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HD Sugar Ray Robinson Knockouts & Highlights

The greatest pound for pound boxer who ever lived

MMA Roasted UFC 177

Here is the Brand New MMA Roasted Video For UFC 177. There are jokes about TJ Dillashaw, Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian, Jon Jones, War Machine, Ronda Rousey, V...

TUF Latinoamérica: Teaser episodio 2

El show ya comenzó y los ánimos ya están calientes en la casa de TUF, además se anunció la 2a pelea.

[FULL] Lion attacks School Teacher,16 August 2014 | Lion Attacks Teacher During a Circus (Perú)

FULL VIDEO: Lion Attacks Teacher During a Circus, 16 August 2014 | Lion attacks teacher during circus performance as students watch in horror | RAW VIDEO Sch...

Awesome Knockouts and Super Heavyweights in "Viewer Submissions" on "Inside MMA"

Amazing finishes sent by viewers featuring BlacKOut Fights, Spar Star MMA, IFC, and Nemesis Fighting Alliance. Send your videos to Inside MMA on Facebook! AX...

[FULL] Lion attacks School Teacher,16 August 2014 | Lion Attacks Teacher During a Circus (Perú)

FULL VIDEO: Lion Attacks Teacher During a Circus, 16 August 2014 | Lion attacks teacher during circus performance as students watch in horror | RAW VIDEO Sch...

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Urijah Faber on Twitter: Abt time @lastcall155 gets sum luv! Got goose bumps watchn the countdown #ufc177 @TJDillashaw @RenanBaraoUFC @ufc

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Work in progress #woodstock #1969 #sketch #makeartnotwar ️️ #art |

Let me preface this blog, and every blog that follows, by saying that there is no “one right answer” when it comes to nutrition and fitness.    There are multiple ways to achieve your ideal body.   The advice from one nutrition and fitness expert can work very well for you.   Does that mean the advice from  every  other nutrition and fitness expert is wrong?  The answer is, of course it doesn’t.   The truth is there are multiple “correct” ways to reach your ideal body and maintain it.  This blog, and the suggestions that are made within it, in no way disqualify other advice as “wrong” or “bad”.   Just as there are “many ways to skin a cat” –there are also many ways to reach your ideal body.   Finding what works for you that you can also HAPPILY MAINTAIN long term – a lifestyle change where you can enjoy your food and workout a reasonable amount – is the key.

UFC 177 play-by-play and live results

Follow along with our round-by-round updates and official results beginning at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET (4:30 p.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 10 p.m. ET for the main card.

4 The Crooklyn Daily

The Crooklyn Daily, by Crooklyn: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Wanderlei Silva Store | Official Store

Wanderlei Silva Store

Gardasil will be the biggest scandal in medical history

Dr. Bernard Dalbergue mentions another example of how the pharmaceutical industry has deceived the public; Mercks anti-inflammatory product, Vioxx, proved to have serious side effects, including cardiac arrest, and Merck used a lot of effort to conceal the more than 30,000 deaths due to side effects. Immediately thereafter, they started to develop a similar new product, called Arcoxia, where they just changed a few molecules, and while people still died from Vioxx, which at the time had been revoked, doctors began to prescribe the new and equally dangerous product. “Arcoxia is now being prescribed and approved, but it is extremely dangerous. It’s the same with Gardasil; it is useless and costs a fortune. In addition, decision makers at all levels are aware of it.” He recognizes that all vaccines have side effects, that all vaccines can cause guillain-barre syndrome, paralysis, mutiple sclerosis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, but when it comes to saving millions from smallpox and polio then it is a different matter: “I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.

Still mourning brother's murder, Bobby Green scores biggest win of his career

An emotional Green came to the ring wearing his brother's name on his hoodie and fell to his knees when his own name was announced as winner. Green beat Josh Thomson by a very close split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) on Saturday at UFC Fight Night: Lawler vs. Brown at SAP Center.


The official website of Cara Santa Maria.

KO of the Week: Danny Castillo vs. Charlie Brenneman

Coming off a decision loss, Danny Castillo looks to rebound with a victory by using his punching skills, as he goes up against Charlie Brenneman. Castillo takes on Tony Ferguson at UFC 177 in Sacramento, California.


Hi, my name is Randy and I am a 29 year old high school teacher and wrestling coach from Southern California. Unfortunately, I was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) Grade 4. Around mid April, Southern California went through a series of heat waves. During that period, I began to experience headaches on a daily basis. I very rarely have headaches (1 or 2) a year, so I assumed they were just from my allergies. As the days went on, my headaches were getting worse and no over the counter medicine was relieving the pain. One day in the middle of May, I was driving on the freeway and had difficulties staying in my lane and my headaches were becoming unbearable, so I checked into urgent care. The physicians ordered a CTSCAN and found a mass tumor in my right parietal lobe of my brain. They then rushed me to another facility for Neurosurgery and operated on me the following day and my surgeon removed 90-95% of the Tumor. I felt like the worst was behind me and I was in the clear. A few days later my pathology test came back with the unfortunate news that I have GBM Grade 4, a form of cancer that is considered in the medical world to be incurable.

Bobby Green hurls major accusations against Donald Cerrone

"He was groping every woman in his line to do his signing," Green said. "He's groping these women. They've got husbands, they've got fiancees, they've got boyfriends, I'm like, that's messed up man, just because this guy's a nerd and he can't do anything to you, you're going to do this to him. Girlfriend's cute, Donald Cerrone, picks her up, grabs her ass, starts grabbing on there and stuff and he's like "I'm Donald Cerrone." I'm like, 'you're going to piss somebody off, you get the wrong person they're going to get pissed.' He's like, 'what are they going to do to me, I'll knock them out.' I'm like what the? This guy's full of himself."

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean


On Saturday night, Dissanayake stepped out from behind the counter and back into the ring at Savarese Promotion’s hybrid MMA and muay Thai card in Houston, taking on Jaime Garcia in an amatuer contest. Once again, Dissanayake delivered a lightning fast, supremely violent finish, peppering Garcia with a few leg kicks before clipping him with a left hand as he was charging forward in typically amateurish fashion.

Mayura Dissanayake, 'MMA gas station guy,' scores 18-second KO (over non-thief)

Dissanayake, a Houston gas station attendant, garnered some international fame this past month after foiling an armed robbery. Dubbed “The Karate Clerk,” Dissanayake came to the aid of a coworker who had returned from the bank and was jumped by a group of would-be thieves.

Video: Christine Stanley lands one of the year's best (spinning-kick) KOs

While the MMA world’s attention was focused on the UFC’s doubleheader this past weekend, what was perhaps the flashiest knockout occurred in a small show in California.

URGENT: Oppose 5 gun control bills eligible for vote TODAY!

5 major gun control bills, including Senator de Leon's SB 53 ammo ban and SB 808 "ghost gun" bill, are eligible for a floor vote -- TAKE ACTION NOW to defend your Second Amendment rights. It is imperative that you CALL the legislative members listed below EVERY DAY THIS WEEK and urge them to VOTE NO on these bills. This is the last week of this legislative session. Fight hard and fight often!

MetroPCS Move of the Week: Tony Ferguson vs Mike Rio

Mike Rio is forced to tap as Tony Ferugson locks on a D'arce choke in the move of the week.

Official Fabricio 'Vai Cavalo' Werdum | UFC Fighter

Fabricio Vai Cavalo Werdum

Luke Rockhold challenges ‘pitter-patter’ Michael Bisping to ‘put his money where his mouth is’

"(I see me) walking through his pitter-patter and just putting it on him, doing what I do," Rockhold said simply. "I just don't have respect for Bisping and his fighting style, and I'll take anything he's going to bring at me. After everything that's happened with him, trust me, I'm just going to go in there and look for the kill. And I believe I can finish him in one round. I truly do.

Joe Riggs on shooting himself: ‘I thought for sure I was going to die’

At just 31 years old, Joe Riggs has lived a fairly extraordinary life, and not always in the most positive sense. Riggs has fought 55 times professionally. He has lost a child at birth, and has gone through a well-documented addiction to painkillers that derailed his first run in the UFC. For the last seven years, Riggs has been more of a journeyman, fighting in Strikeforce, King of the Cage, ProElite and other promotions. After a three-fight losing streak in early 2011, it looked like he was entering the twilight of his career. But then, just as things were beginning to fizzle out, Riggs began to make a comeback. Since late-2011, "Diesel" has won six fights in a row, his latest -- and most noteworthy -- coming against Mike Bronzoulis in Bellator to win the Fight Master reality show. With a provision in his contract to leave Bellator as the new regime under Scott Coker got underway, Riggs re-signed with the UFC. He was supposed to fight Paulo Thiago at UFC Fight Night 51 in Brazilia, Brazil on Sept. 13 in his UFC return, but then he suffered his scariest setback to date.

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22 Tachi Palace Fights

Tickets go on sale SOON for the November 6th Event.

VIDEO: Dana White On Gina Carano Negotiations: "I Think We're Close" | MMA News

During the Dana White media scrum after the UFC Fight Night 48 event in Macau, China this past weekend, the UFC President spoke to members of the MMA media about a number of current topics, one of which was the latest on UFC’s negotiations with Gina Carano.

Interview: Ronda Rousey says Gina Carano is 'insisting on fighting at 135'

In this interview with, Ronda Rousey spoke about a bunch of topics such as several BJJ Champions calling her out, Gina Carano, WWE Summerslam, and which X-Men character she would be.

Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le full fight video highlights

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Quick stoppages and rare submissions: Thoughts on a UFC doubleheader

Not acknowledging it makes it seem like something you’re trying to hide. Then, even after Mein flattens Mike Pyle in the first round in UFC Fight Night 49’s co-headliner, it feels like something has been left unsaid, which is not what you want coming off a great performance in the face of some personal adversity.


Stanley’s jumping spinning hook-kick KO was officially recorded at five seconds, though it seemed closer to four by our count. At any rate, it’s amazing, and you should watch it immediately. Special appearance by The Great One !

UFC Minute: Monday, August 25

Catch up on everything you missed this weekend from Michael Bisping and Rafael dos Anjos and find out what to look forward to today in this installment of the UFC Minute.

Food Label Nutrient Claims: Is It Really Good for You or Just a Gimmick? | The Dolce Diet

Nutrient claims on food packages boasting of added health benefits are meant to grab the customer’s attention. This is basically a marketing scheme to get consumers to buy more of a company’s products. However, beware of false or misleading claims. For example, foods CANNOT say, “WILL reduce the risk of heart disease.” Instead they must state, “MAY help reduce the risk of heart disease.” There are also certain criteria, set forth by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), that need to be met in order for the company to make that claim. What are those criteria? We’ve listed them below.

30 on Twitter: This sat @UrijahsUf 8-10am @BANGMuayThai seminar/drills

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Video: Fowlkes claims Dana White's fight-night judge dismissal concerning

At this past weekend’s UFC Fight Night 48 event in Macau, UFC President Dana White took the odd step of relieving a judge of his duties mid-event.

UFC 177 weigh-ins set for Friday in Sacramento; Pettis, Faber host Q&A

Weigh-ins for this week’s “UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Barao 2″ event take place Friday at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, Calif.

View image: IMG 20140819 WA0007

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Do We Really Listen To Lyrics Anymore? - Live Mag UK

Also, repetition is now common. Many pop songs in the charts really do sound the same, following this new musical code of repetition and nonsensical lyrics. For example: Fatboy Slim’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’. The verse is just nonsensical chat followed by a loop of ‘eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ – hardly meaningful lyrics.  I’m sure no one has a clue what the song is about but they are happy to wear the slogan on their t-shirts.

Nik Lentz explains why he was a 'complete waste of talent' in first fight with Charles Oliveira

That’s why, if you ask him to use his first fight against Charles Oliveira as an indicator for how the rematch at UFC Fight Night 50 will go, he’ll just shrug it off and tell you there’s no point, since he was “a completely different person back then.” Even the illegal knee from Oliveira (18-4 UFC, 6-4 UFC) that set up the second-round submission finish, before the result was eventually overturned due to the foul, doesn’t mean much to him now. When he looks back, Lentz (25-6-2 MMA, 9-3-1 UFC) said, all he sees is a guy who didn’t know what he was doing.

UFC Fight Night: Nelson vs. Story fight card

A look at the October 4th UFC Fight Night in Sweden, where welterweights Rick Story and Gunnar Nelson meet in the main event.

Fabricio Werdum says spending time with Cain Velasquez was 'a nice thing'

“We’re promoting the fight on Nov. 15,” Werdum recently told MMAjunkie. “‘TUF’ was very cool. It was a different ‘TUF.’ We found new talent. And the important thing was that we were able to impart some of our knowledge and experience to all the participants. To spend so much time with Cain Velasquez was a nice thing. I think it’s interesting for the fans to see that fighters can indeed spend time with each other.”

Hindsight: Fight Nights Macau and Tulsa in retrospect

It's definitely starting to feel a little like Royston Wee is getting a lot of "help" with his MMA career. As an alternate for TUF China who never made the show, Wee claimed that he couldn't get fights, because his reputation preceded him. After seeing him against Galera and Zhikui, it's hard to think what that reputation might have been for. But the UFC has handed him two softball opponents and even when he didn't appear to beat one, he still got the nod. It'll be interesting to see if he gets a bump up in competition, or if he gets another easy fight next time.

RFA 17 highlights: Christos Giagos upsets Dakota Cochrane via flying-knee KO

Two new RFA champions emerged on Friday night. One did so in dominant, workmanlike fashion. And the other? He did it with a little more flair.

NEWS - WSOF’s Elvis Mutapcic Weighs In On Latest Victory, Striker Reputation, And Next Opponent | WSOF World Series of Fighting MMA

Elvis Mutapcic got back on track at World Series of Fighting 12 recently, but “The King” did so in a fashion that he’s not typically known for. Anyone that has followed the career of Mutapcic knows that he’s risen up the middleweight ranks in large part due to his striking skills, but versus Kelvin Tiller on August 9th, it was his top game that got the job done. “You know, that’s the thing, people always say ‘he’s a striker, he’s a striker’. Ya, I’m a striker, but it’s MMA; you have to be able to do everything,” Mutapcic noted on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, while discussing his unanimous decision win over Tiller. “I always had a pretty decent top game, but I wasn’t able to show that much when I fought (Jesse) Taylor, but Taylor’s a great wrestler.” “I just took what he gave me,” Mutapcic added about the Tiller fight. “When he took me down I realized his ground game wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I guess it’s always good to overestimate somebody than underestimate them, and once I got the body lock on him in the first round, I knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop my takedowns.

41 Beatdown: Eddie Alvarez, Christos Giagos - MMA Radio -

TJ De Santis and contributor Jesse Denis returned to the Sherdog Radio Network Monday for another edition of "Beatdown." Joining them was newly inked UFC lightweight contender Eddie Alvarez and freshly crowned RFA champion Christos Giagos . Alvarez joined the program to discuss his recent release from Bellator MMA, his upcoming UFC debut against Donald Cerrone , and his thoughts on establishing himself as a title contender. Giagos took the RFA lightweight championship Friday night when he knocked out Dakota Cochrane in highlight reel fashion. Giagos joined "Beatdown" to discuss the win, if this victory is enough to earn a call from a bigger promotion, and if he felt the Cochrane stoppage was a bit too late. De Santis and Denis also take a look at the latest mixed martial arts news in "Quick Hits." The Sherdog Radio Network is powered by Click here to save 30% on new product orders. Use the promo code: dog30 Click here to register a new domain or transfer a .com for just $1.99. Use the promo code: dog199 Click here to check out the podcast on iTunes.

Meet the Strawweights: Bec Rawlin

"I think it's my personality and I guess my fighting style as well," she said. "I'm very aggressive in the cage, so I bring a very exciting fighting style, and no matter what, win or lose, they know that they're going to get an awesome fight and be entertained. Plus there's my personality and my background. I'm a mom of two kids, I'm covered in tattoos, I have crazy hair and I'm always bubbly, so I think a lot of people are drawn to that because they know that I'm not stuck-up or like a diva. I'm like anyone else off the street. I just stay true to myself, and I don't let anything get to my head and be someone that I'm not."


Well, if this video of a 15 year-old Bisping fighting in Britain’s first “No Holds Barred” match is to be believed, I’d have to assume it’s the former.

Boxing News: Wladimir Klitschko Suffers Torn Biceps, Sept. 6 Title Defense Postponed

Wladimir Klitschko is on the shelf with an injury. | Photo: Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has suffered a torn left biceps, forcing him to pull out of a Sept. 6 title defense against Kubrat Pulev in Hamburg, Germany. "I am very disappointed that the fight cannot take place as planned. I am in absolute top form and had a great training camp,” Klitschko said in a statement. “Of course, I'm sorry for the fans, but also for my opponent Kubrat Pulev, who was certainly training as intensely as I do." The injury occurred during a sparring session on Friday. Klitschko will have to wait approximately four weeks before he can resume training. Klitschko’s manager, Bernd Boente, told that the fight will likely be rebooked for November and will remain at the originally scheduled venue -- the O2 World Arena in Hamburg. The 38-year-old Klitschko, who holds the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight crowns, is 62-3 with 53 KOs during his professional career. He currently has 16 consecutive title defenses during a reign that has lasted more than eight years; the figure is third most all-time behind only Joe Louis (25) and Larry Holmes (20).

Ronda Rousey kicked off 'The Expendables 3' by punching the director

It was actually the first appearance for her character in the film as well, as she "auditions" for a role in a new Expendables team lead by Stallone along with his "talent scout," played by Kelsey Grammar. Before the scene started, Rousey was bouncing around and trying to get ready for shooting, when director Patrick Hughes asked her what he could do to help. The end result was Hughes taking a punch from the UFC women's bantamweight champion -- and if anyone says girls can't hit hard, just ask him how his ribs were feeling the next day.

For victorious Ben Saunders, CM Punk's thumbs-up a highlight of UFC return

“I did not expect it to be this long before I actually got a fight, and I definitely didn’t expect there to be so many obstacles in the way,” Saunders, who earned his win on the event’s FOX Sports 2-televised preliminary card at BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla., today told MMAjunkie Radio. “But I definitely agree that everything happens for a reason.”

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Two FL gym owners are swimming in $1.5 Mil of debt thanks to one absentee owner, and another owner too busy hitting on women to fix his gym. Randy and Frank work to turn the gyms soul crushing debt into a thing of the past. (5:53)

ALL CAPS editor and amateur television photographer Chris Nelson compiles his finest and freakiest MMA-related screencaps for your perusal in another installment of “ALL CAPS.”

Ex-UFC Flyweight Jose Maria Tome Joins Team Nogueira, Aims for Brazilian Title

Jose Maria Tome has added a new wrinkle to his game: strategy. | Photo: Gleidson Venga/ After nine months away from the cage, Jose Maria Tome is ready to return. Tome rode an impressive, 17-fight unbeaten streak into his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut last August, but just three short months and two stoppage losses later, “No Chance” was released by the organization. Since then, the 32-year-old Brazilian has changed camps and focuses, departing Renovacao Fight Team for Rio de Janeiro’s Team Nogueira . Training under the Nogueira brothers since March, Tome has focused on improving his wrestling and boxing, tools which he says will serve him well when he meets Roberto Barbosa de Souza on Sept. 20 for the flyweight title of Brazilian promotion Talent MMA Circuit . “I’m feeling very good, mainly because of the evolution of my game,” Tome asserted in a statement released to on Monday. “I took this time off fighting to change my workouts and join Team Nogueira, and I’ve seen many advances.


The answers to both questions are reflected in the atrocious t-shirt you see above. As a tongue-in-cheek reference to its notorious use of jobbers and palookas, the Xplode Fight Series has launched a charity drive called “Tomato Can MMA,” in which it will (allegedly) donate a can of food to a food bank or homeless shelter for every one of its “Melons” t-shirts that are purchased. (Just $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping!) As you read these words, there’s a homeless guy in Escondido farting out two cans’ worth of sauerkraut, all thanks to the philanthropic souls at XFS.

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