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Metamoris 4: Countdown (Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao)

On August 9th Chael Sonnen and Andre Galvao will exchange styles at Metamoris 4. Live streaming at

BFC 24: Mike Skeen vs Joshua Rector

Mike Skeen vs Joshua Rector at BlackOut Fighting Championship 24 "Fighting for Autism" held in Carthage, MO.

UFC on FOX 12 Video: Brian Ortega Gracie Breakdown

Brian Ortega, with the help of Rener and Ryron Gracie, breaks down his own submission win at UFC on Fox 12.

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About Halfway Through This Video It Becomes Obvious Why Bank’s New Ad Has Received Almost 3 Million Views in Just Days

But the bank wasn’t finished yet. The video has undoubtedly gone mega-viral because of what happens in the second half. That’s when the bank kicked it up several notches and delivered an additional, heartfelt gift to each of the customers.

Scientists Find Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory By 75%

Another thought that springs to mind from this – here we have yet another example of an ancient herbal lore that has been validated by modern experiments. This happens again and again – and yet still the remarkable  herbals , lost treasures of the ancient world are considered spurious by modern medicine. If an herb has been in use for a thousand years for a condition, it should be considered probable that there is something to it. When are we going to catch up with ancient knowledge? Let’s hope soon – while there is still some untarnished, un-GMO-ed nature left…

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells GMO Critics to "Chill Out"

"Practically every food you buy in a store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food," asserts Tyson. "There are no wild, seedless watermelons. There's no wild cows...You list all the fruit, and all the vegetables, and ask yourself, is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is, it's not as large, it's not as sweet, it's not as juicy, and it has way more seeds in it. We have systematically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated them. It's called artificial selection ." You can watch the full video above.

How To Beat The 1% - Iceland Did It

I knew about this years ago, soon after it happened. btw I don’t watch mainstream news, too many do and have no idea what is really happening in the world. If only the corrupt governments and bankers here in North America were held accountable. I can dream. In Iceland people took to the streets and accomplished a miracle. Try doing that in the US and Canada, you would be beaten up by the police immediately, as they serve and protect the government corruption and the 1%.

Incredible Photos of People Living Off The Grid Who Abandoned Civilization for Life in the Wilderness

In Bruy’s series Scrublands, he documented the homes and faces of the people he countered, by chance, who live far away from civilization. Living with these individuals for days to weeks at a time, Antoine helped them farm land and raise livestock while becoming educated on their self-sufficient lifestyles. Once teachers, students, and engineers, these people now rely on makeshift buildings, recovered materials, and agriculture in order to survive off-grid.


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Imagining an MMA Hall of Fame: The Shoo-Ins - The Shoo-Ins

Editor’s note: This is the second installment in a five-part series examining the possibilities involved with a true MMA Hall of Fame. What would a full-fledged MMA Hall of Fame look like? That is the question we set out to examine, beginning Aug. 2 with the most important and successful fighters in MMA history. However, there are many more than just eight transformative figures in the annals of mixed martial arts. In the second installment of this five-part series, we look at the next group of unquestionable hall of famers, from the innovator of ground-and-pound to arguably the most fearsome destroyer the sport has ever seen: Continue Reading » Mark Coleman

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Pauline Nordin: Get Buff, Get Lean


Jim Link, an attorney who defended numerous local businesses against Garcia’s lawsuits said that the suits “amount to legalized extortion,” then added that “there’s a huge fraud on the system when it comes to these serial litigants who are making tremendous amounts of money, but not paying the court system that they’re using to collect this money.”

By The Numbers: Super Streaks

At UFC on FOX: Lawler vs. Brown, one seven-fight win streak was born as Dennis Bermudez submitted Clay Guida and one seven-fight win streak was ended as Matt Brown was defeated by Robbie Lawler . A single win inside the Octagon deserves a celebration let alone an unbelievable seven in a row. In honor of Brown and Bermudez’s impressive efforts, here is a list of the 21 fighters in UFC history who have hit that lucky number seven and gone beyond it. Anderson Silva - 16 The greatest. Is there really an argument with that statement? Anderson Silva won 16 straight fights in the UFC. Need anyone say any more? Obviously, this win streak is at the top of this list, so that means it is a UFC record. Included in those 16 straight wins, Silva won the UFC middleweight title in his second Octagon appearance via first round TKO over Rich Franklin and “The Spider” would go on to successfully defend his belt a record 10 times. Not mentioned in those defenses was Silva’s defeat of The Ultimate Fighter four winner Travis Lutter , who missed weight, which would have made it a record 11 times.

MMA on Instagram: Vacations, Surgeries, Lots of Dogs

Welcome to another week in MMA on Instagram! MMA stalker Katie Winter has collected the best pics that UFC and other MMA fighters and personalities were sharing this week, and they're all right here for your viewing pleasure.

UFC Fight Night: Jacare vs. Mousasi II fight card

A look at the September 5th UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1 in Ledyard, CY, which sees middleweight stalwarts Ronaldo Souza and Gegard Mousasi

Trading Shots: Why doesn't Nick Diaz recommend becoming a fighter?

Nick Diaz knows that he doesn’t have a ton of fights left in him. He’s 31 years old, and while that may be good, considering life expectancy in the United States, it’s not great for an MMA fighter. He sees the end is (relatively) near and wonders if he should have done something else. You walk into any gym in the country and you’ll hear fighters say something to the extent of, “I should have just gotten a normal job” at least once a week. As I’ve learned in my post-fight career, even “normal” jobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, but a fighter’s arrogance leads them to believe they’re easy.

In wake of Cage Warriors 71 move out of Sweden, SMMAF dissolves pro committee

“To ask our elite fighters, who are among the best in Europe and the world as a whole, to compete under a diluted set of rules to what they have been doing throughout their professional careers is an abhorrent insult to these outstanding athletes and their abilities,” Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan stated. “Jack Hermansson is our middleweight champion and Jack Mason is probably the most experienced fighter in the U.K., but their respective bouts were not approved. It’s absolutely absurd. Suggesting that such fighters are not capable of competing under full unified rules is ludicrous beyond belief …”

Superkombat results: Watch GIF of incredible Rolling Thunder KO from Superkombat

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Michael Bisping on UFC losses to Belfort, Sonnen and Silva: 'They weren't clean'

“They weren’t clean,” Bisping told MMAjunkie. “We all know they weren’t f–king clean. They’ve only just started doing blood tests. People have been taking (human) growth hormone and EPO and all kinds of s–t for years. A urine sample will only show certain things, and people know when to come off stuff. It’s an IQ test. The blood test they do now will catch more people because they’re testing for more things, but they didn’t do that before.”

KO of the Week: Brad Tavares vs. Phil Baroni

At UFC 125, Brad Tavares lets his hands and knees fly against Phil Baroni, looking to make it a quick night in the Octagon. See Tavares take on Tim Boetsch at UFC Fight Night Bangor.

Keith Berish, who fought Robert Drysdale at the TUF 19 Finale, had a UFC debut to forget

An ideal UFC debut would be something like what Cathal Pendred had, when he came back and choked out Mike King in front of his Irish countrymen, taking home an additional $50,000 for performance of the night. In that fight, Pendred showcased the whole medley of heart, strength, endurance and chin. A less ideal UFC debut would be like what New York’s Keith Berish had in his fight with Robert Drysdale . That light heavyweight bout opened the TUF 19 Finale in the vacuous quietude of the Sunday Vegas prelims, on the heels of the raging party that was UFC 175 . Not only did Berish lose the fight in front of virtually nobody, but he suffered significant damage to his knee in the process. If that weren’t enough, he learned that his opponent, Drysdale, tested positive for elevated testosterone in the aftermath. The loss becomes a "no contest," but the whole thing remains forgettable. "[Drysdale testing positive] just kind of makes it even worse," Berish told MMA Fighting. "The way it ended, though, that’s the thing I hate the most. I didn’t feel like he had more than jiu-jitsu, and I was defending his jiu-jitsu pretty well in my mind.

John Moraga, Justin Scoggins meet in flyweight contender bout in Connecticut

John Moraga and Justin "Tank" Scoggins will meet at UFC Fight Night: Souza vs. Mousasi on Sept. 5 in Connecticut in a bout between two flyweights looking to carve out a new path in the division. The UFC announced the fight had been verbally agreed to Saturday. The card will air on FOX Sports 1.

Pictures: Lion Fight 17 - Malaipet Sasiprapa Def. Justin Greskiewicz

Muay Thai was the showcase at Lion Fight 17, as Strikeforce veteran Mongkhon Wiwasuk tasted victory and Bellator MMA vet Cosmo Alexandre was upset.

Mike Kogan talks Nate Diaz, Dana White and the UFC

"At some point, hopefully we will have some kind of a discussion and something will happen one way or the other. Now that being said, we have offered a number of fights that we were happy to take even with the current structure, but we weren't given those. I reached out to the UFC before the Donald Cerrone/(Jim) Miller fight even happened and said 'hey, how about we fight the winner? Nate beat both of them, they've both since fought 4 times and won, you know', and they said 'oh you know, let's see how the guys are after the fight, maybe they're banged up, maybe there not'. Next thing you know, they announce the fight with Khabib. Then Khabib blows his knee like 15 minutes later and now they're saying he's gonna be fighting Eddie Alvarez who's not even signed with the UFC yet. And we asked for that fight when Michael Johnson got injured. We hit up the UFC and said 'hey we'll fight Thompson'. That was like 10 day notice, you know. We said maybe ask them if they'll do like a little higher weight, like a catch-weight, you know like 160 or something, so it's short notice. And they said 'no, we have it figured out.

Taking it all in...can't believe I took this on my iphone . 🗀🊀🊀🐀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Taking it all in…can’t believe I took this on my iphone . 🗀🊀🊀🐀

It's time for promotions and commissions to take a major stand on PEDs

The story that never ends had its latest chapter on Wednesday when Kevin Casey and Robert Drysdale -- both who fought during the UFC's International Fight Week in early July -- failed the IQ version of MMA drug testing. Both came up positive for tests they knew full well, months in advance, were coming. It's not exactly a secret that when you fight for UFC in Nevada, you are getting tested the night of the show. It's generally a urine test, meaning drugs like HGH and EPO, which nailed Chael Sonnen to the cross and may have ended his career, are not tested for. These tests are generally not a strong deterrent. Usually, it's those unannounced tests of competitors weeks (or months) away from the fight, when they aren't expecting them, that yield results. That's what happened with big names like Vitor Belfort , Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva (his disappearing act when the tester came), Alistair Overeem , and even Drysdale himself, before UFC 167 last year. Nobody really seems to know the true breadth of the PED issue in the sport. Dana White can't deny it exists, but has tried to downplay it, citing the few positives that were happening for a while, and that the era of commission-approved TRT was over.

How Kyle Kingsbury used ayahuasca to become a happier person and a worse fighter

“There was an itch inside me when I first started fighting,” he added. “I really wanted to hurt people and I didn’t give a s–t about anything else. I just wanted to punch someone in the face as hard as I could. By the end of my career, that was gone completely. I wanted to win and compete, and more than anything to push myself to be my best, for emotional, physical, and mental wellness. But to go in there and be successful, I think you do have to have that chip on your shoulder. You have to have that angst, that small spark. You don’t have to fight angry, but you do have to have some anger inside you in order to really throw punches with aggression and really want to hurt someone else. I don’t have that anymore.”

SB nation welterweight rankings: Robbie Lawler, Matt Brown both emerge winners

(Scoring: Fighters are given 10 points for a first-place vote, nine points for a second, etc., down to one point for 10th place. The results are then tallied up and presented here. Official SB Nation rankings policy: Fighters under commission suspension are ineligible to be ranked during the duration of their suspension or if they have licensing issues. As of this writing, this does not affect any welterweights of note. Also, since St-Pierre relinquished his title and walked away from the sport without any guarantee of returning, he will be regarded as a retired fighter for rankings purposes and is ineligible).


photo credit: WSOF. In his World Series of Fighting (WSOF) debut in January, Luis Palomino (22-9) devastated Jorge Patino with his heavy hands. Known for his ability to put his opponents to sleep, “The Baboon” next meets the undefeated Lewis Gonzalez (9-0) in the main event of WSOF 12 in Las Vegas. A win over Gonalez could mean Palomino will be next in line for a title shot.. The lightweight told MMA Fight Corner getting that chance would be the pinnacle of his 8 year MMA career.. “It just a whole of more motivation for the fight and to finish it with a knockout style,” Palomino said. “I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. I think the winner of this fight, going for a title shot, being next in line, would be the ultimate thing to do.”. Thus far, Palomino’s bouts have been fought mainly on his own turf in Florida. When he meets Gonzalez at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Aug. 9, it’ll be his first time battling it out in Fight Capital, U.S.A. Getting the spotlight on the big stage and being televised on NBC Sports Network has added given him added motivation.

Secret garden 🖀 - Official Website of Arianny Celeste

Official Website of Arianny Celeste Arianny Celeste is a model, UFC Octagon Girl and Co-Host of Overhaulin' . She has appeared on the cover of Playboy, Maxim (US, Philippines and Korea), FHM, UFC Magazine and many fitness magazines ... Read more about Arianny

Fedor Emelianenko would have liked to face Cain Velasquez if he was in his prime because he is a ‘thinking fighter’

MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko is not coming out of retirement but he did mention he would have wanted to face Cain Veasquez in his prime.

Anderson Silva sends encouraging message to NBA's Paul George after horrific leg break

NBA superstar Paul George suffered a horrific leg injury during a Team USA basketball showcase Friday evening at Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center. If anyone can relate to what George is going through, it’s former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva .

SB Nation MMA Featherweight rankings: Cub Swanson continues his rise

It's been a busy few weeks in the Featherweight division (though it would have been busier had UFC 176 not gone the way of 151), which means now is a good time to take a look at the latest rankings from the SB Nation panel. The rankings panel consists of two members from each of the SB Nation MMA sites - MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani and Dave Doyle, MMA Mania's Alex Giardini and Thomas Myers, and Bloody Elbow's Dallas Winson and myself, Fraser Coffeen.

Strikes and Serves: An introduction into the parallels between tennis and combat sports

"Only boxers can understand the loneliness of tennis players - and yet boxers have their corner men and managers. Even a boxer's opponent provides a kind of companionship, someone he can grapple with and grunt at. In tennis you stand face-to-face with the enemy, trade blows with him, but never touch him or talk to him, or anyone else. The rules forbid a tennis player from even talking to his coach while on the court. People sometimes mention the track-and-field runner as a comparably lonely figure, but I have to laugh. At least the runner can feel and smell his opponents. They're inches away. In tennis you're on an island. Of all the games men and women play, tennis is the closest to solitary confinement...."

Anderson Silva sends support to Paul George

Former UFC champion Anderson Silva, who broke his fibia and tibula at UFC 168, sends a message of support to NBA star Paul George, who suffered a similar injury in an exhibition basketball game Friday night in Las Vegas.