mousasi's win sparks big jump

After a historic weekend with a pair of UFC events on a single day, a handful of fighters made strong moves in the latest USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie MMA rankings, but none capitalized as much as Gegard Mousasi .

Renato Laranja Show 2 (Featuring Rener Gracie)

The Renato Laranja Show: Episode 2 with Rener Gracie, Rycklon Stephens Aka "Big Zeke", and Keenan Cornelius Check out Vader VS Dean Lister in "Vader's First Date".

FD The Men's Guide (Athlete)

My wife has purchased many of your Fighter Diet ebooks and she loves them!!! She recently did her first physique competition and she helped me by using your Men's Guide to FD eBook. Thanks for help!!   Think Fighter Diet is all about girl power? Well you thought wrong. It’s true Pauline knows a thing or two about women's health and fitness, but her FD concept can be applied to any "body" male or female. To bring a little focus back on the Y chromosome, she's created the Men's Guide to Fighter Diet. An excellent ebook, the Men’s Guide is a Fighter Diet Concept book, workout plan and meal plan all wrapped into one. One section could also be considered the nutshell version of Cardio for Leanness. In fact, for that reason, you could think of the Men’s Guide as the male version (though

The MMA Hour with Diego Sanchez, Tyron Woodley, Greg Jackson, Ed Soares, Patrick Cummins, and The MMA Beat

11 a.m. ET -- Since we didn't have an episode of "The MMA Beat" last week, our own Chuck Mindenhall and Luke Thomas will be in studio to discuss all the news that's been happening in MMA recently.

Chael Sonnen vs. Anthony Johnson? Fight was 'supposed to happen' at UFC 175

"I've been on hold to fight Anthony Johnson. Right now Little Nog's supposed to fight Anthony Johnson, everybody's waiting for him to call and say he can't do it - which will happen. And then I was supposed to fight Anthony Johnson. So when Dana told me, 'Hey, Wanderlei's out,' I thought he was gonna say, 'We're just going to put you and Anthony together.' And Vitor was a surprise for me, it kinda hit me from left field. I didn't see it coming because he's working on compliance. I think he's going to get through it though."

KO of the Week: Moraga vs. Gomez

Current UFC flyweight contender John Moraga didn't even need a full round to finish his first-ever foe inside the Octagon.

Does microwaving food remove its nutritional value?

But if you're concerned about getting the most nutrition out of your eats, microwaving is a safe bet. In fact, it's near the top of the list for nutritionally sound food-preparation methods. If you use your microwave with a small amount of water to essentially steam food from the inside, you'll retain more vitamins and minerals than with almost any other cooking method.

What’s all this about Jon Jones not wanting to fight the Swede?

After news broke the night of UFC 173 that Gustafsson agreed to terms on a rematch with Jones, everybody has been waiting on the champion to sign on for the historic rematch. Here is the first shift in tone. "Everybody" -- you, me, everybody -- has been waiting on Jones to sign a fight that was announced in advance of his consent. Why announced ahead of his consent? Perhaps to put Jones in a compromising position publicly. Perhaps. Because the implication here is clear: It’s up to Jones not to ruin all of tomorrow’s parties. Gustafsson signed on, so what’s the hold up? The "historic" adjective is key, too. Jones surely wouldn’t let business get in the way of history! Imagine if Napoleon had done that! No, Jones needs to do this Gustafsson encore and we mean pronto.

FD The Women's Guide (Athlete)

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The Mike Dolce Show

I usually don't like writing reviews but, I was feeling guilt for not say anything about the show. I don't know Mike in person but I can guarantee to anyone that Mike knows what he talks about and, to have knowledge doesn't mean you have to be a Doctor or whatever you title you prefer to call. Mike makes all plain and simple: you are what you eat and what matters is quality of the fuel you put in your body. Doctors are legal drug dealers, they won't tell you other ways to lose weight or whatever the problem may be other then taking pills and more pills. Great work done by Mike, I ain't nobody but I totally approve and appreciate what Mike does. Thank you Mike, excellent job.


In contrast, she loved the opportunity to really help people who needed her help through her volunteer work with the Legal Aid Society. She decided that a career in criminal defense would enable her to “work every day for those who need a voice in the very biased and very terrifying world that makes up our criminal justice system.” Wood began researching criminal defense firms as she prepared for the bar. Specifically she started looking into Cole Casey’s DUI practice in San Diego. “I had heard of Cole Casey. He was well known even in Orange County. I knew the work he did and how important it was. I know how devastating a DUI can be to someone, and it was inspiring to hear about how hard he would work to truly help his clients. Before even meeting him, I knew he was the male version of the kind of lawyer I wanted to be in the future. A mutual friend sent my resume to his office, and I was thrilled when I got the call to come to San Diego and interview. But I was up against other candidates, all of whom were far more experienced. Ultimately, I was told I just didn’t have enough experience yet,” she explains.

ONE FC 17 card complete with three new fights, including Catalan vs. Subba

Subba returns following the first loss of his pro career a month ago, a decision setback against Eugene Toquero at ONE FC 15. Prior to that, the Malaysian had three straight stoppage wins under the ONE FC banner. Catalan, from the Philippines, snapped a three-fight skid in his promotional debut at ONE FC 13 with a first-round TKO of Khim Dima.

Yves Edwards: Still in Love with the Game

Yves Edwards has been fighting professionally for nearly 17 years. To put that into perspective, I Know What You Did Last Summer was atop the box office the night he defeated the amazingly named Todd Justice by rear naked choke at World Pankration Championship 1 in 1997. Two of his current main training partners, Dustin Poirier and Will Brooks, had yet to hit their teens, clocking in at eight and 11, respectively. Saturday in Albuquerque, Edwards will compete for the 65th time. He’ll share the cage with Piotr Hallman, a Polish lightweight 11 years his junior with 75-percent fewer fights to his name, and yet the two combatants are at similar places in their careers, each man looking to rebound from a poor performance the last time they crossed the threshold into the Octagon. “It’s called a No Contest, but I didn’t get hit with weed - I got hit with an uppercut,” says Edwards of his November meeting with Yancy Medeiros as part of the third UFC Fight for the Troops event. Midway through the opening frame, a swift uppercut put him on the canvas and brought the fight to an end.

Coach discusses Gina Carano’s potential return to MMA

"I believe she can compete in MMA, muay Thai or jiu-jitsu if she focuses on it," he said. "Anyone can compete at the highest level if you focus on it and do a professional work, and it’s easier with her since she has a great background and a history in this sport. She just needs to get back with a good team and compete.

Dolce Diet Guest Blog: Reaching Your Goal | The Dolce Diet

Some of us are closer than we realize. I believe that all of us will reach our goals. And at the end of that long haul, we’ll look back, laugh, have a Breakfast Bowl, maybe even a free-range chicken quesadilla if you’re up for it, and we’ll be what we were meant to become.


While cruising this afternoon, we came across a bunch of freaky UFC/MMA-related fan art that makes Hassy’s obsession with Mark Hunt look downright normal. Check out 21 of the most disturbing examples, which continue after the jump, and click all the images for full-size versions.

WSOF's NBC debut set for Daytona Beach, will not coincide with UFC 175

July 5 will be a busy day for MMA fans as UFC 175 will also take place on that date in Las Vegas, however, WSOF officials confirmed to that the NBC broadcast will air from 4 p.m. ET to 6 p.m. ET to not coincide with the UFC event. This will mark the first time NBC will air a live mixed martial arts event.

Thailand’s military threatens to arrest people giving ‘Hunger Games’ salute

The raised arm, three-finger salute — a symbol of rebellion in “The Hunger Games” — has caught on in Thailand as a silent gesture of protest against Thailand’s new military regime.

Rico Verhoeven Responds to Ghita, Says Ex-Sparring Partner Can’t Handle Pressure

Photo: Glory Sports International Rico Verhoeven and Daniel Ghita used to be sparring partners who enjoyed friendly relations -- even if, at the back of their minds, they both knew that they would one day have to face off inside the ring. In kickboxing, it is common for training partners to fight one another, so the heavyweights did not anticipate too many problems. But, when their fight finally came around in the grand final of the Glory 11 heavyweight tournament, things changed. Prior to the tournament, the fighters prepared separately, and when both men won their semifinal bouts and progressed to the final, they had a fight for the ages. Verhoeven (43-9, 10 KOs) won the decision, but Ghita (50-10, 39 KOs) took issue with the judges, claiming that CompuStrike stats proved him to be the rightful winner. Now, they are set to fight again in the main event of Glory “Last Man Standing.” The card, which takes place June 21 at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., is the first pay-per-view card from the kickboxing premier league.

Shameless MMA Radio: RFA Fighters Josh Copeland and Alan Jouban |

On this week’s edition of Shameless MMA, the guys are joined by RFA: Resurrection Fighting Alliance’s Joshua Copeland and Alan Jouban . Josh “Cuddly Bear” Copeland is RFA’s newest heavyweights, and is fighting for the heavyweight title on July 25. Jouban is fighting Ricky Legere in the RFA 15 co-main event on June 6.

A response to SCC President Neil Forester's twitter meltdown over 'The MMA Diaries'

When I started my '  MMA Diaries ' series, I did so because I wanted to approach MMA coverage from a rarely-used perspective. It was never intended to be a series targeting the negative aspects of the sport, but simply one reporter's perspective from the start to the end. A fellow journalist referred to my approach as 'fly-on-the-wall' journalism, and I thought that was an accurate way to describe it. I sit back silently and take in my surroundings to offer up noteworthy entries.


“The test results will be made public, yes,” Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett told Cagewriter. “If Mr. Belfort appears at his hearing, which I’m sure he will, the commissioners will get to question him about any topics they want and I’m sure that will come up.”


‘WSOF 11: Gaethje vs. Newell’ Set for Ocean Center in Daytona Beach; NBC Broadcast Begins at 4 p.m. ET

One FC 17 ‘Era of Champions’ Card Finalized with 9 Bouts

Gianni Subba is looking to rebound from his first defeat. | James Goyder/ One Fighting Championship is set to continue its busiest year yet with One FC 17 “Era of Champions.” Company officials Tuesday announced three additional bouts for the June 14 card, rounding out the slate of fights to nine. Filipino fighter Ruel Catalan will return to the cage to face Malaysian prospect Gianni Subba in the flyweight division, while former muay Thai world champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke will go head to head with Joseph Omana . Both scraps will be part of the evening’s main card. In preliminary action, Desi Rahayu will make history as Indonesia’s first female mixed martial artist when she goes up against Ella Tang . One FC 17 takes place at Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is headlined by a flyweight confrontation pitting Adriano Moraes against Kosuke Suzuki . The event airs live via online pay-per-view at Catalan will look to remain undefeated in One FC’s cage following a TKO win at against Khim Dima at One FC 13.

UFC Champ Jon Jones Responds to Critics, Prefers Cormier Over Gustafsson Rematch

A rematch between Jones and Gustafsson is not set in stone. | Dave Mandel/ It is no secret that the UFC would like to book a light heavyweight title rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson . A little more than a week ago, reported that Gustafsson had verbally agreed to face light heavyweight king Jones at UFC 177 on Aug. 30, a report which UFC President Dana White confirmed. “We just signed Gustafsson to a new deal, and Jones is getting a new deal too,” White told reporters during the UFC 173 post-fight scrum. “We don’t have a deal done yet, so we’ll see what happens.” As of Monday, things appeared to have changed quite a bit. There was no talk of a new deal for the Jackson-Wink MMA product, and Jones had a different opponent than Gustafsson in mind. “Just to clear up a couple things, people think we’re in contract negotiations with Jon Jones -- we’re not. Jon Jones still has five fights left on his contract,” White told . “So what we’re doing right now is trying to get him to sign the bout agreement for Gustafsson.

The Last Light

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Health & Beauty

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O cara pode ser um excelente lutador no chão, como é de fato, e bastante temido nessa área. Mas acho que só chão não vai levá-lo ao título. O GSP é bom de chão, e prefere lutar lá, mas também sabe bater e nocautear. Da mesma forma o Cain, cujo jogo é lutar agarrado, mas bate muito. Pra ser campeão tem que conseguir finalizar a luta em pé ou no chão. Exemplo o TJ que surpreendeu e se tornou campeão na especialidade do Barão, enquanto todos esperavam ele levar a luta pro chão, onde teoricamente ele teria mais chances. Como brasileiro torço pro Demian, mas não o acho bom o suficiente pro título.

TJ Dillashaw Willing to Fight Urijah Faber IF the UFC is Willing to Shell Out the Cash |

“You saw how crazy they went when I won the belt. What made me tear up more than winning the belt is going back and watching Fight Pass and seeing those guys react to me winning. It’s a crazy situation that we could be put in, but they want the drama behind the fights. Hey, if they’re willing to shell out the cash maybe me and Urijah will have a smile on our face while fighting,” added the bantamweight champion.

MMAjunkie's 'Knockout of the Month' for May 2014

With another action-packed month of MMA in the books, MMAjunkie takes a look at the best knockouts from May 1-31. Here are the six nominees, listed in chronological order, and winner of MMAjunkie’s “Knockout of the Month” award for May 2014. At the bottom of the post, let us know if we got it right by voting on your choice for “Knockout of the Month.”

UFC 174 Fight Card Rumors |

Demetrious Johnson (19-2-1) vs. Ali Bagautinov (13-2) Rory MacDonald (16-2) vs. Tyron Woodley (13-2) Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (12-4, 1 NC) vs. Ryan Bader (16-4) Andrei Arlovski (21-10, 1 NC) vs. Brendan Schaub (10-3) Ovince Saint Preux (15-5) vs. Ryan Jimmo (19-3) Daniel Sarafian (8-4) vs. Kiichi Kunimoto (16-5-2, 1 NC) Yves Jabouin (19-9) vs. Mike Easton (13-4) Kajan Johnson (19-10-1) vs. Tae Hyun Bang (16-8) Milana Dudieva (10-3) vs. Valerie Letourneau (5-3) Roland Delorme (9-2) vs. Michinori Tanaka (9-0) Josh Shockley (11-2) vs. Jason Saggo (9-1)


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McGregor reveals bet with Dana White holds key to title shot - Fighters Only

“This means everything to me. I’m not hear to make up the numbers. This is the first UFC Fight Night to go on Fox. Fox TV in America want this fight because they know what it means. This will be the fastest selling show in UFC history. We’ve got terrestrial TV in Ireland to show this fight as well. I am shooting right to the top. I text Dana and bet him a title shot that this is the fastest selling event in UFC history.”

Conor McGregor: Fighters with no aspirations to win the UFC belt ‘shouldn’t be there’

"From the day I signed last year, my eyes have been on the goal. Anyone that is in my way is in the firing line. I'm doing it the right way. So many [of these guys] have no aspirations to win the UFC belt. They shouldn't be there. Cole [Miller] I believes he is one of them. What's his aspiration? Have you heard Cole once mention the belt? I'm out here working to become the greatest. That is my goal.

Cole Miller out; Diego Brandao now faces Conor McGregor in Ireland

Brandao (18-9) was last scheduled to fight on the UFC Fight Night card in Brazil from this past weekend, but an injury forced him to forgo the bout and miss the chance to fight close to home.  Apparently the injury wasn't too severe because Brandao has been tapped to step in and replace Miller on the Ireland card in July.

Joe Rogan Says Vitor Belfort Tested Positive, Results Likely to Become Public at NSAC Hearing |

“(They gave Belfort a random drug test) and Vitor was on testosterone,” said Rogan on a recent edition of his podcast. “That was the reason that testosterone got banned (in Nevada) in the first place. The whole thing went down when Vitor tested positive with the Nevada State Athletic Commission… Because he tested positive, they scrapped the whole testosterone program.”

Video: Jon Jones slams critics for 'coward' talk, wants Daniel Cormier

The  Jon Jones saga – and at this point, it might be safe to call it that – added another piece to the puzzle on Tuesday when the fighter released a video taking to task anyone calling him a coward.

48 Twitter / BrendanSchaub: 1 1/2 Brits..great work today ...

“ @BrendanSchaub : 1 1/2 Brits..great work today with my partner in crime @bisping ”good times :)

Is Chael Sonnen the man to replace Dana White one day?

White has no plans of stepping down from his role as UFC president any time soon, and even if he did he's not sure the company could persuade Sonnen to take the job. In addition to being in one of the featured fights at UFC 175, Sonnen co-hosts "UFC Tonight" each week on FOX Sports 1 and serves as an analyst on several pre- and post-fight shows. And there's been plenty of chatter about other television shows and entertainment avenues interested in employing the "American Gangster."

Santiago Ponzinibbio injured, out of UFC 175 fight against Ildemar Alcantara

"I got injured last weekend," Ponzinibbio said in a release. "I was training jiu-jitsu when my training partner heard my knee pop. I went to the doctor on Monday morning to see what happened and heard that I torn the meniscus. It’s a complicated injury."

51 UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Khabilov Crystal Ball Predictions
52 Surrounding Himself by the Right People has James Moontasri Well Prepared for RFA 15 |
53 Results of Vitor Belfort's drug test will be revealed at June 17 NSAC hearing
54 Bad Boy Presents Bloody Elbow Radio - Episode 340: UFC Fight Night Preview, Silva, Jones
55 Raphael Assuncao hopeful for early fall title shot against T.J. Dillashaw
56 Blog Video: UFC Champ Cain Velasquez Faves Include Katy Perry... but Not Star Wars? |
57 Conor McGregor: "I'm looking to go down as the greatest of all time"
58 oatmeal-cafe
59 Bellator's Brian Rogers Talks Openly On Lack Of Respect, What Shlemenko Did Wrong, Fighting Tito Ortiz (Exclusive) -
60 UFC fighter rankings: C.B. Dollaway ranked at 185
61 🊀Photo @leelhgfx suit: @solkissedswimwear makeup: @beautybycrystal hair: @_eileensouk styling @alilevinedesign 🐀Thankyou @prevail_los_angeles for helping me stay #bikini ready! 🐀🏀🊀☀️ - Official Website of Arianny Celeste
62 The strange saga of Jon Jones, UFC and contract negotiation that isn't (or is it?)